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This autumn Trump will stand the final battle against the new world order

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Categorie: Spygate

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by Cesare Sacchetti

The last announcement made on Twitter by President Trump is the harbinger that something very big is about to happen regarding the Spygate case.

The US President said that very important revelations are about to be made on the international spy plot conceived to sabotage first his electoral campaign and then his presidential mandate at the White House.

Trump couldn’t have been more clear about this case. The coup d’état attempt against him was directly masterminded by former US President Barack Obama in 2016 and his vice, Joe Biden, who’s now the democratic candidate running against Trump and whose interference in Ukraine was the object of a judicial investigation due to his pressures in order to fire a local Ukrainian magistrate, who was investigating the huge and unusual sums of money received by Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, as a private consultant of Burisma, an Ukrainian firm.

This investigation could definitely explode this coming fall and its consequences could give a lethal blow to the deep state.

But Spygate involves Italy. This country had a leading role in the coup against Trump. Everything started in Rome, wherein George Papadopoulos came in March 2016 to meet Joseph Mifsud, an enigmatic Maltese character who was also at the time teaching at the Link Campus, a local university whose president is Vincenzo Scotti, a figure renowned in Italy due to his past assignment as Minister of the Interior in 1992, when Giovanni Falcone, the Italian magistrate, was killed in the infamous Capaci’s massacre.

Mifsud set up a mouse trap to the ingenuous Papadopoulos. The Maltese professor claimed to be able to get some compromising email about Hillary Clinton, leaked directly from the Kremlin.

Papadopoulos took the bait and in the following months made these revelations to Alexander Downer, an Australian diplomat who is close to the Clintons. Downer then gave this information to the US intelligence, which then gave them the desired pretext to open an illegal investigation on President Trump, whose campaign was wiretapped.

Italy has a leading role in all this espionage, because in the following months, the magistrates of Rome opened a formal investigation on Giulio Occhionero, an Italian engineer and a financial analyst, for his alleged hacking operations against some Italian public figures.

The Italian engineer was apparently a victim of the concocted effort to fabricate an illegal case against Trump.

Basically, Occhionero has reasons to believe that the Italian secret services had tried to illegally access the server of his US firm, Westlands Security, in order to plant on them Clinton’s email and so sustain the theory of a link between these servers and Trump.

Apparently, Occhionero’s theory seems to be not far-fetched at all because the inquiry of the Roman magistrates is now under investigation by Perugia’s district attorney office.

A trial is underway and one of the defendants is Eugenio Albamonte, a Roman magistrate accused of false representation and negligence.

However, all these schemes couldn’t have been possible without the crucial role of the Italian secret services who conspired against Occhionero and Trump.

At that time, the Italian intelligence was under the direct coordination of two former Italian prime ministers, Matteo Renzi and Paolo Gentiloni.

If the Italian secret services illegally hacked Occhionero’s servers, Renzi and Gentiloni could be held accountable for these felonies, due to their leading roles of the Italian intelligence.

John Durham, the leading investigator on the Spygate case, is trying to shed some light about Italy’s deep state involvement in this matter.

Therefore, the Spygate story, after a long wait, appears to be close to his conclusion and the hypothesis that both Renzi and Gentiloni could be subpoenaed in the US seems quite viable.

On one hand, Barack Obama could be considered the main person responsible for the illegal espionage against Trump, and on the other hand, all this was possible thanks to the necessary collaboration of the two former Italian prime ministers.

It’s important to keep in mind that during Trump’s campaign, Renzi went to Washington to meet Barack Obama.

Renzi’s government and the Italian democratic party openly endorsed Hillary Clinton, clearly interfering in the American presidential elections.

While the Italian and the international media wrote about an imaginary Russian meddling, in that period of time, a real interference was taking place by the Italian government against Trump.

If this illegal meddling in the US elections was realized through the collaboration of the Italian intelligence, both Renzi and Gentiloni could face serious troubles.

Spygate could be a massive turmoil for Italian politics

However, a possible indictment of these two political figures would not be probably limited just to them.

If the spygate case is about to explode with all its destructive power, the damages could affect the whole orbit of the Italian deep state, to which both Renzi and Gentiloni belong.

A mechanism could be set in motion, pretty similar to the one which took place in 1992, when the Milan magistrates opened their investigation, Mani Pulite (Clean Hands), against the corruption in the Italian political system.

However, this time the motives and the masterminds of this operation would be completely different.

Mani Pulite was an operation inspired by the deep state of Washington in order to remove a political system which could have been a major problem to the globalization plans and to Italy joining the euro.

It’s not by chance that the Milan magistrates saved from their investigation the Italian democratic party, completely aligned with the deep state agenda.

Mani Pulite was basically an international coup d’état against Italy conceived in environments close to the Anglo-Saxon finance and to Brussels.

This time the story would be different. The new judiciary scandal would have a very different nature.

It wouldn’t be an investigation in order to preserve the interests of the deep state. On the contrary, it would be an investigation to remove the real corruption of a political system completely aligned to the globalization agenda.

Spygate could ignite a sort of counterrevolution to free Italy from the coils of the new world order. If Trump pulls the trigger on this scandal, an almost irreversible mechanism could be set in motion, which could completely reset Italian politics.

Trump’s presidency has changed the role of the United States in this context: from the mainspring of globalization to the country who’s resisting the most against the new world order.

America has been for many decades the principal actor of the globalization plan.

Trump’s presidency has written a new page and now Washington seems to be a major obstacle to the arising of a global dictatorship.

Therefore, Spygate in this moment has a vital role, completely ignored by the Italian media, most probably terrified by its major devastating consequences.

If this scandal will explode with all its destructive force, the Italian political system, which is working to render Italy a sort of privileged laboratory of the new world order, would be completely annihilated.

For all these reasons, Spygate is the most powerful weapon which Trump has in order to prevent Italy’s fall in the hands of this looming global dictatorship.

In order to put an end to the NWO, it is vital to put an end to the EU

During the Covid crisis, Italy has been chosen by the élites as a special laboratory used to experiment the reactions of the people facing the new technotronic authoritative system.

In order to blow the globalist plan, it is crucial to tear up the umbilical cord which keeps Italy tied to the new world order.

Trump perfectly knows that this battle cannot be won without having Rome by his side.

There are two main reasons for this.

The first is that Italy hosts the Catholic Church and is the cradle of Christianity.

The defense of Christianity is essential in order to prevent the birth of the freemason and satanic religions.

The second is that Italy belongs to the EU, ruled by the French-German axis which was elected by the European élites to govern this organization.

The EU plays a fundamental role in all this.

It is impossible to win the battle against the new world order without first dismantling the organization which, along with Communist China, best represents the antinational spirit of Freemasonry.

The EU is one of the most important cathedrals of the new world order.

Brussels, its capitol, hosts NATO, the military arm of the deep state, along with the EU commission.

The EU has been deeply impregnated with the soul of Freemasonry since its original conception, especially when in the 20’s one of its first founding fathers, Count Kalergi, had conceived the ethnic cleansing of the European people, which in his idea should be replaced with an eugenetic mingling of Asiatic and African races.

Brussels’ institutions had always breathed the polluted air of globalism and its ultimate goal is only to eradicate any trace of European identity and to build a false Europe which has nothing to do with the real Europe.

The new world order will only arise when the false Europe of the United States of Europe will see the light of day.

But without Italy, this whole plan is deemed to fail.

Hence why Trump can push the Spygate button and trigger the collapse of the Italian parties whose only goal is to serve this demonic agenda.

If Italy leaves the prison of the French-German EU, this organization would most probably fail.

The key in this plan for Italy is the reconquering of its national currency and the abandonment of the Euro, a currency designed in Germany’s image and likeness.

But this goal cannot be obtained without freeing the country from the oppression of its political system ruled by Brussels and the globalist élites.

Autumn 2020: the future of mankind is at stake

This autumn, Italy and the entire world will be the victims of a final siege by globalism with the progressive acceleration of the Covid terroristic operation.

The political balances of the next decades will be set in the coming months. The new world order is about to launch its final assault.

Mankind is facing an epic battle which will decide the future of the world for the years to come.

If globalism wins this battle, mankind as it was known will disappear. Man will no longer be a being gifted with free will, but one more similar to a machine forced to receive vaccines and microchip implants in order to buy and sell, something which creepily reminds the Biblical prophecy of the Mark of the Beast.

If the resistance against globalism wins, there will be room to live in a more human world, but not one founded on hate against ones neighbor.

In short, a society founded upon the cult of God, not upon the cult of man.

Now it’s America’s turn. Destiny, or perhaps Divine Providence, has wanted that the country which has been for many decades the arm of the deep state, should now take on the leading role to prevent the fall of the world into the darkness of the new world order.

His Excellency, Archbishop Viganò, in his letter to President Trump has clearly sent this message: it’s all in your hands, Mr. President.

There’s an ongoing battle between the children of light and the children of darkness.

If Trump wants to win this battle, he has to have God by his side and he will have to prevent Italy’s destruction by the globalists.

Therefore, the next months will be crucial for the destiny of mankind. Now just one thing seems to be sure. If the cradle of Christianity is freed, the new world order will not arise.

Now, like never before, it’s time to pray for Trump and Italy.

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