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The next two weeks will determine the fate of mankind: the final battle between Trump and the New World Order

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by Cesare Sacchetti

This story has so many intrigues that it goes way beyond the spy stories by John le Carrè.

Not only is the US 2020 election an ongoing coup d’état against the United States of America, as General Flynn has said, but it has turned out to be an international espionage operation.

This was an operation conceived in the deep state circles – ferocious enemies of President Trump – and by countries and foreign organizations which are in the hands of the globalist cabal, above all Communist China, Germany, and the European Union completely controlled by the European globalist élites since ever its creation.

Globalism had already chosen that Donald Trump should not have had another opportunity to stay in the White House.

Freemasonry and the most renowned New World Order families had determined that Trump is a mortal threat to them and therefore, they had ordered his ouster from the White House.

Before the election, Nancy Pelosi could not have been clearer about this. No matter what the vote results will be, she said, Joe Biden will become the new President on January 21st, 2020.

The conspiracy received a green light when the system realized that Trump was winning without any particular effort.

In order to better understand what happened, it is necessary to go back once again to the November 3rd electoral night, when this coup d’état had started.

After weeks of media blackout, Trump himself has recently explained in an interview to Fox News that what took place that night was unprecedented in American history.

Scrutineers stopped counting votes virtually at the same moment in all of the key battleground states.

The biggest electoral fraud in history occurred in Pennsylvania, because in this state Trump was leading by 700,000 votes; and after the counting interruption, Biden had gained 1 million votes out of nowhere.

Dominion: the deep state company involved in the election fraud

Late mail ballots, all assigned to Biden, have certainly played an important role in order to change the election outcome in favor of Biden. But even more important was the role played by Dominion Voting System, the software used in many states to count votes.

Several statistical analyses have shown that the servers of this society had switched hundreds of thousands of votes from Trump to Biden.

Informatics experts usually define these problems as “glitches”, but glitches are usually accidental mistakes.

In this case, each one of these “mistakes” switched votes from Trump to Biden. There was not a single case in which the opposite took place. Trump had never gained one single vote from the machines used to count votes.

In order to know who are the authors of the biggest electoral fraud in US history and probably of the world, it is fundamental to have a closer look at Dominion.

Dominion is a Canadian firm that has many ties with the deep state.

This society has a subsidiary firm, Smartmatics Inc, whose chairman is Mark Malloch Brown, a British politician and former member of the Labour Party.

Malloch Brown is very close to George Soros because of his membership to the Open Society, the globalist foundation launched by the speculator with Hungarian and Jewish roots and who dreams of a world without borders.

Dominion’s ties with the liberal and leftist establishment are not limited to this circumstance.

Former Nancy Pelosi’s chief of Staff, xx, worked for this society and the Clinton foundation – financed amongst the others by countries tied to Islamic terrorism such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia –  praised Dominion in the Delian Project, an initiative conceived by the foundation itself to certify elections transparency in developing countries.

Dominion officially denies any responsibility in the fraud, but “strangely” their staff is extremely hard to reach out since the election day.

Any reference to the Canadian society was suddenly removed in its Toronto’s building headquarters.

On the same floor wherein Dominion’s offices are located, there is the Tides Foundation, an NGO financed once again by the ubiquitous George Soros.

Dominion appears to have again remarkably close ties with one of the most influential men in the globalist international circles.

Despite this company denying any wrongdoing in the US election, one of its managers, Eric Coomer, had been caught explaining how is possible to switch votes with Dominion’s rigged servers.

Eric Coomer is an especially important character in this story because, according to the revelations made by One America News, he said to “make fucking sure” that Trump would not win the US election.

Coomer is ideologically close to the Black Lives Matter and Antifà terrorist groups which are financed by the ineffable George Soros and by the US liberal and financial circles.

At this moment, nobody seems to know of Coomer’s whereabouts and Dominion itself has failed to participate in a public hearing with Pennsylvania state legislature in order to provide clarifications on its voting machines functioning.

Therefore, Dominion seems to be fully involved in this hacking operation and its ties are not limited to Canada, whose PM Trudeau has recently praised the Great Reset as a great opportunity for the world.

The Frankfurt special forces raid to seize Dominion’s servers

Another country involved in this coup d’état is Germany. The Dominion servers were located in a Frankfurt CIA station. Those servers contain proof of the huge electronic fraud perpetrated against Donald Trump.

Apparently, US special forces loyal to President Trump executed a secret operation to seize them.

The Frankfurt raid story was questioned by some observers, but in the latest hours, reliable sources confirmed what happened in Germany.

Retired General Thomas McInerney has fully confirmed the US special forces’ blitz against this CIA station, which was known even by the mainstream media as an international hacking center of the US spy agency.

According to the General, the Kraken mentioned often by Sidney Powell is the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion located in Fort Huachuca, in Arizona.

When Powell exhorted to “release the Kraken”, she was sending a coded message to this special forces’ group to spring into action and release the proof collected by it.

However, the CIA is still in the hands of the deep state subversive apparatus.

What is taking place is an internal war between the forces loyal to the American Republic and the subversive globalist forces which are trying to overthrow Donald Trump.

General McInerney has confirmed that US military forces stormed the CIA station and a violent gunfight ensued.

The CIA called in paramilitary troops from Afghanistan to defend the hacking center and five men of the special forces lost their lives during the battle and a paramilitary died.

In order to explain the death of the CIA paramilitary, the international media have fabricated a cover story in which the man was killed in Somalia.

However, the operation was successful. Dominion’s servers were retrieved and now they are in the hands of the Trump administration.

At this point, Trump should have irrefutable proof of the electoral fraud.

A civil war is taking place in the heart of US institutions and the outcome of this war will decide if America is deemed to fall again into the hands of the New World Order which used this nation as the military arm of globalism, or if the US will definitely abandon the globalist plan.

The moment in which the Supreme Court will be summoned to certify the regularity of the US election is rapidly approaching.

Meanwhile, the media which are complicit in this coup keep reporting only the news of the unsuccessful lawsuits, but they say nothing about the legal successes of the Trump campaign.

A Georgia federal judge has recently ordered the impounding of Dominion voting machines so as to avoid their resetting or the data wiping.

The judge reversed this order and then issued a new executive order to confirm his initial decision and this proves what kind of pressures are receiving the justices who are trying to save America.

GSA director Emily Murphy has received death threats to pressure her to accelerate the transition towards the Biden administration, which according to the US Constitution still does not exist.

The most important judgment is still to come and what the media are not reporting to the public is that although George Bush during the 2000 election did lose most of the local lawsuits; but he won the one before the Supreme Court which granted him the presidency.

Is Trump, therefore, waiting to show the smoking gun of the fraud before the Supreme Court?

It is likely that the President is waiting for that moment to give the coup de grace to the system which had planned this subversive operation.

However, Trump was not unprepared for what is taking place now. He had foreseen two years ago that the deep state would try to overthrow him.  To foil the ongoing coup, he signed an executive order to impose sanctions against foreign interference in the US election.

In this executive order, the President has the authority to declare an emergency state which would allow him to prosecute and seize the properties of the organizations involved in this international coup d’état.

Probably, Trump is waiting for the judgment of the Supreme Court before giving full execution to this order.

In this case, the consequences would be devastating. Not only were Dominion and the countries tied to this society involved in  the electoral fraud, but also (indirectly) all the international media and the foreign heads of State who have acknowledged Joe Biden as President despite the Democratic candidate having officially won nothing.

It would be a huge tsunami that would allow Trump to flood these countries and organizations with economic and diplomatic sanctions, particularly the UE and China, which are the privileged agents of globalism.

The outcome of this battle will determine the fate of America and the world for the next decades.

If for any reason not strictly related to the legal area the Supreme Court were to fail to consider Trump’s lawsuit, the President could order to the Republican state delegates to not confirm the election results because of the electoral fraud.

This scenario would pave the way to a contingent election in which state legislatures choose who will be the President. Trump would have 26 out of 50 state delegations and could stay in the White House.

It is certainly not the most democratic way to win the election, but it is a legal and constitutional way to take into consideration because some Republicans are already approving motions to avoid confirmation of the vote due to voter fraud.

Therefore, everything is at stake. The next two weeks will be crucial to understand if the world is headed to the Great Reset, the catalyzing event wished by globalism to reach the last phase of the NWO, or if America will finally divorce itself from the deep state.

Whatever the outcome will be, the whole world will be affected by it. The American superpower was chosen by the globalist cabal before the end of WW2 to undermine the sovereignty of the nations reluctant to follow the one-world-government plan.

Former Minister of Defense Mattis (fired by Trump last year) has recently released an interview in which he recommends the end of America First policy because the US belongs to “an international order advantageous to the American interests”.

Certainly, America belonged to an “international order” but not to assure the best interests of this nation; rather the ones of the New World Order cabal.

Therefore, globalism has launched its last and desperate assault to claim America, but the President perfectly knew of the plan to oust him and he’s ready to finally prosecute those who have betrayed the US.

The latest move of Trump was a further draining of the Pentagon by removing from the Defence Policy Board Henry Kissinger, mastermind of the coup against Allende, and Madeleine Albright, who said that the death of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it.

The President is fighting against this corrupt and wicked system. A system, as Lin Wood said, which has satanic roots.

The élites which control this cabal have a satanic ideology and they are ready to do everything to enslave mankind.

The ultimate goal of the Great Reset is indeed this – to destroy the original creation of God and roll the red carpet to a world dictatorship in which men will be forced to renounce their free will and ordered to turn into a hybrid of man and machine.

Mankind has come to one of the most crucial moments of its history. The outcome of this battle will establish if the world is about to witness the Apocalypse or not.

These two weeks will decide if the children of the light will finally overcome the children of darkness.

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