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The Italy-China Axis is the key to the Covid terrorist operation and to the electoral fraud against Trump

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by Cesare Sacchetti

The Covid crisis was not unexpected at all. The higher echelons of the globalist power were already considering, or most probably working for, the eventuality of a “pandemic” event.

In this regard, the clearest example comes from the Event 201 simulation financed by Bill Gates in October 2019. This simulation predicted all that happened in the following months.

The Event 201 scenario is about an unknown virus that mutates from animal to man and infects many people worldwide.

The story of the Covid pandemic is quite the same. According to the official version, a coronavirus in Wuhan mutated from bat to man, infecting many people in China before spreading across the rest of the world.

It is important to remember that there is no proof of these allegations, but one thing seems to be certain.

China was the country that started all this; however, there is another country that could have been simply essential in the execution of the Covid terrorist operation. That country is Italy.

To better understand the link between China and Italy in the artificial pandemic development, it is necessary to go back to October 16, 2019.

On that day, the former Italian PM, Giuseppe Conte, visited the headquarters of Technogenetics, a very significant company that specialized in the diagnostics area.

Technogenetics is no longer an Italian company as of 2015 after it was bought by a Chinese firm named KHB Shanghai. The major shareholder of KBG Shanghai is Gree Real Estate Co, Ltd.

Gree Real Estate belongs to SASAC, the acronym that stands for State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. SASAC is none other than the Chinese State commission that controls the public Chinese companies.

This means that Technogenetics is in the hands of the Chinese communist dictatorship. This company is exceptionally relevant in the pandemic’s story because it is the company that produced the controversial swab tests.

Technogenetics is the company that produced the first Wuhan swab tests. This highlights how crucial the role of the Chinese firm is.

The swab tests’ reliability has been challenged because they produce up to 90% of false positives, as the NY Times itself admitted.

In Italy, the case of the San Francesco Hospital in Nuoro, Sardinia, could be the perfect example to describe the swab tests’ poor efficacy.

Seventeen health workers of this hospital used these tests and turned out to be positives. Later they were tested with blood tests, which showed that they never had had any contact with the virus.

Despite all the proof, both scientific and empiric, of the complete inefficacy of the swab tests, governments all over the world keep using this unreliable diagnostic method.

The reason is quite simple. By creating “infections” that don’t exist, the system creates a “pandemic” out of nothing.

Without the swab tests, there would be no pandemic at all.

Given that Giuseppe Conte visited the Chinese company that day (whom two months later would have an essential role in starting the COVID crisis,) it appears to be a disturbing coincidence.

If one looks at the event’s pictures, there are also several other important yet strange details about this visit.

The atmosphere of that day seems to be highly harmonious. In one of the pictures, Conte and the Technogenetics CEO, Salvatore Cincotti, look at each other with a sort of natural complicity, like if they both knew the real purpose of Conte’s visit there.

Potrebbe essere un'immagine raffigurante 2 persone, persone che sorridono e il seguente testo "Morra de Sanctis, 34 Ottobre 2019"

Conte (to the right) with Cincotti

In another picture, the Italian Prime Minister seems to be very caring to Cincotti because he even holds his microphone for him.

Potrebbe essere un'immagine raffigurante 2 persone

However, the coincidences are not over. On the same day, the governor of the Campania region, De Luca, shows up.

De Luca is known for his boastful remarks and for his arrogant attitude. To have a better idea of who De Luca is, his quotes are undoubtedly helpful. De Luca referred to people who do not wear masks as “beasts” and suggested to “pillory them” in public.

Basically, he was one of the main characters of the Covid terrorist operation. One can think that all this is just the result of some strange coincidences that involved some very important people of the Covid crisis in Italy in meeting at the headquarters of a Chinese firm – the firm that would be the one to produce Covid swab tests in the following months.

But there also other “coincidences” after this meeting in Avellino. The following month, in November, other strange things happen in Italy.

Did China call Grillo to inform him about the incoming “pandemic?

After the visit of Conte at the Technogenetics headquarters on November 22, 2019, the Chinese ambassador in Italy, Li Junhua, summons Beppe Grillo, leader of the Five Stars Movement (FSM), in the Chinese embassy.

At that time, the clumsy and embarrassed Italian minister of Foreign Affairs, Luigi Di Maio (also an FSM member,) claimed that Grillo’s meeting in the Chinese embassy did not concern public affairs because the Italian comedian was just a “private citizen.”

Actually, Beppe Grillo is much more than a “private citizen.” Grillo is the leader of Di Maio’s party, which has the relative majority of seats in the Italian parliament.

If an Italian political leader is summoned by a foreign ambassador without an apparent justification, this could be considered foreign meddling into Italy’s national affairs.

However, Grillo has been establishing a close relationship with China since 2013 when he and the other FSM founder, Gianroberto Casaleggio, met the then Chinese ambassador in Italy, Ding Wei.

This could explain why Li Junhua called Grillo because he likely considers him as a privileged speaker.

In any case, the FSM seems to be controlled by foreign and supranational powers. Before meeting with the Chinese ambassadors, the Italian comedian was invited by the US ambassador in Italy, Roland Spogli, in 2008 during the Obama administration.

On that occasion, Spogli, in his cable directed to Washington, defined Grillo as a “credible extramural interlocutor on the Italian political system.”

This was another meddling into Italian politics by the Washington deep state, which at that time was clearly interested in controlling what was a sort of controlled opposition.

Grillo’s movement never put in its agenda the containment of the globalist agenda and the defense of national sovereignty.

It did not because both its founders, Grillo and Casaleggio, are strictly related to the globalist powers.

However, one could be puzzled by the FSM being so close to the deep state and Communist China at the same time.

The contradiction is only apparent because the latter is a direct creation of the former. Wall Street and Anglo-Saxon Finance built China because China was simply fundamental to start globalization.

Globalization needed a considerable market of cheap and poor-quality products to be “successful,” and China fit all those requirements.

During the 90s, the Clinton administration and the EU paved the way for China’s economic growth by lifting trade restrictions.

Throughout his mandate at the White House, Trump separated the US from globalism and, inevitably, also from the driving force of globalization, namely Communist China.

However, when Beijing calls Grillo, Italy had already become an economic satellite of China itself.

In March 2019, Italy was the first and only European country to sign the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a project conceived to realize major infrastructures such as ports, airports, and roads.

The idea was to connect China to Asia and Europe and build a privileged channel for Chinese exports.

BRI also finances its partners through massive loans to build the major works.

However, the countries that receive these loans are often not able to repay the money to China. To compensate for its credit, China takes over the infrastructures of these countries. In this way, Beijing carries out massive economic colonization of the countries that fell into its debt trap.

A year after this agreement, China bought Taranto’s port in Southern Italy, and it does not seem to be a “coincidence.” In other words, China used Italy as a Trojan horse to access Europe and get the economic control of a country, Italy, which is strategic for the maritime shipping routes in the Mediterranean.

The man who delivered the keys of Italy to Europe and China was Giuseppe Conte himself, who also belongs to the FSM.

In this perspective, Grillo’s party has gained a fundamental role in favoring China’s economic expansion.

The first Conte’s government, composed of the League of Salvini and the FSM, seemed to be closer to the Trump administration to counterbalance the power of the French-German axis in the EU and contain China too.

The BRI agreement proved that the first Conte’s government was never close to Trump. It was just a tremendous bluff. That government backstabbed the American President, and Salvini, who was supposed to prevent this from happening, did nothing to stop Conte from signing the BRI.

Basically, the League of Salvini has never been interested in opposing the globalist powers. Salvini’s party is close to the Atlanticism lobbies who have been trying to oust Trump since the beginning of his candidacy, and it is also close to China. One of Salvini’s advisors, at that time, was Michele Geraci, an Italian professor who works for the Chinese University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) and former undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Economic Development under the first Conte’s government.

When Salvini pulled the plug on Conte’s government in August 2019, he delivered Italy to the Democratic Party-FSM government, which was even closer to China.

Salvini had had another mission after he killed his own government. His mission was to pave the way to Draghi, an EU technocratic hitman, as the next Italian PM.

Trump seemed to endorse Conte with his famous tweet where he misspelled Conte’s name by calling him “Giuseppi”. Most probably this happened because of a misleading report of the US embassy delivered to the US President.

According to some sources close to the US embassy in Rome, the US diplomatic mission omitted in their report the crucial fact that Conte was forming a government with the Democratic Party.

However, after Grillo met the Chinese ambassador, something rather strange occurred.

On December 17, Grillo shows up in Rome with a face mask. When the journalists ask him why he was wearing a mask, Grillo said that he needed it “to protect him from viruses.”

At this point, a disturbing question comes up. Was Grillo informed by the Chinese ambassador of what was about to happen in the following weeks?

Did Italy and China coordinate during the Covid terrorist operation?

In the story of the pandemic, there seems to be a coordination between Italy and China.

In January, the media starts to show scarring images from China that gave the impression that some lethal virus was plaguing China. But Conte and some Italian virologists like Pregliasco and Burioni, who now claim that Covid is dangerous, said that there was no Covid risk in Italy.

Later in Rome, on January 30, a strange couple of Chinese from Wuhan shows up. This couple was considered responsible for having taken the Covid virus in Italy.

However, if Wuhan is the city where the virus came out, as the media and the WHO claims, the common sense would have suggested shutting down flights from Wuhan.

Conte’s government took this decision only after the Chinese couple came to Rome. It seems like those who had conceived the Covid terrorist operation wanted this to happen. People had to be scared by knowing that the “terrible” virus landed in Italy.

Something more should be said about these two Chinese. According to the official reports, they were in the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome for 59 days, but this lengthy hospitalization is particularly rare. Most of the Covid convalescences do not last longer than 20 days unless the infected people had had other previous conditions.

But this is not the case of the Chinese couple who had had only Covid.

In February, another strange fact occurs. The media reports that patient 1, an Italian 38-year-old from Codogno, Lombardia, was hospitalized due to Covid.

Strangely, the patient zero with whom patient one was in contact did not have any symptoms and was in good health.

The WHO itself confirmed that asymptomatic patients cannot transmit the virus.

Therefore, it is hard to understand where this mysterious “contagion” came from. Even more surreal are the statements made by patient 1 after he left the hospital. The first thing he said was to “stay at home and avoid any contact with the families,” while the same virologists of Spallanzani were saying in the same period that there was no risk about people who showed no symptoms.

The rush of patient 1 to depict COVID as highly contagious and convey the message of Conte’s government, who ordered to stay at home, appears quite anomalous.

However, in March 2020, the stage for health terrorism was set. People were already terrified by the news about this virus, and Conte locked up Italy. Nobody opposed the Italian PM. On the contrary, the false oppositions of the League and Brothers of Italy were quite busy in adding fuel to the fire of the false emergency.

Then it came to the Bergamo carnage and the macabre parade of military trucks that shocked the world. It was a parade useless under a medical aspect. However, it was helpful in terrifying even more Italian citizens and the world from a psychological aspect.

The bodies of the deceased people were destroyed through cremations. As a result, the autopsies, which could have ascertained the real cause of death, were impossible.

This circumstance is clearly a crime. In any case, if China was essential to start the Covid crisis at a global level, Italy decided to carry it out in Europe.

In other words, China was chosen to spread health terrorism in the world, while Italy was chosen to spread it in Europe.

There was a precise plan to discredit Italy before the eyes of the world, depicting it as a sort of “plague spreader.” In this regard, the infamous map from CNN that showed Italy as the source of the Covid contagion is the best example of this slander campaign.

La mappa choc della Cnn: "Italia focolaio del coronavirus ...

Basically, Italy was picked to be a “privileged” lab for the experiments of the globalist cabal that considers this nation as an absolute enemy due to its Christian and Roman roots.

Conte’s government was on the front line to help this plan succeed, especially when it grossly exaggerated the dangerousness of this flu virus and established a dictatorship similar to Communist China.

However, a few months later, China leaves the Covid terrorist operation. Last summer, in China, everything was open; it was possible to dance in the clubs without the useless and harmful mask and without any social distancing, while in Italy, the government ordered the closing of the clubs.

Beijing played its part, and now it is more than ready to cash out by buying at low prices other precious Italian and European business.

The media that one year was obsessively showing shocking images from China now no longer show anything from China. In Shanghai, for instance, everything is open. Many people do not wear masks. In Wuhan, the city of the “terrible” virus, everything is open, and there are no yellow or red zones like in Italy.

While in Europe and Italy, there is still a massive campaign of psychological terrorism that pretends that the vaccine is the only “solution against Covid. In China, where everything began, they are working and living without enforcing any mass vaccination. China occupies only the 57th place in the Covid world vaccination tracker.

China itself, through its policy, is confirming that Covid has been a hoax.

The Italy-China axis carried out the electoral coup against Trump

The red thread between Italy and China was never broken. After these two countries coordinated to carry out the Covid terrorist operation, they also played a decisive role in orchestrating the electoral coup against Trump.

Sources close to the ‘Italygate’ scandal reported that during the night of November 3, in Roma, at the headquarters of the American embassy via Veneto, a Leonardo military satellite was used to hack the votes and move them from Trump to Biden.

Leonardo is a society whose relative majority is owned by the Italian government; therefore, this would inevitably involve the former Italian PM, Conte.

Concurrently, in China, another group of professional hackers performed other cyberattacks to deliver the “victory” to the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, a Manchurian candidate blackmailed and controlled by China for many years.

Several countries had had a role in the US voter fraud, but Italy and China seemed to have the most important role.

The globalist cabal wanted to remove Trump from the White House because the President was, and still is, a major obstacle for the New World Order plans.

It is impossible to usher in a global government without the US superpower, and globalism did everything it could to oust Donald Trump.

Electoral fraud is an operation conceived by these powers. The countries that were chosen to execute it were, above all, Italy and China.

Therefore, the Italy-China axis is not only the key to the Covid terrorist operation, but it is also the key to the international coup against Trump.

During all this time, the link between Italy and China was the former Italian Prime Minister Conte, who first turned Italy into a Chinese economic satellite by signing the BRI. Then he coordinated with China for the organization of the Covid crisis. Finally, he would authorize, along with China, the electoral fraud against Donald Trump.

In any case, one thing seems to be certain. The roads of globalism all lead to Rome.

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