by Cesare Sacchetti

Neal Sutz is an American-Swiss citizen. Most probably, he didn’t imagine that he would ever be in the spotlight. But fate has put him in the center of an international intrigue. Basically, Mr. Sutz has had a major role in exposing the involvement of Switzerland in the US electoral fraud.

Up to now, no one has reported on the “Swiss connection”, so to speak, but this little Alpine country could be the key to figuring the entire puzzle of what can be defined as an international coup d’état against Donald Trump.

The Dominion Voting machines that had switched thousands of votes from Trump to Biden are linked with Scytl, a company whose source codes were bought by Swiss Post, the postal service owned by the Swiss government.

Switzerland failed to notify Trump and his administration of Scytl’s flaws, which were largely known by the Swiss.

Mr. Sutz has the irrefutable evidence of this fraud, which is the source code that now is in the hands of Trump’s legal team. General Flynn’s brother, Joseph, publicly thanked Sutz on Twitter by reassuring him that now the evidence is in “the right hands”.

The mainstream media have completely ignored Sutz’s exposé. Only some alternative media, such an Italian TV ByoBlu, have reached out to him.

After Mr. Sutz delivered the evidence to Trump’s legal team, some people close to the Swiss-American author were hurt.

The globalist cabal is trying to silence those who are exposing the fraud, yet Mr. Sutz has the courage to denounce and provide proof of the international coup d’état against Trump.

There’s much more at stake than the outcome of an election. This is a battle between good and evil and the fate of mankind hangs in the balance.

Neal Sutz has already picked his side. Here you can find his story and the truth about the international coup orchestrated by the globalist cabal to overthrow Donald Trump.

Q) Mr. Sutz, you have recently come to the spotlight because you exposed the US electoral fraud in your website by highlighting the ties between the company involved in the fraud, Scytl, and Swiss Post, the national postal service owned by the Swiss government. Could you tell us more about your background and why did you come forward?

A) My background is rather diverse. I am an author, filmmaker, business consultant and activist for truth. I decided to come forward with the information regarding the many connections of Switzerland to The United States elections of 2020 for the simple reason that the initial information that dropped in my hands stimulated my curiosity and I was determined to understand the situation in its entirety. When I looked deeply into the situation, first simply regarding the Scytl source code as it relates to Switzerland and the US Elections and found out that Switzerland, specifically Swiss Post, which is owned by the Swiss Federal Government, had not only co-developed the Scytl e-voting software with Scytl, headquartered in Barcelona, a number of years ago but had then had bought the sole rights to the Scytl source when Scytl fell into bankruptcy, I decided to go very deep into my investigation and find out for myself if there was any validity to these possible allegations and very peculiar connections.

By birth, I am a Swiss citizen and an American citizen, having been born in New York in 1970. I became Swiss through my mother having been born and raised in Switzerland. I decided that I have a duty not only American Citizens, but also to my fellow Swiss Citizens, as well as to freedom seekers in countries all around the world.

Q) Could you explain how Switzerland is involved in the fraud and what role Scytl has had in the US election?

A) Switzerland, both private and public sectors, is deeply involved in many aspects of the 2020 US Elections, whether it be the largest, initial financing of CITCO, which is was a majority, then minority, interest owner of Smartmatic, that financing having come from the Sandoz Family Foundation of Switzerland in 1965, up to the rather curious involvement of the pharmaceutical company Novartis, SA in the current day, a company which is deeply related to the COVID-19 situation, Switzerland has been and is still a major player in the 2020 US Election “situation.”

Switzerland is clearly tied to numerous financial aspects of the US 2020 Elections. Whether it is the fact that  Chinese conglomerates own 75% of the UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) or the fact that Switzerland’s Federal Postal Service, Swiss Post, co-developed and currently owns the Scytl source code, this little, unimaginably powerful, geographically-miniscule, Alpine country, is unequivocally involved in this situation. 

There is no question to this fact. This is not my set of theories. This is not me accusing the Swiss Government. This is simply me having taken massive amounts of diverse information which was previously published, all of which I legally accessed, and then having tied it together.

My position on this matter is one which simply says, “If information, any information, is legally accessible, of which all of the information I found, researched and correlated, I have the right as a World Citizen, in this case a citizen of the USA and a citizen of Switzerland, to pose certain questions as to the validity cohesiveness and the credibility of said information.”

When I found out that the, “information” which I found was beyond simply, “curious,” but rather shocking, very curiously hidden and never before correlated and presented publicly, as it relates to the most important world election in history, I made it my mission to speak out and allow the general public to make their own determination.

Q) Did Switzerland respond about the flaws of the Scytl software programs and the reasons why it didn’t inform the US government about these critical technical issues?

Swiss Post’s initial response was published approximately 24 hours after I initially released my blog and was done via a rather cryptic, well-hidden Tweet from them. This Tweet stated clearly that Swiss Post did, in fact, purchase the legal rights to the Scytl software and that they said it was purchased for developing an e-voting program, from Switzerland for Switzerland.  When I read that, and interpreted how it was presented publicly, so well hidden, I became even more determined to seek out more clarity as to this, “situation.”

Not a single Governmental Representative, either from Switzerland or from The USA, nor in any other country, has attempted to discredit any of the many questions which I have posed, nor attempted to disqualify any of the evidence I have presented.

What role Scytl had, or still has, in the US 2020 Elections is becoming clearer as the days and weeks proceed. Scytl is the software that is used as the security measure within the Dominion machines, machines which are inextricably tied to Smartmatic. That fact is irrelevant to whether or not President Trump’s legal team’s lawsuits will be accepted as receivable, or not, by the Supreme Court and other U.S. Authorities, as well as irrelevant as to whether or not President Trump will be validated as being the winner of the 2020 US Presidential Election. That fact is simply a matter of the individual’s inherent right to know the truth.

If one simply looks at the lawsuits of President Trump’s legal team, it is very clear the Scytl software source code is the security measure, related directly to the Dominion Voting Machines, and that Switzerland was, in numerous ways, private and public sector, involved in the 2020 US Election scandal, an election which will determine not only the next four years in The United States of America, but also the future of the USA and the future of the world in general.

As the quote goes, “As goes America, so goes the world.”

There is no question that the source code of any software program controls said program, no matter who owns said software, no matter what country said software is maintained in, monitored and managed from and no matter what country in which that software is being used.

As to why Switzerland did not inform The USA about these critical, technical issues, my only assumption, as is clearly the assumption of the tens of thousands of people who have contacted me, including politicians and journalists, is that there is a financial and political benefit to having kept the, “technical issues” out of the light of The USA’s current President, Donald J. Trump, and those who wish to maintain a freer, non-Socialistic democracy in The United States of America.

Q) Not only does Switzerland have a major role in Scytl. Recently, it has turned out that a Dominion’s parent company was financed with 400 million dollars by a Swiss Investment Bank whose 75% of shares are in the hands of the Chinese government. According to several statistical analyses, Dominion had switched hundreds of thousands of votes from Trump to Biden. Is Switzerland the entire key of this international hacking attack against the US election?

A) I cannot say whether Switzerland is the entire key to the situation with the US Elections in 2020. However, both private sector Switzerland and public sector Switzerland, such as the Sandoz Family Foundation, UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) and Switzerland’s Federal Postal Service are all deeply intwined in the 2020 US Elections.

It is irrefutable that the private and public sectors of Switzerland have been involved in one way or another in the international “election industry” since at least 1965. Switzerland has been involved, as such, with numerous companies, from Switzerland, to Venezuela, to Spain and beyond for many decades, until the present day.

If one looks closely at all the aspects of what is happening with the 2020 US Elections and the alleged fraud, honestly and pragmatically, with no political bias whatsoever, and seeks out to know which country or countries are involved, it is irrefutable and in no way defamatory to say that Switzerland is intimately involved.

Q) In one of your recent videos, you have said that you took “enormous risk” to denounce the Swiss-Scytl connection by delivering irrefutable proof of the fraud evidence into the hands of the Trump administration. Did you refer to the “source code” of Scytl?  If that is the case, could you point out how the source code constitutes evidence of the electoral fraud?

A) What I was able to successfully deliver to President Trump’s legal team, that which I took enormous risk to not only disclose, but also to discuss in detail in numerous interviews and on my website, includes and started with the Scytl source code connection and how there are many different aspects the finance aspects, the pharmaceutical aspects and the social and political ramifications.

The Scytl software, which has been proven to be directly related to the Dominion Voting Machines, in odd relationship with Smartmatic, is the security aspect to the entire voting apparatus. Whether it be the, “trap door” which has been proven to allow the flipping and manipulation of votes via remote access, it is irrefutable to deny that the source code of any software, which directs any program, no matter the “purpose or functionality” of said program, is what runs, guides and directs said program.

If a software program is designed to do a certain task, whatever that task may be, and if that software is able to be controlled from a remote location by a 3rd party while it’s being used in another country (ies), as is the case of the 2020 US Election, then said 3rd Party, especially if said 3rd party maintains the sole rights to said source code for said software, said 3rd party manage the control panel for the entire software and the implementation and utilization of said software, anywhere in the world.

Q) In one of your latest tweets you claim that you had received a written confirmation that all the evidence which you have was delivered to a Trump representative legal team. Could you tell us more about this recent development?

A) The entire dossier which I organized and put together for President Trump’s legal team was received and that receipt was confirmed to me in writing through text messages and then again publicly online. That date was approximately 18 days after I released my blog and approximately 2 weeks after my 1st interview on ByoBlu TV in Italy.

In addition to the information which was received by President Trump’s legal team on the elections was also the full file, including documents and in multi-media, regarding myself and my two American sons having been unlawfully seized by the Geneva, Switzerland Child Protective Services on July 25th 2017.

The information regarding my sons and I details the massive lack of due process which I was never allowed, as well as the abuse, alienation, neglect and psychological torture of my two, young sons who are still being used as political pawns by the Government of Geneva, Switzerland, as well as details the cover-up by hundreds of representatives of the U.S. Government, including the details of the participation and the cover-up regarding my family’s nightmare by representatives of the U.S. Embassy in Bern, Switzerland.

The situation with my sons and I has been buried in the United States and in Switzerland for over 3,5 years and although I did not expose the information regarding the Scytl-Switzerland connection, or any other Switzerland-U.S. Election connections, as a media ploy to get attention on my sons and I, it is clear to numerous politicians, lawyers, journalists and hundreds of thousands of world citizens, that my sons should never have been seized unlawfully as they were by the Child Protective Services of Geneva, Switzerland on July 25, 2017 and that they should be, immediately and unconditionally returned to me.

What has happened to my family is a crime against humanity. My two sons have been alienated, abused, neglected, molested, beaten up and used as political pawns in a proven conspiracy between numerous private and public sector parties in Switzerland and the USA.

That horror story is, however, somewhat distinct to the connection between Switzerland and 2020 US Elections. However, both subject matters are all tied to the US 2020 elections due to the irrefutable involvement of the politicians, computer companies and money based out of Arizona, in The USA, with specific relation to the Church and corporate powerhouse which my ex family in law founded and still run, that being The Mormon Church.

Q) General Flynn’s brother, Joseph Flynn, has publicly thanked you and reassured you that now the evidence is in the “right hands”. Does the Trump administration have now the smoking gun to definitely unmask the fraud?

There are many smoking guns to unmask the fraud. The Switzerland-Scytl connection, as it relates to the source code, is simply one of those smoking guns. The numerous other connections that I’ve put together are additional, irrefutable smoking guns.

I am not in any way saying that I am the only individual who is holding the smoking gun. However as has been replied to me by the legal team representative, there are numerous, powerful and unique pieces of information which I provided which are, in fact, being used by President Trump’s legal team in the numerous legal proceedings to prove the fraud in the 2020 US Elections.

President Trump’s legal team clearly held, before I came into the picture, numerous other proofs of fraud in their own hands. What I presented added to what they already have, in addition to giving them numerous aspects angles, proofs, keys and players, from Switzerland to Arizona, all of which are tied to the 2020 US Election fraud and the relationship of this election to COVID-19 and international child trafficking.

Q) Does the Swiss government know what you have done? Are they after you in some way?

The Swiss Government is fully aware of what I have done. The blog that I set up to put the initial and subsequent information on has a full, back-end log of the cities and addresses of the visitors to my blog. Within 24 hours of the release of my blog, the statistics app on my site’s back-end showed that Bern, the Capital of Switzerland, Washington, D.C., Zurich, Geneva, Barcelona, Caracas, Venezuela, as well as Frankfurt and Berlin, have been very regularly, “visiting” my site.

Whether or not the Swiss are, “after me in some way,” is hard to say, in very specific terms.

My life, in general, due to the scandal of with my sons having been unlawfully detained by the Swiss Government for 3,5 years and my tireless, legal and non-defamatory fight to have my sons returned to me, has made me a rather well-known, infamous, not-terribly-liked figure in this country by the Government and Judicial systems of Switzerland.

I have been stopped by the police countless times, both before & after my involvement in the 2020 US Election scandal.  I must say, though, there has been retaliation against me by the Geneva government’s Child Protective Services, the group home where my sons are being detained and the Geneva Family Court. It was ordered, just last Thursday, by their Family Court, that I can no longer speak to my sons on the telephone (we had 2 calls per week last only 20 minutes each).

However, the court, “narrative” is avoiding directly citing my 2020 US Election involvement, rather it is defamatorily making more ridiculous accusations against me as a sadistic excuse to further alienate my sons from me and make more money from my sons’ unlawful and immoral detainment.

There are no coincidences. There is no question that whether or not the Swiss are, “after me,” the expression, “after me,” is a difficult question to respond to, as there has been direct retaliation against certain people around me and numerous people, friends and colleagues, have stopped talking to me, “all of a sudden.”

Q) Has any Swiss political party shown an interest in your case and in the Scytl’s controversy? Can you tell us more about the legal case of your sons and if the Swiss government is using this issue as a way to retaliate against you?

A) I have seen significant interest from a particular conservative political party and Switzerland and am in detailed discussions with representatives of that Party, one of whom is currently still in the Parliament in Switzerland. They contacted me and are asking me many questions to assist them in putting together pieces of the puzzle that they have been unable to for years regarding e-voting in Switzerland. I won’t say much more on that subject, other than to say there is direct, up-and-back communication between myself and them and potential for a long-term relationship on many levels, both politically and legally.

Regarding the legal case about my son’s and related to the possibility of the Swiss Government’s using my involvement in the 2020 Election scandal to retaliate against me clearly without question, that goes without saying to be true.

I see clearly that the fact of my involvement in the US 2020 Election scandal, as it ties to Switzerland, has given the Swiss Child Protective Services another, defamatory, false excuse to continue the detainment of my sons and perpetrate this fraud against my family.

What I am being told by certain, “high-ups” is that this is the kind of situation with my sons and I is going to be need to be regulated diplomatically or within circles of friends that are lawyers, politicians and judges. This is true since the case against me and why they’ve held my sons is a total fraud and has been proven to be so for many years.

The Family Court in Geneva has not listened to any of my lawyers who have presented the evidence and have never offered me any sort of due process. If this media and political exposure does not force the Swiss to return my sons, nothing ever will. It is a simply a matter of the right people having the courage to stand up the Swiss, a task which most appear to not be up for, but one which I trust the right person will come along to do very soon now.

Q) In a recent tweet you have written that someone “physically hurt” people close to you and that other three persons who support you have been robbed. Do you think the Swiss government has had any role in these vicious attacks? Have you been threatened or attacked too?

A) A dear friend of mine in Arizona, a woman, was physically hurt about 3,5 weeks ago. Also, the campaign office for Josh Barnett, the congressional candidate from Arizona who made the demand on July 25, 2020 to Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga, for the Immediate and Unconditional Release and Return to me of my two sons, was broken into and robbed of their computers and other electronics.

Do I think the Swiss Government is directly involved in those crimes? No, I do not. However, I do believe that the people associated with wanting to cover up the conspiracy which has allowed the Swiss to unlawfully detain my sons for 3,5 years, most of whom are based out of Arizona, are deeply involved in what happened to my friend and to Congressional Candidate Josh Barnett’s campaign office.

The persons involved in the collusion which resulted in the unlawful detainment of my sons by the Geneva Child Protective Services in 2017 are those whom I had exposed, through irrefutable evidence, as being involved in pedophilia, child pornography and child trafficking. They are financial and political powerhouses. They are among the Leadership of The Mormon Church. They are also my ex family in law. A dangerous mix with unlimited resources and a streak of vengeance unlike anything I had ever thought could exist.

Q) The US Treasury listed Switzerland as a currency manipulator. Do you know if this decision is related to Switzerland’s involvement in the electoral fraud?

A) Whether or not the decision by the US Treasury to list Switzerland as a currency manipulator is directly related to the 2020 US electoral fraud, I cannot say since I do not have that kind of internal, governmental or financial information.

If one looks at it objectively, however, the only two other countries which are on US Treasury’s currency manipulator list are Vietnam and China.  With Switzerland, less than one week ago, “suddenly” being placed on that miniscule, targeted list could imply a correlation between the naming of Switzerland as a currency manipulator and the 2020 US electoral fraud investigations.

For me to blatantly say, “No, the two are totally unrelated” would be an ignorant, closed-minded statement. I do not personally believe in coincidences.

Q) The Supreme Court has recently dismissed the Texas lawsuit against the four states (Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia) which had violated the Constitution, because of a legal standing issue.

Do you think that the Trump administration can still win its legal battle before the Supreme Court or other state courts? Do you think that the conspirators who had planned the fraud will be publicly prosecuted by the triggering of the 2018 EO against foreign election interference?

A) Yes, I believe that the Trump Administration can still win its legal battle before the Supreme Court and other state courts, as well as before any other Authorities, that is, IF those Courts and Authorities are willing to validly look at the irrefutable proof that has been presented by President Trump’s legal team.

Whether or not the conspirators who planned the fraud will be publicly prosecuted by the triggering of the 2018 Executive Order or otherwise, I cannot say.

I will say that if any individual, family, group, company, political party or country conspire in any way to affect the liberty and freedom and rights of another group or country, I sincerely hope that truth will reign, that Justice will be had and that the American people, the Swiss people, as well as all people who seek freedom, liberty and the right to an honest vote and an honest count of their vote to name and choose the politicians that the people wish to, will be listened to, adhered to, followed and that the world will improve and not further decompensate and that human beings and citizens all over the world will experience true and permanent freedom.

I believe the world needs change, change for the better. I do not believe that I’m the only one that believes this. I believe that change in this world comes through intelligent reflection and analysis. I believe that change comes through proper defense, on many levels. I believe that change comes through the showing of proof and evidence, as well as the validation of said evidence.

Ultimately, I believe, that the world will not become a better place if we continue to allow more horrible things to continue to occur while we sit by idly and remain, “kings of the keyboard.”  We need to do all we can, now, to stop the perpetration of more destruction, more diminishment of personal liberties, more suffering and more social isolation.

I believe the world is destined, as it has been written about for the last 2000 years, for positive change, for the re-establishment of liberty, of truth, of justice and the righteous reunification of children and their loving parents, as well as the true liberation of any people who have been separated and abused by systems of self-interested, arrogant pride.

One can call them, “Deep State” or any other term, but the essence of such persons or parties is the same. They are simply those who are seeking nothing other than to control, dominate, manipulate, coerce and make fearful the innocent, the vulnerable and the masses in general through false media narrative and social dominance.

Any way one chooses to look at it, or name it, we are truly in the middle of a war between Good and Evil and it is up to us to decide whether or not we are willing and courageous enough to act on behalf of the good, as it is clear that those acting on the behalf of the evil are not stopping in their sadistic efforts.

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