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Trump as Lincoln: is martial law the only way to save America from the Rothschilds and the NWO?

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by Cesare Sacchetti

The Supreme Court judgment came in last Saturday, and discouraged many people.

The most important jurisdictional organism of the USA didn’t even want to take in consideration the Texas lawsuit against the four states, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, all who had violated the US Constitution.

As Rudy Giuliani explained, the voter fraud cases in these states are so big that they “could fill a library”, but probably the most relevant aspect of these blatant violations concerns the late mail ballots that arrived beyond the November 3rd deadline.

This case is a blatant violation of the electoral federal laws of the states being sued, and it is also a violation of the Equal Clause Protection which imposes to the 50 states to comply with the Constitution and to grant equal rights to every citizen in every state.

Therefore, the four states brazenly breached the Constitution and their electoral laws because they had included in the vote counting illegal votes which “coincidentally” were all in favor of Joe Biden.

Not only is this a breach of the Constitution, but it is also a statistical impossibility.

Neither the Italian media nor large part of the international mainstream media gave relevance to the conclusions of the statistics expert, Charles Cicchetti, who calculated Biden’s winning probabilities in these states.

According to Cicchetti, the probabilities that the democratic candidate won in these four states is actually  one in a quadrillion.

A quadrillion is a number with 15 zeros. In order to have the proportions of the absurdity of Biden’s “winning” it could be helpful to remind that winning at the Italian lottery of Supernenalotto is way easier since the probabilities there are 1 in 622 million.

However, Trump expressed his disappointment towards the Court that had lacked courage and had hidden behind a legal “standing” quibble rather than considering the actual substance of the Texas lawsuit.

Sidney Powell pointed out that the Court didn’t reject the matter of the case and that she filed other lawsuits against the violation of the Constitution in Michigan and Georgia, shortly followed by Arizona and Michigan, on behalf of plaintiffs who have legal standing.

Therefore, the Supreme Court next time could not hide behind the legal standing clause, and it will have to judge on the matter of the case.

The electoral fraud against Trump is a coup planned by the deep state
This election is not in any way in the normal standard of the other US elections seen in the past because the US Constitution had probably never been violated as it was in this case.

Not only were hundreds of thousands of illegal votes included, but also electronic fraud was perpetrated by Dominion and Scytl servers which had switched votes from Trump to Biden.

Surveillance cameras had even recorded the falsification of many ballots. The most blatant case took place in Georgia, wherein a scrutineer was caught opening a suitcase with illegal ballots.

The governor of the state, Brian Kemp, who had previously said that there were no irregularities changed his stance after the emerging of this irrefutable evidence and he asked a signature audit.

Several hours after Kemp’s request something very tragic and creepy happened.

The boyfriend of his daughter, Harrison Deal died in a terrible car accident.

Footages of the accident show the molten wreckages of his car, and eyewitnesses in the area claim of having heard an explosion before the car ran off the road.

The hypothesis that Harrison Deal could have been killed in order to send a macabre threat to Kemp started spreading shortly after the accident.

However, the timing of Deal’s death is certainly disturbing.

This election, as mentioned above, is not in the normality range at all. Given the extraordinariness of the situation an extraordinary measure could be needed to put an end to this huge electoral fraud.

A former US Special Forces member recently explained that what is taking place in the US is not much different from what had occurred in Ukraine during the Euromaidan revolts, when the deep state under the Obama presidency planned a coup aided by the ubiquitous George Soros.

At that time, the goal of the operation was to overthrow the elected president, Victor Yanukovich, and to replace him with a candidate controlled by the Euro-Atlantic front.

In that occasion, the most classic of colored revolutions was orchestrated. The country was plagued by disorders and protests fomented by groups financed by Soros until Yanukovich was forced to leave the country to avoid being killed by the rioters.

In this case, the colored revolution is not taking place outside the US borders, but within America.

The Washington deep state –  which used these subversive techniques against foreign country leaders not aligned with the New World Order agenda – is now perpetrating a coup against America itself.

The Trump presidency was not foreseen and it is completely incompatible with the globalism’s plan to build a one-world dictatorship.

Globalism claims America to enforce the Great Reset

 As a result, the élites want the US back at every cost because without the military and economic power of this country it is impossible to get to the Great Reset, the last stage which precedes the New World Order era.

Former US Secretary of State, John Kerry ( member of the secret occult society of Skulls and Bones) has clearly stated that under a Biden administration the Great Reset “will happen with greater speed and with greater intensity than a lot of people might imagine.”

In other words, it will be an impressive acceleration towards the one world government of Satanic and esoteric inspiration, as its apologists openly state.

In the globalist idea, America’s control is needed to reach this goal. It is necessary to regain that enormous and powerful apparatus that had allowed to hit all the nations which represented a threat for the New World Order’s plan.

Trump  has knows all along what was coming, and in order to fully understand this it is necessary to consider again his 2018 executive order which allows the President to sanction foreign powers and domestic subjects that meddled in the US election.

In this order, it is clearly stated that after 45 days since election day, November 3rd, and in case foreign interferences took place, the President will receive a report signed by the DNI director in which will be detailed the violations against the sovereignity of the United States.

In this case, the President will have the power to declare an emergency state which will probably bring sanctions against the foreign powers which had interfered in the US election and also arrests of those who inside the American territory took part in a coup.

The 45 days expire on next Saturday, December 18th, the day in which the President will receive the relation of the foreign meddling, and Trump at that point could enforce all the appropriate measures.

The media are not mentioning the huge consequences of this order and this could be the weapon by which Trump could definitely unmask the fraud, and prosecute those who had planned the coup.

In order to do this, an Attorney General aligned with the President is needed, and the incumbent AG doesn’t seem to be the man who Trump needs.

Only yesterday ,Trump scolded Barr on Twitter for his negligence in revealing the Biden family crimes before the election.

According to some rumors from the White House,  when the President summoned Barr in the Oval Office, he lashed out at him for his complete failure in shedding light on the voter fraud. Trump would have also anticipated his firing, at this point even more probable.

Once Barr is replaced, those complicit in the fraud could be finally indicted and Sidney Powell would be an ideal candidate to become the new AG.

It is also important to not underrate the appeal shared by General Flynn – one of the closest men to Trump and considered the chief of his personal intelligence service –  to enforce a limited martial law which would rule the election as unconstitutional and consequently bring about a new vote.

As supreme guarantor of the Constitution, Trump would be completely legitimated to activate this option, given the blatant violations of the Charter.

Under these conditions, the military tribunals would persecute the coup planners and capital executions could occur.

Another lead that points in this direction is the recent modification of the capital executions procedures made by the DOJ which had included firing squads.

Trump is facing an historical moment, and as Rudy Giuliani said, he seems to be the only man who has the “courage to stand against it”.

Trump like Lincoln: the martial law as a way to save America from the Rothschilds

 Therefore, the President will be under the same circumstances in which Abraham Lincoln was during the Civil War.

Lincoln was forced to enact martial law against the Southern secessionists financed by the Rothschild banking family.

The Rothschilds wanted to gain back America by having the control of their own central bank which would lend money to the United States.

Lincoln chose instead to coin a national currency – “greenbacks” – directly issued by the government into the monetary system, thus eliminating private banks.

In other words, the President gave the US a sovereign currency and independence from the Rothschild banking cartel. They at that time, had already accumulated huge sums of money from loans given to the European monarchies.

As Gutle Schnaper Rothschild (matron of the family) pointed out, their fortune was built upon the blood of the European wars.

After his reelection, Lincoln paid for this decision with his life when he was killed by John Wilkes Booth. Booth was a 33rd degree mason (the highest rank in Freemasonry) and member of the Knights of the Golden Circle, a secret society financed by the Rothschilds themselves.

At this point, Trump is in the same conditions as his noble predecessor. He must avoid America falling again into the hands of the globalist families that aim to enforce the most brutal and repressive dictatorship in history.

The President himself said in a recent tweet that “he just wants to stop the world from killing itself”.

And it is exactly what would happen if Biden gets into the White House. The world will step into the darkest period of its entire history.

Men will be reduced as robots maneuvered by the system through technologies able to manipulate completely the thoughts of an individual.

This time Trump has a responsibility even greater than the one Lincoln had. Not only has he in his hands the fate of America, but also that of the whole world.

Trump is actually the only thing that stands between the world and this global totalitarianism that deeply despises mankind and wants to see it ruined.

2020 is about to end and 2021 will be the year in which the world will know if the NWO will triumph or if this globalist antichristian plan will be stopped.

Archbishop Viganò, a spiritual leader against the globalist satanic cabal, defined Trump as a sort of political katechon. According to Saint Paul, the Katechon is the force that prevents the manifestation of the Beast, the global tyrannical figure long-awaited by freemasonry and globalism.

It’s up to Trump now to take the final decision. It’s up to him to decide to crush the head of the snake once and for all by imitating the steps of his predecessor during the Civil War.

Time is rapidly ticking up and the Great Reset ghost is getting closer for the entire world.

What Trump will do now will determine if the world will fall or not into the hands of the NWO.

The crossroad which Trump is facing will be the crossroad that will decide the destiny of mankind for the years to come.

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  1. Angelo

    Thank you for this extremely clear and detailed Summary of what America and the world is about to face.
    I can only stand on my knees and put together my hands praying that corrupted devils among us get all confused losing all their satanic power.


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