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The international 2020 conspiracy against Trump: why Italygate still matters

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Categorie: Italygate

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By Cesare Sacchetti

If we were to say that the US 2020 electoral fraud was one of the biggest international conspiracies in the history of modern politics, we think it would be hard to contradict us.

What happened in that year was the involvement of several foreign governments along with the participation of the US deep state with only one goal: to overthrow Donald Trump.

We could say that Trump was the uncalculated variable in the equation of the international deep state and of the New World Order.

Back in 2016, the globalist circles understood that for the first time after at least six decades the US could have a President that does not follow the globalist agenda.

A President who is not picked by Rockefeller-funded clubs like the Council on Foreign Relations or the Club of Rome.

A President who is loyal to his country and not to a project to destroy the national sovereignity but instead to protect the latter from both domestic and foreign enemies.

Therefore, the globalist hierarchy conceived a plot to prevent Trump from becoming President, which was later to be known as the Spygate.

We talked about this major scandal. It involves both the US and the Italian deep state, which conspired to illegally spy Donald Trump and his campaign.

According to several institutional sources, when Obama summoned former Italy’s PM, Matteo Renzi, on October 2016 in the White House he asked him for a favor.

He asked him to involve the Italian secret services in this subversive operation and, as a return for this “favor”, Obama promised he would endorse Renzi’s constitutional referendum which ended up failing anyway several weeks later.

In 2020, another plot was orchestrated but this time on a much bigger scale. The deep state was desperate to achieve once again the control of the US presidency without which the WEF Great Reset would have been impossible.

This is why all the major US corporations participated in the electoral fraud effort. Time magazine even wrote about this but of course, in the dystopian world of liberalism, the electoral fraud became a plan to save “democracy” and not one to destroy it instead.

However, this conspiracy has several threads that directly lead us to several foreign governments. We spoke about this as well.

We mentioned the involvement of Germany when General Thomas McInerney claimed that there was a gunfight between deep state contractors and US military to retrieve the Dominion servers used in a Frankfurt CIA station to enact the fraud.

We mentioned the involvement of Switzerland and Swiss Post when we interviewed a Swiss-American citizen, Neal David Sutz, who provided the Scytl code used to carry out the fraud.

And we mentioned the key piece of the puzzle, which is the Italian government, at that time represented by Giuseppe Conte, which allegedly played a decisive role.

The story is probably known to many readers, but we will briefly talk again about its main points.

The origins of Italygate

According to a former CIA agent, Bradley Johnson, who is the first source who mentioned the scandal, on the night of November 3rd 2020, the Italian government authorized the Italian corporation Leonardo to use one of its military satellites to switch the votes from Joe Biden to Donald Trump.

Leonardo is an international leader in military technology. Its helicopters, Agusta, are quite famous for their efficiency and design and the list of corporations and foreign governments who use it is quite long.

Since Leonardo became a company listed in international markets, several of its shares are owned by foreign investors but the Italian government still retains 30% of the shares.

As a result, it is simply clear that no such operation could have been enforced without the green light of Conte’s government.

Johnson also claimed that the cybernetic attack occurred in the headquarters of the US embassy in Rome, in the elegant mansion of via Veneto.

So if the story is true, the US ambassador at that time, Lewis Eisenberg, knew everything about this operation and allowed it.

It would be an unprecedented situation, because there would be an American ambassador conspiring against his own President.

Maybe this explains why the US ambassador post in Italy had been vacant for more than two years since January 2021 until the recent appointment of Jack Markell as the new ambassador in Italy.

However, these sources claim that in via Veneto General Graziano was also present during that time. Graziano, former military commander of the EU, is probably remembered because of his picture with former EU Commission President, Jean Claude Juncker.

There’s also another actor to introduce now, who is Arturo D’Elia. Arturo D’Elia is a sort of cyber wizard.

He’s considered a major expert in the field of information technology. He allegedly switched the votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden although he has always officially denied his involvement in this affair.

D’Elia was arrested in December 2020 for another fraud committed against Leonardo years before and certainly the timing is quite suspicious.

Maybe the Italian deep state wanted to keep him under control and chose to put him in jail as a warning to induce him in being quiet about this scandal.

He stayed in jail for several months and then he cut a deal with the DA office of Naples, which had him arrested in December 2020.

According to our sources, D’Elia allegedly mentioned the Italygate scandal to the investigators in Naples but as we said earlier, he always officially denied his involvement.

Maria Zack’s role

We broke the story on December 29th, 2020. Several days later, we could say out of nowhere, emerged another character, who is Maria Zack.

Maria Zack is the chairman of Nations in Actions and in the first days of 2021, she started doing some claims about Italygate.

She claimed that the conspiracy was real and that she informed Trump on December 2020 when she met him in Mar-a-Lago.

According to her, Trump did not know anything about it and this raises our eyebrows. How could Trump have not known about an international cyber-attack of these proportions launched against his presidency?

It is simply impossible but there are more parts of the story of Maria Zack that simply don’t add up.

Recently, she held a hearing before the Kansas Senate, and she mentioned two affidavit signed by Alfio Urso and  Carlo Goria.

The former is an Italian lawyer who claimed to represent Arturo D’Elia and his statement he confirmed that Italygate was real.

However, this gentleman has never represented Mister D’Elia and he appears to be also close to the Link Campus university, a university that Joseph Mifsud is associated with, who also played an important role in the Spygate coup in 2016.

Moreover, how could D’Elia have released that affidavit in Rome to D’Urso on January 6th, 2021, if he was still in jail in Campania at that time?

Therefore, his affidavit appears to be false but Maria Zack is still mentioning as if it were true.

It is quite likely that D’Urso is a diversion planted by the Italian intelligence to hijack the general narrative and weaken the credibility of the scandal.

The same regards could be made about the Carlo Goria affidavit. Carlo Goria is the Italian representative of a US company, Aerospace Partners.

In this letter addressed to Trump, Goria claims that the plot is absolutely real but the letter itself presents some major problems.

There are gross misspelling errors such as Pesara instead of Pescara, the Italian town where D’Elia allegedly carried out the cyber-attack, and via Venetto instead of Via Veneto, the street where the US embassy is in Rome.

Even the address of his own company is not right because Goria wrote Viole di Val Frorita and not Viale di Val Fiorita.

Who would write a letter addressed to the President of the United State written with these gross mistakes?

Our feeling is that the letter is a forgery wrote by non Italian speaking people but probably by some foreign intelligence agents who cooked up this gross falsification.

Once again, Maria Zack is mentioning a document to back up her story that is not authentic.

Why is she doing that? Then there is a part of her story that is even more unrealistic, if not absurd.

Mrs. Zack claims that she started a sort of collaboration with the Italian secret services in November 2020 and there is no trace anywhere of this agreement between her and the Italian intelligence.

Firstly, we do not understand why the Italian secret services, we allege the AISE, should start a collaboration with an American private citizen who holds no official government role.

Secondly, why would the Italian intelligence pick Maria Zack and not one of the people close to Trump or Trump himself if they really and truly wanted to help the US President?

It does not make sense and her allegations look even more unreal when Maria Zack claimed in 2021 that Mario Draghi, the Italian PM at that time, was helping in the investigation.

It is a blatant lie because we probably think that the US readers are quite aware that Draghi is an infamous technocrat tied to powerful globalist circles.

In Italy, he is quite infamous because of what he did back in 1992 when he was working for the Italian ministry of Economics.

On that occasion, he sold off the jewels of the Italian public industry to banks like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, for which Draghi would work for several years later.

Moreover, Draghi’s government was composed by the same people who participated in the plot against Donald Trump.

How could he do that without harming his own government and his position of PM as well? It is a complete non-sense but we think we have an explanation for these absurd statements.

The American readers are not aware that during that time in Italy several fake patriotic channels were busy in spreading a psy-op.

The psy-op was to make the Italian people believe that Draghi, suddenly and miraculously, repented of his past and joined the white hats.

It is a laughable and completely false theory but with her statement, Maria Zack clearly joined that campaign and confirmed what we thought about her in the first place.

Behind this woman who nobody knew of before January 2021, there are probably some circles of the Italian deep state.

Who’s plating lies in the Italygate scandal?

The readers are probably asking themselves why the Italian deep state is interested in spreading lies about the Italygate scandal.

In our humble opinion, the reason is very simple. It is a dated secret service technique. When secret services want to mislead the public opinion, they use diversion techniques.

They plant lies in a true story. They try to taint the truth hoping that people start to show mistrust towards a scandal, which is a threat to powerful people in politics and in other relevant circles.

When Maria Zack made her first allegations about Italygate she mentioned an Italian journalist, Daniele Capezzone, who wrote for the Italian newspaper La Verità.

Capezzone is considered quite close to Matteo Salvini’s party, Lega.

The question is: how did Maria Zack know about Capezzone and why did she mention him? Capezzone never wrote about Italygate and never explicitly mentioned the involvement of Conte’s government and the Italian intelligence in this scandal.

Is Maria Zack connected to Lega in some way? Speaking about Lega and its leader, maybe the US readers already know that Salvini flipped after he caused the fall of his own government in August 2019.

He endorsed Draghi for the Italian Presidency a few months later, he did not expose the pandemic hoax but he asked for even tougher restrictions and he finally joined Draghi’s government in March 2021.

Salvini’s party pretended that Draghi became a “patriotic” leader and it was worth it to back his government.

The reality is that Draghi was obviously chosen by the EU and by the City of London to run Italy and adhere to the EU borrowing program called the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

The PNRR is just a new EU program to mask the old infamous Troika borrowing programs that Greece accepted in 2012 and that led the country to its complete financial ruin.

So, as the readers can see there are many efforts by deep state actors to compromise the credibility of Italygate and to lead people towards a false track.

We believe that the story is real. We believe that the Italian government took part in this plot and we made our check with our institutional sources close to Italian politics.

However, we cannot give credence to some of Maria Zack’s allegations because of their appalling falseness.

We presented several elements to the readers and it is up to them to elaborate and ponder the implications of this story.

Our opinion is the same. The Italian deep state took part in this international plot because its survival was directly tied to the survival of the US deep state.

This vassalage condition of Italy towards Washington dates back to 1945 when Italy lost its sovereignity and unfortunately became a State controlled by the United States, like happened to the other European countries.

Italygate is a story of treason that happened at the highest levels of both Italian and US political spheres.

It is this story that explains why these powerful elites chose to carry out the most subversive international plot of this century against a sitting President of the United States, whose name is Donald Trump.

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