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Trump is sure to win the election and he’s ready to fight the final battle against the NWO

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Categorie: New World Order

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by Cesare Sacchetti

Ten days have passed since the electoral night of November 3 and the United States still doesn’t have a president.

CNN and the Associated Press delivered to Biden the victory in the state of Pennsylvania, despite here and in other key states, there are pending lawsuits which could completely overthrow the calls made by the networks close to the deep state and to the Democratic party.

In this timeframe it is indeed emerging what could be defined without any doubt the biggest electoral fraud machine ever seen in US history and, most probably, in the entire world.

The media are literally doing everything they can to spread the idea that no electoral fraud was committed in the electoral process, while the proofs of the hoax are simply enormous.

Rudy Giuliani, one of Trump’s personal attorneys, has publicly stated that only in Pennsylvania had been counted at least 650,000 votes which had to excluded because of their illegal status.

Giuliani has also confirmed that several USPS whistleblowers have stepped forward, and they confirmed how they were instructed to backdate several late mail ballots.

In other words, the vote counting included votes of suspect provenance while the polls were already closed.

Giuliani’s version has been confirmed by another USPS whistleblower, Richard Hopkins, who revealed to Project Veritas that several USPS employees were instructed to falsify the date on the boxes which contained the mail ballots.

However, the proofs are not limited to the statements of the witnesses, least alone the ones of Mr. Giuliani.

The proofs are also in a data analysis which wasn’t shown by the media to the US and international public.

The mission of the media is to hide the truth and to sustain the false narrative of an electoral process without dark shadows.

The New York Times, one of the newspapers most close to the globalist cabal, has already issued its verdict about this.

In its cover page of two days ago there was a title in big letters according to which several electoral officials would confirm the total “regularity” of the last US elections.

It doesn’t’ matter if there are documentary evidences which clearly disprove such allegations.

The media have to keep the story, at every cost, that Joe Biden is the president despite the democratic candidate won no election according to the law and the Constitution.

Dominion, the software which switched the votes, is tied to Soros and Clinton

The proofs that can show in a court of law the hoax, beyond any reasonable doubt, are the ones brought in a data analysis published by the website NOQReport.

Here it is possible to understand the proportions of the fraud. By considering this data, it is clear that the software which managed the vote count in many states had switched million of votes from Trump to Biden.

The server who did this is Dominion Voting System on which it is interesting to dwell before going on with the analysis.

Dominion has a subsidiary society called Smartmatics whose chairman is Mark Malloch Brown.

Coincidentally, Mark Malloch Brown is a renowned member of the Open Society, the society founded and funded by George Soros, the American financier with Jewish roots, already known in Italy for his infamous speculation raid against the Lira in 1992, and recognized in the world for his incessant support to every movement and political organization aimed to promote the globalist vision of the open society without borders.

But Dominion’s ties with the most important people of the globalist cabal are not limited to this.

Nadeam Elshami, a lobbyist who worked for Dominion, had been Chief of Staff of Nancy Pelosi, who had stated before the election that Joe Biden would become president regardless of the vote counts.

This is an interesting statement especially if it is taken into consideration what is happening now, and which confirms that the Democratic party’s establishment and the deep state want their President to be in the White House by January 20th, even if this occurrence brazenly violates the law and the Constitution.

The ties of this society extend further with the powers in Washington. Dominion was also praised by the Clinton Foundation, the foundation of the Clintons’ which had been heavily financed by states which supported, and still support the Islamic terrorism, such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

This society is responsible of the biggest electoral fraud in history. The data shown in the aforementioned analysis prove how hundreds of thousands of votes had migrated from Trump to Biden.

A “glitch”, the technical term used to define the system error, had switched votes from the President to the democratic candidate.

Only in Pennsylvania, for instance, 200,000 votes had magically flown away. The same server deleted in the same state 900,000 Trump’s votes. They didn’t switch from one side to the other.

The software had them vanished. What happened in Pennsylvania should be enough to prove how the hoax was simply enormous.

In this state, Trump was leading without any particular effort. The president had 700,000 votes more than Biden when all of a sudden an order was given.

The poll-watchers stopped counting. Dominion’s servers were activated and the “magic” happened.

Biden received 1 million of votes from nowhere and it was the society tied to his party to give them to him.

In Michigan, another contested state, the votes moved were 20,000 and those “lost” 21,000.

In Georgia, a toss-up and contested state, 17,000 votes switched from Trump to Biden and other 33,000 vanished into thin air.

Each of the technical errors have always favored the democratic candidate. Not even one time Trump got more votes than he was supposed to receive.

These facts should be enough to rule out the malfunctioning system theory.

There was a precise will to manipulate the machines in order to make Biden got votes that real electors didn’t give him.

A small help came also by the dead people that in this election were resuscitated in order to lend a hand to Biden.

Trump is sure to win and started draining the Pentagon

Therefore the proportions of this fraud are enormous and the more the days pass by, the more the perception that Trump will win in court increases.

The men of the presidential administration seem to be extremely sure that they will not leave the White House.

When asked how would work the transition from the incumbent administration to Biden, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, replied that this occurrence wouldn’t take place because there will be no Biden administration, but a Trump’s second term.

The US President in his tweets seems to be very sure that all states unlawfully assigned to Biden will be won by him.

The dimensions of the fraud are simply too big, and even if the federal courts of the state were to reject the lawsuits, there is always the ultimate judgment of the Supreme court, in which a conservative majority prevails.

Trump is sure that he will win at the end, and that the proofs taken in court will definitely unmask the electoral fraud.

It is a perception that even some mainstream media seem to have despite their desperate effort to represent Biden as the “winner”.

The media regime seemed to know one month ago that Trump would win in Court.

Rolling Stone, whose Italian version praised the Church of Satan, wrote that through the Supreme Court the President could “steal” the election.

In the globalist upside down jargon that means that the power which rule the media was already fearing that the fraud could have been proven in Court.

Hence the deep state’s fear.

A proof of this comes in particular from the latest interview released by Joseph Brennan, ex CIA director under the Obama administration.

Brennan is already known because he was one of the men who, during his CIA direction, allowed the illegal espionage against Trump and the sabotage attempt of the first Trump campaign.

In other words, Brennan has been one of the key men in the infamous Spygate.

The former CIA director now spoke to express all his worrying about the Trump’s intention to declassify everything related to Spygate and to the other scandals of the last years, included the Hillary Clinton’s emails.

It would be a tsunami of devastating proportions against the deep state and Brennan has brazenly proposed that in order to thwart the President’ plan to reveal the truth to the American public about the deep state’s scandals, it would be necessary to physically escort him from the White House.

In other words, Brennan proposed a coup d’état. This appears to be the true intention of the military, economic, and industrial swamp of Washington which has always been a faithful servant of the globalist élites which dream of a one world government.

Before the election, the system was already showing its plans to regain the White House.

If Donald Trump refuses to concede this electoral fraud orchestrated to deliver the victory to the puppet candidate Joe Biden, then the subversive plan against the President would speed up.

But Trump was perfectly aware of the subversive strategy elaborated against him.

In 2018, he signed an executive order to sanction foreign meddling in the US election, that in this occasion certainly happened but not from Russia, rather from Communist China and Germany, wherein the Dominion servers are hosted.

This executive order could be very relevant especially if they are taken into consideration the acknowledgements of the foreign leaders, such as Angela Merkel, Macron and Conte, to Joe Biden, despite the election is not still legally assigned to anyone.

If Trump were to stay at the White House, he could flood with economic sanctions those countries which interfered in US domestic affairs, when they had recognized a candidate who won no election.

The President was also aware of the planned frauds on the mailing vote, and several months ago he warned about the risk that mail ballots could be manipulated to give Biden votes of people who didn’t vote at all, or in other cases also votes of dead people

The battle between Trump and the NWO will decide the fate of mankind

Trump has anticipated the enemy’s moves and now he’s ready to wage his definitive counterattack against this system that wants to deliver America once again into the deadly grip of the deep state.

It is a battle for the soul of America which is before a fundamental crossroad of its history.

The powers which rule the US since many decades are no longer available to tolerate a President which is not complying to the globalist agenda.

The deep state, the armed wing of the New World Order, wants to reestablish the order that has allowed it to use the United States as a superpower to defend the globalist plan.

This subversive octopus is ready to what it did in 1963 when it had publically executed President Kennedy who was a major obstacle towards the advancement of their plans.

It is the same occult power that on 9/11 shut down all aerial defenses of the US and allowed the undisturbed Boeings to hit the Twin Towers.

It is the same power who lied to the entire world when it declared the imaginary existence of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction in order to justify the invasion of Iraq.

The New World Order wants America back but on its road this time there is a president that seems to ready to respond blow by blow.

Trump has already started a massive reshuffling of the Pentagon after the firing of the former secretary of Defence, Esper, followed by the resignations of Joseph Kernan, undersecretary of Intelligence and Jen Stewart, Esper’s Chief of Staff.

Esper is the man who opposed the deployment of the military to suppress BLM’s riots, the terroristic group financed by the ineffable George Soros.

Trump is removing all the deep state men in the key roles of the Pentagon because he will need the absolute loyalty of the Defense’s highest ranks in the coming weeks.

The President already knows that he will legally win the election in Court, and the system, which until yesterday had denied the electoral fraud, will blatantly accuse him to have “stolen” the election.

At that point, the terroristic cells of Antifà and BLM will be activated in order to unleash a civil war in the country.

It is for this reason that Trump needs the full control of the military ranks in order to rapidly suppress the riots.

The NWO is about to try its latest and desperate backlash.

Globalism is ready to do everything because the Covid crisis, which was conceived by it, must bring about the Great Reset, the operative plan which would usher the definitive realization of the global dictatorship.

But time is ticking, as the same mouthpieces of globalist are saying, namely Klaus Schwab of Davos.

The narrow window of opportunity offered by the Covid crisis could soon close if the US will not enforce lockdowns and build concentration camps for those who will reject the conditions imposed by the Great Reset.

The Great Reset was meant to draw the world to the NWO, but America is needed in order to do that.

Without America, there will be no way to build a one world government.

This is a battle for America’s survival as a nation, but it is, at the same time, a battle which will decide the fate of the world.

The children of darkness are unleashed and ready to every to commit every aberration to get to their goal.

The coming weeks will be the most important of this century and maybe even of the previous one.

America and the world face a historical crossroad that will choose if mankind will be condemned to live like cattle deprived of rights and spiritual conscience, or if it will be possible to see again the light of the sun.

All is not lost. The battle hasn’t been lost. The antichristian dominion plan can still be stopped.

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