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The “mystery” of Joe Biden: who’s handling the President of the US and what really happened in 2021?

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by Cesare Sacchetti

As soon as the “debate” between Trump and Biden ended, panic spread like wildfire amongst the woke circles.

At CNN, the sancta sanctorum of the US Democratic left, there were so many commentators trying to explain the reasons why Joe Biden should step aside and leave the presidential candidacy to someone else.

It doesn’t matter that they have no power to impose their choice upon the “president”, but in the globalist circles they’re quite fond of a condition called “cognitive dissonance”: they pretend that reality is not what it truly is, but what they would like it to be.

The infamous magazine ‘the Atlantic’ which is owned by Steven Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs (who is quite close to Ghislaine Maxwell), also appears to suffer from the same condition.

The magazine published an op-ed simply titled “Time to go, joe Biden”.

Democrats, deep staters and globalists of any kind are out of control.

They want to remove the candidate that they installed 3 years and half ago with a massive subversive operation, which was the electoral fraud.

If you read one of the magazines of the deep state, Time, you will “learn” that what happened back in 2021 was not a coup to replace Trump with a corrupt politician like Joe Biden, but a way to restore “democracy” in the United States.

If you consider what democracy really means, it is not entirely untrue. Liberal democracy is the favorite political system of Freemasonry and supranational circles like the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome and the World Economic Forum.

Through this system, these powers easily controlled both branches of the political spectrum until 2016, when Donald Trump stepped in and broke the “continuity” of the false duopoly represented by both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

Ever since then, the MSM started to publish articles to claim that democracy was “broken” and “compromised” because the outcome, this time, was no longer the one that they had established in their “secret rooms”.

Democracy is “good” only if represents the best interests of the oligarchy, the banks and all those powers that wanted to usher in a totalitarian system named the “New World Order”, an expression that has been used in the Masonic lodges since the XVIII century.

However, the fraud did not seem to produce the desired outcome. Back in 2020, some patriots thought that it was over.

When many people saw the inauguration of Joe Biden, they thought that the precedent status quo, the one in which Washington is ruled by the deep state, the Zionist lobbies and all that thick web of private globalist circles effectively won.

But if we look carefully  at the Biden presidency, we can see that it didn’t deliver what it was expected to deliver, at least not from the globalist and leftist point of views.

Joe Biden is an absolute disaster. At this point, his presence in every international political event has been a source of embarrassment for the Dems because of his continuous gaffes and his moments of “intestinal incontinence”; all which has become an international joke and made several political observers question his general health.

Everyone can see that this man is not the one who’s making the decisions in the Oval Office, because not only is he unfit to be President, but he’s unfit for any public or private sector job.

Who’s really handling Joe Biden?

So the question that should be answered regarding Joe Biden is mainly one. Who are the rulers of the White House?

Who’s really calling the shots?

There are two schools of thought here.

According to the first, the rulers of Washington in this moment are Barack Obama and George Soros, who can be defined as the prince of international subversion, and a powerful member of the international Jewish lobby as well.

If we look at the Obama administration, we can clearly see that it was faithfully fulfilling the plans of the New World Order.

It was completely destabilizing the Middle East through its support to ISIS, an Islamist organization backed by Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, although this alliance is no longer united as it once was, considering the fact that the Saudis are distancing themselves from Tel Aviv and trying to join the BRICS.

Obama was the deep state. Obama was everything that globalism wanted and America was assuming the role that supranational circles had chosen for it decades ago.

However, when we look at the Biden administration, we do not see the same deep state “continuity” that we saw during the Obama presidency.

We are rather witnessing a continuity of political actions between Biden and Trump, and this fact may certainly appear to be a paradox if we stick to superficial interpretation of the facts and we will deal with this in a moment.

If we read the newspapers of that geopolitical power called the “anglosphere”, we can find unthinkable reactions about this administration, considering the source.

For instance, when Biden chose to complete the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Gideon Rachman, a British journalist of Ashkenazi origins, wrote that Joe Biden’s credibility was shredded when he pursued that decision.

The Atlanticist lobby, the Zionist mobs, and the military industrial complex expected Biden to reverse Trump’s policy, not to enforce it.

Biden is not acting as Biden

They expected the new President to do what he was supposed to do after the electoral fraud, which was to restore the precedent “balance” where the President of the United States was not the commander in chief of his nation, but rather the commander in chief of the globalist agenda.

But Biden didn’t do it. Biden didn’t respond to the commands of his handlers and this started to raise many eyebrows amongst the political pundits.

Afghanistan was a very important piece of the puzzle and its invasion was certainly not conceived to punish the Taliban because of their involvement with 9/11.

Afghanistan’s soil has plenty of natural resources and under NATO occupation, it was the headquarters of worldwide opium production. At this point, it should be simply clear that what happened on 9/11 had nothing to do with the imaginary involvement of the Taliban in that massive attack.

What happened on that dramatic day was the result of a massive subversive operation that involved the highest levels of the US political institutions, including the intelligence agencies, the Department of Defense, the Department of State and the Pentagon.

We should ask ourselves some basic questions.

Did Osama bin Laden have the power to shut down the US defense system? Did some untrained Arabs who could not even fly a Cessna magically turned into wizards of the sky and carried out impossible aerial maneuvers that defied the laws of physics?

Of course not, and some questions should also be asked about the infamous 5 dancing Israelis who were cheering in front of the Twin Towers collapse and who clearly had previous knowledge of what was happening that day.

Unfortunately, the NY mayor, Rudy Giuliani, let those Mossad agents go and the American public along with the victims of the 9/11, never had the chance to question these “happy” Israelis.

America was hold hostage for a long time by this lobby until Donald Trump became President and finally the United States started to pursue an independent foreign policy, one which does not fulfill the best interests of Israel but the interests of the United States.

Some people may object to Trump, pointing out that Trump pledges his “loyalty” to Israel, but we suggest to look not at optics but to hard facts.

For example, Trump did not complete the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem but signed a waiver to keep it in Tel Aviv like his predecessors.

He did not wage war against Iran like the Israel lobby wanted. He also started withdrawing US troops from Syria.

By leaving the Middle East, the United States were clearly separating their course from the one of Israel.

Biden, once again, is considering the same path also in the country ruled by President Assad, and this has triggered the hysterical reaction of the Foreign Policy magazine that spoke about an incoming “disaster” in case the Democratic President would complete Trump’s geopolitical plan.

Even here, we see the same continuity between the two Presidents and the situation does not seem to be any different when it comes to the economic policies.

A few months ago, the Financial Times wrote that “protectionism is running amok” in the US, because Biden was enforcing tariffs exactly like Trump had during his presidency.

The Democratic President was supposed to open the US markets again to foreign goods. He was not supposed to defend the American industry and the American workers, but rather his task was to favor globalization.

We should keep in mind that the globalization that exists today was only possible through the United States assuming it’s intended role.

If the Clinton administration had not given a green light to China’s entry in the WTO, the US and European markets would not have been flooded by cheap and low quality Chinese goods.

Likewise, if Clinton had not chosen to allow China’s entrance in the club, the US corporations would not have left the United States and flown to the land of the dragon.

And if we claim that the US deep state built the Chinese economic monster, we could be hardly proven wrong, considering all the American policies that were created and enforced to raise China, which in the 80’s did not even have 10% of the industrial capacity that it acquired in the early 2000s.

And let’s not forget about the Covid terrorist operation.  As John Kerry, a Skull & Bones member, said theoretically Joe Biden was devoted to the Great Reset and he should have kept the Covid restrictions in place.

But instead, the opposite scenario took place under his watch. States lifted restrictions and the United States left the Davos plan.

Therefore, if we look at facts, they tell us that Trump’s policies were not reversed at all, but they were carried on by Biden.

What really happened between 2020 and 2021?

The electoral fraud clearly didn’t produce the desired outcome of those who had orchestrated it. So the question is: what really happened between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021?

We know that the United States was the victim of a massive electoral fraud, one which saw the participation of foreign actors like Germany, Switzerland and especially Italy.

Donald Trump knew that the international deep state would do anything to topple his presidency because it was a lethal threat to the New World Order project.

As Henry Kissinger once said, the One world government plan is impossible to achieve without the direct participation of the United States.

This explains the furious battle that has been fought around America. America is a fundamental piece of the globalist chessboard and they have resorted to every possible “solution” to regain the presidency, including several assassination attempts against Trump.

They failed but they did not stop with their treasonous efforts. They conceived the biggest electoral fraud in history, but they did not take into account that Trump was already aware of this eventuality and signed an EO to prevent and deal with foreign electoral interferences.

We may say that Trump was quietly sitting by the river and waiting for the bodies of his enemies to float by.

And this is what happened. After the J6 false flag enforced by the FBI and the CIA, the deep state called for a second impeachment of the President, a political nonsensical action considering the fact that Trump was apparently on his way out of the White House.

Optics appeared to deceive many even in that occasion because a few days after the J6 false flag, Trump summoned the National Guard in DC and it was a decision that seemed to have no logic because the incoming inauguration of Biden was deserted by the electors.

DC was a ghost town in those days. Something unusual was clearly happening. In the following weeks and months, it seemed clear that the transfer of power had never taken place.

Biden didn’t change the course of Trump’s policy. According to several sources like Laurie Roth who received some military intel, Trump had signed the Insurrection Act.

For those who think that this is not legally possible, we suggest reading and studying the Posse Comitatus Act.  They will see that not only does the President have the power to trigger these emergency powers to quell subversive acts that are destabilizing the security of the country, but that he also has no legal obligation to inform Congress of his decision.

Once the President signs these acts, the power is transferred into the hands of the military and the next incoming President is devoid of any power before he could even be sworn in.

Trump’s ability was to keep under track this decision and turn the Biden administration into a farce that is provoking the fury of the deep state that has been fooled.

And the powers of the President goes even beyond the Insurrection Act. If we take into account the PEADs, namely the Presidential Emergency Action Documents, we find out that the commander in chief may trigger a series of extraordinary powers to face some potentially destabilizing situations, like the electoral fraud certainly was.

PEADs were created by the Eisenhower administration back in the 50’s to deal with an eventual nuclear scenario, but they’re still perfectly in place at the present day.

As we can see, facts are telling us that this is the most likely option. Otherwise, someone should explain (1) how is it possible that the Democratic party didn’t get rid of Biden 3 years ago and (2) why is he not doing what he was supposed to do.

We can’t t find a more logical explanation than the devolution theory.

This is the situation that the Democratic party is facing. A situation of complete impotence. They can’t do anything to replace Biden and they can’t do anything to prevent another Trump term.

The New World Order can’t do anything to prevent its final collapse but the match was not lost today.

It was lost in 2020, when Trump waited for the move of his enemies and set up a formidable trap for them.

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