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The Qatargate and the BRICS: story of a timed “scandal”

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Categorie: Deep state

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By Cesare Sacchetti

If you are reading the newspapers in these days, you will probably have noticed that the front pages of the MSM are flooded by the story of the scandal called “Qatargate”.

Qatargate is a story that concerns, presently, four different characters. We have the charming Greek MEP and former vice-president of the EU Parliament, Eva Kaili. We have her boyfriend, the former wind surf trainer, Francesco Giorgi, and we have a former Italian MEP, Antonio Panzeri, who was elected with the Democratic Party, and then we have the fourth character; Mr. Luca Visentini, president of the world trade union.

Each one of these figures are accused by the Belgian magistrates of being involved in a corruption scheme where they received bribes from Qatar in order to “whitewash” the image of the country regarding the human rights issue before the beginning of the world cup.

What surprises us the most in this story is the hypocrisy that the MSM is showing when it is addressing the story. What surprises us the less is instead the timing of this probe.

If there is a place in the world where lobbying rules that one is certainly Brussels. The capitol of the EU is swarmed by an army of 30,000 lobbyists. Major corporations, big tech companies, Big Pharma and the financial sector all have their offices in Brussels.

Their mission is simple. They must sway the EU legislative process in favor of the employers who they represent. And considering what Brussels has been doing for the last 30 years, they have certainly been quite successful.

Most of the European regulations are molded to fulfill the interests of these unelected powers. There’s a huge river of money that flows beneath Brussels and it is this river that governs the EU affairs. We are talking about more than 100 billion of euros.

The golden rule in Brussels is that the highest bidder is the one that controls the institutions that compose the EU government, especially the executive branch, the European Commission, along with the European Parliament.

There’s a public register for those who want to practice lobbyism and there’s a brief conduct code for the firms that sign in. However, there are no specific sanctions for those who do not comply with this code and lobbying is not certainly halted by not being signed in the register. The hypocrisy of lobbyism is that it is none other than corruption named with a politically correct name.

As a result, if the Belgian DA office, which has a department to fight corruption, really wished to prosecute corruption it’s certainly not far-fetched to claim that it should have arrested the entire EU Commission along with the EU Parliament.

However, it has never done such a thing. It has never opened a probe, for example, about Big Pharma paying money to the Commissioners in order to approve rules that authorized the distribution of drugs dangerous for the public health.

Why is the Euro-Atlantic block after Qatar?

So a spontaneous question arises: why is the Belgian DA office investigating a case that involves Qatar corruption now?

Qatar has always been a friend of the Anglosphere powers. In the previous years, Qatar was known, or maybe infamous, for being the country along Saudi Arabia that bankrolled ISIS.

Millions of dollars poured in from Doha and Riyadh towards the Islamist cutthroats who were created in order to overthrow an “enemy” of the Zionist and Atlanticist lobbies: the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

And the Obama administration was perfectly aware that the money that ISIS was receiving was coming directly from two US allies. Even Hillary Clinton knew about this, she herself commented it in a US Secretary of State memo but this did not prevent her from accepting millions of dollars from the Qatar Foundation that generously financed the Clinton campaign.

But at that time, nobody had any issue with that. Everybody was fine with receiving money from a State that was funding terror in the Middle East. At that time, Qatar was “good”, let us remember it.

Thus the hypocritical book of human rights was closed. Then something changed. As soon as the NATO unipolar world began losing most of its power, the Gulf Countries started to look elsewhere.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar distanced themselves from the Anglo-Saxon establishment and got closer to the BRICS multipolar world.

As a result, the impossible happened. Riyadh began refusing phone calls from the “president” of the US, Joe Biden, while it showered all of its affection towards the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, who was warmly welcomed in Saudi Arabia a few days ago.

China and Saudi Arabia signed a commercial partnership and Xi also proposed to pay for oil in yuan, which would be a fatal blow to the petrodollar financial system that grants the dollar its status of world reserve currency.

Likewise, Doha began talking with China and signed a deal to supply her with 4  million tonnes of natural gas for the next 27 years. That’s the key to understanding the whole Qatargate case. Qatar is sitting on huge reserves of natural gas. If this country shifts from a geopolitical spectrum to another it changes the international balance of power.

Hence, the timing of the Belgian probe. Hence, the hypocritical bashing of this country for the human rights issue.

Suddenly, the liberal human rights was opened and the results are probably known by the readers. Embarrassing tirades against Doha during the world cup because it doesn’t’ want to open her culture to the LBGTQ+ deviation.

We also saw soccer players who pretended to wear an arm-band to support the cause of the homosexual lobby. All this didn’t’ exist until 6 years ago when Qatar hosted the bicycle racing world championship. Nobody lashed out at this country for not being open to the Western liberal standard.

When Qatar shifted from being a faithful ally of NATO from being a country that started a dialogue with the BRICS, a new order was transmitted. War must be waged against Doha.

Therefore, this is why the Belgian authorities opened a probe over alleged Qatari bribes. The EU needs a casus belli to break diplomatic relations with the Qataris and possibly to enforce economic sanctions against this country.

And the boycott already began with the suspension of the EU Parliament vote  for the VISA liberalization for Qatari citizens in order to travel to the EU.

This is another major red flag that shows us how this investigation is not coincidental at all. The Belgian investigation preceded a few days this vote. Once again, the timing tells us a lot about the mechanism that lies behind this scandal.

And all the attention that the MSM is dedicating to Eva Kaili’s father suitcase full of cash suggests us that the media needs to stir the hate of the public opinion against Qatar and the people who allegedly took bribes from Qatar.

However, if the final purpose of this probe is to provoke a diplomatic crisis with Doha, we should expect an escalation of this investigation.

We should expect other names being involved in the scandal. Basically, the EU deep state is sacrificing some smaller pawns to achieve a greater goal, which is in this case is the international isolation of the Qataris.

But that could be a very dangerous game for Brussels. Eva Kaili already stated that she has no intention of playing the part of the sacrificial lamb. She’s already involving other high-ranking EU officials in the scandals such as Josep Borrell.

If this is a probe ordered by Brussels to reach a political goal, the consequences of it could backfire against its architects.

In any case we must keep in mind another golden rule. The scandals to which the media pay a lot of attention are often the ones that do not bother the deep state powers at all. The ones that are not covered by the MSM are the ones that really worry these powers.

And a perfect example in this regard could be the scandal that involves Ursula Von der Leyen and the censored Pfizer vaccine contract that she signed with the pharmaceutical company.

But this is another story that we will tell to the readers in the next article.

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