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The mysteries of Lake Maggiore: did the Russian secret services foil a Western provocation in Kosovo?

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By Cesare Sacchetti

There are all the ingredients to think that this story is the incipit of an Agatha’s Christie mystery book.

A group of friends sail a boat in a placid lake to celebrate the birthday of one of them in a late spring day.

Around them, a place surrounded by green hills like the Lake Maggiore, a region between Lombardia, in Northern Italy, and Canton Ticino, the Italian region of Switzerland.

However, behind the reassuring appearance of this place lies a story filled of spies. Lake Maggiore is at the center of an international intrigue, or maybe we should say an international plot that we will see later in detail.

The official story told in a first moment by the media pretends that a group of secret agents met to celebrate the birthday of one of them in a boat, which has a suggestive name, “Goduria”, meaning “pleasure”.

But suddenly something went wrong. A whirlwind swoops down on the boat that capsizes for the impetuous wind.

This is the first version reported by the media but this story seems to have some holes.

There are witnesses around the area that claim that the wind was not so strong to provoke such an accident.

Other expert of sailing claim that the capsizing of a boat is not something easy to witness and the story of the whirlwind does not seem so convincing.

This blog was reached out by some institutional sources who offered a very different reconstruction of the events.

Firstly, we should speak about the people onboard the boat. The media said that there were agents of the Italian intelligence agency, AISE, along with Mossad agents and other people who were civilians.

This version does not seem to be correct. There were not only Italian secret service agents and Israelis on the boat. There were also MI6 agents and at least one NATO official.

The agents were not celebrating a birthday. They were holding a meeting of Western intelligence agencies.

The goal of this secret meeting was to plan a false flag operation to stir tensions in Kosovo and provoke the ethnic Serbian population in the region.

NATO’s failure in Ukraine

The reason of the meeting is the direct consequence of NATO’s disaster in Ukraine. Beneath the delusional propaganda of the Western media lies the failure of the Atlantic alliance in Ukraine.

According to the estimates released by the Wagner group, at least 70,000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in Artemovsk. At this point, the updated death toll for the Nazi regime in Kiev is probably around 200,000 people or possibly even more.

Zelensky put his people in a cannon fodder. On the ground now, there are mostly foreign mercenaries who can’t do much against Russia but carrying out some terrorist attacks against civilians.

The battle was basically lost. Therefore, NATO needed a diversion. Something to shift the attention towards another scenario in order to open a new crisis front.

Kosovo: a key region to the Western powers

That is where Kosovo comes in. Kosovo was a Serbian territory that was stripped away from Serbia in 2008. The process of Kosovo’s international independence is highly controversial and it was mainly orchestrated by NATO.

The goal was to deprive Serbia of a region with plenty of minerals and natural resources. This led to the creation of a puppet state, Kosovo, whose leaders are involved in international drug trafficking and who are financed by Soros as well.

In a 1999 article by the New York Times called “Crisis in the Balkans: the prize; Issue of Who Controls Kosovo’s Rich Mines” we realize how sensitive is this topic for the liberal West.

Serbia has been a staunch opponent of NATO in Eastern Europe and paid a high price for that. This country was bombed by the Atlantic Alliance in the late 90s in order to oust then President of Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic, who was keen in not delivering the keys of his country to the Euro-Atlantic block.

At that time, Western media were running a smearing campaign of Milosevic. The Serbian President was accused of war crimes at his trial in the international court of The Hague in 2002. In 2016, he was acquitted. Slobodan Milosevic was not the monster that the international press told to the Western public.

His name was cleared but it was too late to Milosevic to enjoy his rehabilitation.

Meanwhile, the region has become a living hell for ethnic Serbians who are bullied and assaulted by the ethnic Albanian Kosovo authorities.

In the past days, we have witnessed once again how NATO is stirring tensions in the area. In the past week, there were peaceful protests of ethnic Serbians who were asking the removal of some ethnic Albanian mayors.

The mayors were elected in polls that were deserted by the Serbians. As a result, the turnout resulted to be a microscopic 3,5%.

During the Serbian protests, NATO “peacekeepers” launched grenades and tear gas to the crowd without any provocation by the latter.

And in this area, the Italian military presence is considerably high. Italy has one of the largest military contingents in Kosovo. 852 Italian soldiers took part to KFOR, an acronym that stands for Kosovo Force. The head of this NATO mission is Italian General Francesco Figliuolo.

General Figliuolo is an infamous character in Italy. The General held a crucial role in the macabre coffin parade of Bergamo in 2020, where a convoy of military trucks passed through the streets of Bergamo, in Northern Italy.

Those images shocked Italy and the world. It was the beginning of the pandemic hoax in Italy and in the world. The sole purpose of that parade was to terrify the Italian people and the world in order to convey the false idea that an unknown and lethal virus was spreading amongst the Italian and European population.

Figliuolo also played another important part in the COVID terrorist operation when he was appointed special commissioner for the distribution of the jabs that are causing an unprecedented amount of adverse reactions.

As we can see, the general is a relevant figure of the Italian deep state and he now has a leading role in Kosovo.

Russia could have foiled a false flag in Kosovo

And Italy, unwillingly, was chosen to have a key role in the Lake Maggiore story.

According to the institutional sources who contacted this blog, the Russian secret service, the FSB, found out about the Western plans to carry out a false flag.

Another boat sailed by the Russians was near the Goduria and rammed it.

The rest of the story is known. Four people died after the incident. Two of the dead were Italian secret service agents, Tiziana Barnobi, 53, and Claudio Alonzi, 62. The third was Anna Bozhkova, Russian wife of the skipper Claudio Carminati. The fourth was a Mossad agent, Erez Shimoni.

Shimoni’s funeral was already celebrated in Israel and was attended by the head of the Israeli intelligence, David Barnea.Shimoni, a fictitious name to cover his real identity, seemed to have a very relevant role in the Israeli intelligence and apparently, he was quite active in the Lake Maggiore.

The region between Northern Italy and Switzerland has become a hotspot of Israeli agents. According to real estate agents in the area who preferred to remain anonymous to avoid troubles, the number of Israelis buying or renting houses near Lake Maggiore is unprecedented.

Other details are surfacing even in the Italian MSM about the Israeli presence in this region. According to Il Corriere della Sera, the Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, had lunches in a fancy restaurant in Fishermen’s Island.

Italy: from a pro-Arab stance to a pro-Israeli one

This region has turned into a sort of “privileged” base of the Mossad in Italy. And this tie between Italy and Israel is explained by the radical mutation of Italian foreign politics in the last 30 years.

Italy has a tradition of dialogue and fruitful relations with the Arab world. Past Italian political leaders like Bettino Craxi, Giulio Andreotti and Aldo Moro maintained this foreign policy that caused tensions between Washington and Rome in the 70s and in the 80s.

Aldo Moro was even threatened in 1976 by former US Secretary of State and eminence grise of the Bilderberg Group, Henry Kissinger.

Moro was conducting a foreign policy that was distancing Italy from the Atlantic Alliance and approaching the Italian Peninsula to the non-aligned countries bloc.

2 years after Kissinger’s warning, the Italian politician was kidnapped and killed by the Red Brigades.

In 1992, the pro-Arab tradition of Italy was definitely gone. A judicial coup known in Italy as “Mani Pulite” (Clean Hands) was orchestrated by the Washington deep state that was eager to replace the old political class with a new one, more prone to the US orders.

The coup was successful because the Milan judges started ordering the arrests of many relevant politicians except the ones of the old Communist party that after the collapse of the Berlin wall adopted a new identity and called itself “Democratic Party of Left” (PDS).

Ever since, Italy has become closer to the Israeli world. All the Italian PMs candidates who wish to pass through the door of Palazzo Chigi, the headquarters of the Italian government, must pledge their allegiance to Israel.

The latest in this series is Giorgia Meloni who before being appointed as new Italy’s PM, renewed her vow of obedience to Israel.

The cooperation between the two countries became even more intertwined in 2005, when they signed a memorandum of partnership between the respective intelligence agencies.

Since that moment, the Italian secret service become an annex of the Israeli one.

As a result, the key of Rome’s foreign policy are not in Rome. They are in Tel Aviv.

The latest example of this subservience comes from the Lake Maggiore incident. As soon as the boat sank, the Israelis immediately sent a special government plane to recover her agents, the Bombardier Executive.

In the end, the Italian government authorized the departure of the Israelis despite the fact that they were involved in an event that resulted in the death of 4 people.

The Mossad agents were not even interviewed by the investigative authorities. A few hours after the sinking of the Goduria, they were on their way to Israel.

However, if this version is accurate, Moscow has forwarded a very clear message to the West. “We know what you’re doing and we’re able to stop you whenever we want.”

Not only is Russia winning the military battle, but she is winning the intelligence battle fought behind the political stage.

And this is the battle that determines the balances of the international arena. The Russian bear is roaring and NATO’s voice is very weak.

The new multipolar keeps rising without finding any major obstacle on its way.

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  1. AussieManDust

    Ah Cesare! What a dee-lightful story! 👏 Rammed the boat, avast, me hearties!!! Re Kosovo, I clearly recall, back in the day, an story on how Marion Albright got to cash in US$16 million in Croation Telco shares as reward. The evil old cunt. Poor Italia, from Mussolini to MKULTRA, to being a zionist tool. I still can’t get my head around Zionists supporting NAZI Ukrainians… 😪

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      Hello Gregory, life in Italy under Mussolini was not bad at all until 1939 when he signed the alliance with Hitler and dragged Italy into WW2. That was the disaster that he made. After 1945, we have not been enjoying a full sovereignty because we joined NATO but the quality of life was very high until we joined the EU and the euro. That was one of the worst treasons committed against the country.


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