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My name is Cesare Sacchetti. I’m an Italian journalist and I wrote for several national Italian newspapers such as “L’Antidiplomatico”, “Il Fatto Quotidiano” and “Libero Quotidiano”. I created this website because in Italy, like in many places around the world, there is no more room for an independent information. The mainstream media are dominated by the globalist ideology and the dictatorship of the politically correct. If a journalist does not comply with these “rules”, he or she has no possibility to write in any newspaper.
This is the reason why I created this blog, which would like to share a space free from the globalist dictatorship. In my opinion, you cannot be a real and independent journalist if you depend from the system. Independence is what qualifies journalism.
This is the mission of this blog. I called it “The eye of the needle” for two reasons. The first reason is that this expression quotes directly Christ and I think that Christianity and its teachings should inspire many free journalists. “The truth will set you free”, said Jesus and that is the teaching that a journalist should follow.
By sharing the truth, a journalist can be free and independent. The second reason is that the space left for the free information is no bigger than the “Eye of the Needle.”
This blog would like to fill the space of the needle with the news and analyses censored by the mainstream media.
Here the readers are free to get their own opinion without no one who will tell them how and what to think.

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