by Cesare Sacchetti

The line of the dialogue has not been interrupted.

President Trump replied to archbishop Viganò’s letter and said that it was an honor to receive such a powerful and evocative message.

The Italian archbishop has perfectly pointed out in his message what is actually going on in the world.

It’s not just a political conflict. There’s much more at stake. What the world is seeing is a spiritual battle between the children of the light and the children of darkness.

It is impossible to fully comprehend globalism without taking into consideration its eschatological nature.

Globalism is a religion completely opposite to Christianity. It is deeply based on the gnostic cult followed by Freemasonry.

While Christianity assumes that everyone can receive salvation through Christ, the globalist gnostic cult assumes that only the ones that are “enlightened”  by secret knowledge can save themselves.

The one world government which the international élite dream of would be based also on a one world religion, which is indeed the Masonic religion.

Until the religion founded by Jesus Christ ceases to exist, it will be impossible for the one world government to arise; hence the open war with Christianity.

There are plenty of signs for those who want to see them.

The practice of pedophilia, once banished by the Western World, is becoming more and more commonplace.

Every day in the world, pedophile rings are discovered by law enforcement institutions. But the mainstream media rejects public debate exposing the dangers to society of this sexual depravity.

On the contrary, society is moving towards a quiet acceptance of pedophilia and it is no longer considered a perversion.

Catholic churches are attacked and desecrated in Europe, especially in France.

The arson of Nantes Cathedral is just the last example of these vicious attacks.

Some activists of the Soros funded subversive movement Black Lives Matter are demanding the removal of Christian images due to their representation of an imaginary “white privilege”.

To this day Pope Francis, the man who should cry out against this attempt to put an end to the religion which he is supposed to stand for, has said nothing.

The heretic and satanic spirit of the new world order, the infamous expression which globalists use to name their project, has penetrated the Church of Christ.

The smoke of apostasy is spreading everywhere.

All this is taking place in the Western world, above all in Europe.

And it’s not by chance. Europe, especially Italy, is the cradle of Christianity.

The roots of the Western World are Greco-Romans and Christian.

By eradicating them, the international élite would get a major advancement in their plan.

The dark forces which are attacking Europe are the same forces which are trying to overthrow President Trump through a civil war disguised as a racial conflict.

Actually, the terrorist movements which are tearing down the monuments in the US have nothing to do with the Afro-American community, whose relative majority is supporting the President.

They are nothing more than terrorist militias recruited and funded by men like George Soros who has just recently poured into their pockets the astronomical sum of 220 million dollars.

Globalism desperately wants the White House back because without America’s superpower , the one world government which they seek would not see the light of the day.

Hence why the dialogue between Trump and Viganò could write a new chapter in the history of the new world order.

It is certainly true that the Covid crisis triggered by the internationalist regime has given a major acceleration to the looming global dictatorship; but at the same time,  it’s true that the alliance between the US president and the Italian archbishop could be a powerful countermeasure to this totalitarian project.

At this moment, Viganò is without any doubt, the most reliable and internationally known representative that Italy has to dialogue with the Trump administration.

Therefore, the incoming battle is unfolding on two levels.

On the one hand, Trump is trying to drain the swamp of financial, industrial and military powers which have been plaguing Washington since many decades.

On the other hand, Viganò is trying to put an end to the modernist and globalist drift in which Bergoglio is dragging the Church of Christ.

If a pact between the Italian Archbishop and the US president is established, maybe it could be defined, without any rhetoric, a sort of sacred alliance to save the world from the threat of a global dictatorship.

Once again, Italy in this epic battle will have a crucial role.

Italy was probably one of the most affected countries by the consequences of this new surging totalitarianism.

Its millennial history, its unique culture, and being the country which hosts the Catholic Church represent the reasons for which globalism wants to eradicate this nation.

In order to wipe out Christianity from the face of the Earth, the new world order needs to mortally wound Italy, the cradle of the true Church of Christ.

Can Spygate sink the Italian globalist parties and the global dictatorship?

The Spygate case could be Trump’s main way to attack the globalists.

Basically, it was a clear attempt to falsely accuse Trump of an inexistent collusion with the Kremlin. Both the US and the Italian intelligence agencies colluded to set the American president up in 2016-2017.

Then president Barack Obama apparently had a crucial role in directing this operation, aided by the Italian secret services, then directed by the two former Italian prime ministers, Matteo Renzi and Paolo Gentiloni.

This plot therefore points to Rome and it’s not by chance that the US investigation is trying to shed some light on the role of Italy.

In order to better understand Spygate, maybe it could be helpful to quote Barr who defined it as “the closest the U.S. has come to a coup since Lincoln assassination.”

If this inquiry reaches the final step and the incrimination of its main protagonists, the consequences could be devastating for the system.

From the old Tangentopoli to the new one

Some have said that an eventual indictment of Renzi and Gentiloni could trigger a corruption scandal in Italy like the one erupted in 1992 also known as “Tangentopoli” (Bribery Town), when Mario Chiesa, a socialist politician, was arrested in Milan and then started to spill the beans about the financial corruption of the entire political system.

However, there’s a main substantial difference between that scandal and this one.

Tangentopoli was an operation orchestrated by the deep state of Washington in order to get rid of a political class which could have caused some resistances to Italy adopting the Euro and dismantling its industrial public firms.

It is not by chance that the Milan judges spared from their investigations the PDS, the democratic leftist party, which was chosen by the deep state to bring Italy to the globalization scaffold.

This time, the new Tangentopoli would also come from the US, but from a completely different administration opposed to the deep state.

It wouldn’t be a process of advancement of Italy toward globalization. On the contrary, it would be a political earthquake able to stop it and possibly reverse it.

If the political corrupted class of Italy completely prone to the interests of the neoliberal and Zionist elites would be wiped away, a huge political vacuum would be opened which could be filled by this new unprecedented alliance between Viganò and Trump in order to thwart the new world order.

In order to get to this goal, it is fundamental for Trump to get a second term, something which is quite possible considering the weakness of his main opponent, Joe Biden.

At the same time, Viganò must go on with his battle to free the Church from the progressive and globalist forces.

If this alliance strengthens, history could really change.

The Covid-19 crisis dragged Italy and the world towards the specter of a new global dictatorship.

A dark and looming sky is covering the world in this moment. Viganò’s letter has torn this sky apart and now a bit of light is peeking thru.

Perhaps Divine Providence has guided the Italian Archbishop’s hand.

The battle in the upcoming months will reach its peak. The grip of the health dictatorship will attack Italy once again and the country will plunge in a major economic recession.

When that moment comes, this alliance will have to do everything it its power in order to prevent the fall of this nation in the hands of the global totalitarianism.

The forces of light will have to try to stop the forces of darkness.

The battleground will be once again in Italy. This nation will have a key role.

Whoever wants to prevent the fall of the world into the hands of a global dictatorship should pray for the saving of Italy.

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