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Bolsonaro and Trump: stories of two deep state coups

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Categorie: Globalism

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by Cesare Sacchetti

The first thought that crossed our minds when we were following the Brazilian election was about a dejà vu.

We had this thought when we saw that Bolsonaro was leading the race with more than 5 percentage points against his opponent, the leftist candidate and former President, Lula.

Suddenly, Bolsonaro stopped receiving votes. As the vote counting proceeded, Lula took most of the votes and broke a statistical principle according to which when one of the two candidates leads the race by more than 3 points, he ended up winning.

Lula went on to recover the gap and he surpassed Bolsonaro after 60% of the votes were counted.

When we witnessed all this, we thought that we probably stepped into a time machine that led us back to the night of November 3rd, 2020, in the United States.

On that night, the Washington deep state carried out what could probably be defined as the most blatant electoral coup in the history of liberal democracies.

Trump was winning the race against his opponent, Joe Biden, and he was winning without too much effort. At a certain point of the poll counting, the count was halted. Hundreds of thousands of mail ballots were dumped in Wisconsin, in Pennsylvania and in the other swing states that are crucial to establish who wins the presidential election.

“Incidentally”, the vast majority of these mail votes were all for Joe Biden. Even dead people resurrected from the grave and cast their vote for the Democratic candidate. Apparently, this was not even enough to steal the election from Donald Trump.

Something more was required. Trump was getting too many votes. He was, and he is, still too popular.

The deep state called in foreign allies to complete the electoral theft and we are talking about the Italian government.

Several qualified sources claim that a company owned by the Italian government, Leonardo, used one of its military satellites to switch the votes from Trump to Biden.

This time, something similar occurred in Brazil. It wasn’t necessary to dump mail ballots because votes were cast electronically and not with paper ballots. In this case, a fraud is even easier. The only thing you need to switch the votes from a candidate to the other is the electronic servers.

If you have the control of those systems, you can easily assign the election to anyone. You do not have to create imaginary voters. You switch votes from one side to the other.

The Brazilian press immediately denied that an electoral fraud might have occurred. They blamed Bolsonaro for not having acknowledged the “regularity” of the vote. And the Brazilian President, like Trump, has not conceded the election to his rival, Lula, and he doesn’t seem to have any intention of doing it in the future.

He held a press conference two days after the election and said that he will follow the Constitution without adding any specific detail about the transition of power towards his adversary.

Bolsonaro seemed to know something very particular and possibly highly irregular about the election integrity.

Bolsonaro’s strategy to expose the fraud

On November 2, he went to the headquarters of the highest judicial Brazilian institution, the Supreme Federal Tribunal, (STF), and he had a conversation with the justices but he didn’t release any statement to the press that was gathered outside waiting for him.

According to some government sources in Brasilia, the capitol of Brazil, the meeting was quite tense.

Bolsonaro would issue a sort of ultimatum to the judges who were asked to declare the election as illegal due to the irregularities that affected it; otherwise, the President would order the arrests of all who carried out the fraud at every level.

Before Bolsonaro left the STF building, a military officer with a small suitcase was seen walking with him. The same government sources that reported the previous scenario claim that the President showed the proof of the fraud to the justices.

Was the military officer carrying with him those proofs? We don’t know, but we know that yesterday the Brazilian armed forces published an official report about the integrity of the latest election.

The international mainstream media are claiming that the Brazilian military cleared the election. They claim that the military couldn’t find any evidence of irregularity and, therefore, no fraud was committed.

Actually, if we carefully read the 65 page report, the conclusions are quite different. The document is signed by the Brazilian ministry of Defence, Paulo De Oliveira.

De Oliveira states that some serious flaws were found in the electronic voting system. Firstly, he clearly says that the fact that the machines were connected to the Internet compromises the safety of the system.

Probably this is another déjà vu for the American public, because the voting machines were connected to the Internet as well.

Secondly, the ministry of Defence states that there’s no guarantee that the electronic voting system can’t be manipulated by a sort of “infected code” that can alter the result. In other words, the Brazilian government is officially stating that the electronic voting system is compromised but if you read the MSM they’ll tell you that the military said that the election was “regular”.

But there’s more. In the following pages of the report, the ministry recommends an official inquiry in order to establish if there was a manipulation in the writing of the source code. And Mr. De Oliveira is very keen in stating that this process is necessary to preserve the stability and credibility of Brazilian democracy.

He’s not greenlighting the election as the media claims. In the report, it is stated that the military couldn’t draw more detailed conclusions about the voting machines because the Supreme Electoral Tribunal denied the military access to some servers.

The report writes a completely different story that was distorted by the media that are pushing in every possible way the narrative of a regular, fair election.

This shows us the remarkable and unique comparison between the American and the Brazilian President.

Like Trump, Bolsonaro is hated by the deep state and by the powerful globalist circles. Trump represented, and still represents the unforeseen variable that unbalanced the equation of the deep state. Six years ago, everyone in Washington was convinced that Hillary Clinton would be the next President. And if she had become President of the United States, the world would be in a chaotic state by now.

We would have probably fallen into the authoritarian society that was conceived by Davos and other globalist circles.

We would probably be living now in a world where the unvaccinated people are banned from society and persecuted in any possible way. We came very close to that kind of dystopic society. We reached the precipice and saw the kind of abyss the New World Order would drag mankind to.

It didn’t happen. That madness stopped because patriotic leaders like Trump, Bolsonaro and Putin said no.

The resurgence of international patriotism and the battle for the defense of national borders is what halted globalization and started the reversal process. At this point, we are walking into a new historic phase that can be called de-globalization.

National states are returning the main protagonists of international relations and supranational organizations, which are controlled by international finance, are losing momentum.

The patriotic alliance between Trump and Bolsonaro

And leaders like Trump and Bolsonaro embody this patriotic spirit. MAGA, Make America Great Again, is none other than the essence of American patriotism that was fed up with seeing their country used as the “policeman” of NATO and Zionist lobbies. These powers have been ruling America for decades and using her power to punish whoever stood in the way of globalism.

Trump returned America to Americans as Bolsonaro returned Brazil to Brazilians. This is the reason why we have been seeing the international mainstream media ganging up against them. And this is the reason why both men were victims of several assassination attempts.

Trump was the victim of at least two assassination attempts in August 2020 and another in January 2021. Bolsonaro was the victim of an assassination attempt in September 2018 when a man, Adélio Bispo de Oliveira, stabbed him and almost killed him.

The Brazilian judicial system acquitted the man because it conveniently claimed that he was “insane”.

But the war against Bolsonaro didn’t stop in 2018. It went on. It went on when the STF relieved Bolsonaro from the handling of the so-called “pandemic” and transferred the power to local governors.

The goal of the Brazilian deep state was to carry out this terrorist operation in the most brutal and possible repressive way, like we saw in Australia, Israel, Italy and the rest of Western Europe.

Like Trump, Bolsonaro didn’t want to hype the media hysteria. He didn’t want Brazil to walk towards the Great Reset.

The similarities between these two leaders are deep also in this regard. They both share a profound patriotic spirit and a very peculiar political acumen.

They know how their enemies think and they are both able to anticipate their moves. They are two brilliant political chess players. This also explains the unique esteem that Trump showed for the Brazilian President by endorsing him twice for the election. It is something that Trump never did for any other international leader.

And he did it because Bolsonaro is one of his most precious allies.

Bolsonaro wants Brazil to stay human and preserve his values. The fraud that most likely occurred at the election is the consequence of a plan to oust him. The system wants Bolsonaro down. They don’t want him in the Palácio da Alvorada, the Brazilian White House.

They want Lula in his place. They want a crooked politician saved by the corrupt Brazilian judicial system. They want someone who’s notoriously linked to George Soros and the financial environments.

However, Bolsonaro knew that the deep state would try to overthrow him. He did not stay idle. He charged the military with reviewing the safety of the system before the election would take place. The report was not disclosed until now because Bolsonaro most likely had something in mind to hold accountable those who orchestrated the fraud.

Likewise, Trump knew that his enemies would try to steal the election from him. That’s why he issued the EO 13848 in 2018, where he declared a state of emergency because of the involvement of foreign powers in meddling with the US election.

The fraud occurred anyway but apparently, it was not successful in installing a presidency that was supposed to turn the United States into the globalist leading power that it used to be.

At this point, Biden didn’t change any fundamental line of Trump’s foreign policy. Washington is not backing the Zelensky regime like it could have done.

Biden withdrew the troops from Afghanistan like Trump ordered and his desire for supporting NATO, the military arm of the NWO, is basically nonexistent.

We have considered several hypothesis to explain why Biden is not in control of the White House, and the most likely is that the power was never really transferred to this administration.

The power is in the hands of the military because Trump would transfer the power to the former before leaving through the Insurrection Act.

Now we should understand Bolsonaro’s next moves to foil this subversive plan against him.

According to some Brazilian independent news outlets, the President would assign another audit of the election to three foreign companies, one American, one Russian and one European. All three would draw the same conclusion: there was massive fraud.

This would give Bolsonaro the Constitutional ground to trigger article 142 of the Constitution and invoke military intervention to prevent what could be defined a subversive move to overthrow the President.

Yesterday, another important update came. The Brazilian military command was summoned by Bolsonaro to allegedly discuss the next moves after the publishing of the report about the integrity of the election.

The fight of the Brazilian people against globalism

In all this, the Brazilian people seem to have some very clear ideas about what happened at the election.

Everywhere, in every part of Brazil, there are crowds of hundreds of thousands of people who protest against the fraud. The streets are flooded by this green-gold river that demands independence, justice and sovereignity for the country.

In some cases, the police even joined the protests. The Brazilian people do not seem intentioned in walking back to the past. They don’t want a Brazil turned into a decadent province of globalism. They don’t want liberalism for their country but Christianity.

The slogan that they pronounce “Brazil above everything, God above all” clearly states the hierarchy of values of the Brazilians. They firmly reject liberalism and Marxism. They reject that desert of value that liberalism and Marxism would like to establish. A desert of value that first pretends to disguise itself under the State-atheist doctrine and then it reveals its real Luciferian identity like we could witness during the COVID terrorist operation.

The country stands with Bolsonaro because Bolsonaro stands with Brazil and for Christian values. On his electoral flyer, there is another motto: God, country and family. It’s the trinity of values that terrifies the most liberalism because its enforcement nullifies the possibilities of ushering a global melting pot whose religion is founded upon Anti-Christian values.

This is what the Brazilian people are standing for. They are standing for their lives and for the future of their children. They are standing for a better Brazil.

This is why we should also stand with Bolsonaro and his people. Brazil must not fall into the hands of those who want to destroy it.

Brazil must not fall into the hands of the New World Order.

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    Happy to read some positive and clarifying news in this crazy dark times. Thank you for your work Cesare and please inform us about the situation in Italy!


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