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The resurrection of Russia and the multipolar world prevented the New World Order

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By Cesare Sacchetti

There was a time when Russia was not even a State. At least, it was not a national State in the real sense of this word.

Its government had no power to enforce its laws and other actors dominated the scene. This was the time of the 90s.

If we were to speak with some Russians who lived at that time in the country, they would surely tell us what kind of living hell Russia was then.

The collapse of the Berlin wall was a disaster because it dismantled the Soviet blockade and created a political vacuum.

A political vacuum that was filled by foreign powers such as the US deep state along with the infamous Russian oligarchs, who happen to be quite often Ashkenazi Jews.

These oligarchs allowed Russia to be ruled by the worst kind of people, including mobsters, human smugglers and drug dealers.

All these elements were the defacto government of Russia at that time. At this point, we need to stress some facts before continuing our analysis. We are certainly not nostalgic of the Soviet era.

How Wall Street created the USSR

The USSR was a creation of the Anglo-Saxon financial world and it was conceived to spread communism throughout the world and also to get rid of the ancient Russian tsarist tradition, which embraced Christian values.

The real story of the birth of the USSR is not told in the history books because it would disturb the liberal narrative.

For instance, we do not read in the history books, at least the ones that we study at school, that Trotsky went to New York to plan his revolution in 1917 and we do not read that in this city he received funding by the local powerful and wealthy banks.

We do not read as well that in 1917 a steamer called the SS Shilka entered Seattle’s Elliot bay and that aboard of this boat there were 100,000 dollars in gold.

The Bolshevik Revolution – a Revolution that changed not only the history of Russia, but of the entire world as we can see – was not something that was funded by Russian laborers but by their enemies.

Perhaps this may upset some reader but the truth is that Communism is the just the other side of Liberalism.

Both of these political doctrines were run by the same powers because both aimed and still aim to the same goal, which is the ushering in of a global government founded upon the religion of Freemasonry.

The Catholic Church and wonderful popes like Leo XIII denounced these plans in their encyclicals like “Rerum Novarum”.

If we are looking for lost wisdom, we should start from these precious documents.

However, those who created the Soviet dictatorship are the same people who deliberated its destruction in the early 80s.

The USSR became outdated for the world government plans. The controlled duopoly needed to be dismantled because only the American empire should hold the scepter of the globalist hierarchy.

This is why Gorbachev rose to power in the early 80s. He was the perfect Trojan horse to accomplish this task.

Whatever we may think of the USSR, it did not collapse because of its dysfunctionalities like some liberal historians pretend.

The Soviet Union had the biggest army in the world and it was a leader in several military and aerospace technological fields.

When Gorbachev rolled out his Perestroika campaign to fight corruption in the USSR, he was doing what the West wanted.

This also explains why the former Russian President was so praised in some liberal and influential western circles.

He was killing the USSR and he was paving the way for the globalization process that would start in the 90s.

The collapse of the Berlin wall and the looting of Russia

By 1992, the entity knows as the USSR was already dead and Russia no longer had its sovereignty. At the Kremlin, there was Boris Eltsin, a puppet President, who was quite infamous for his alcoholic problems and for being ridiculed by Bill Clinton in public.

Eltsin hired Jeffrey Sachs, the head of the Harvard boys, in Moscow and Sachs, who nowadays pretends to be a critic of NATO, sold off the entire industry of Russia.

It was called a “shock therapy” but we prefer the term looting because this is what it was.

These massive privatizations transferred the wealth of Russia into the hands of foreign capitals in a process quite similar to the one occurred in Italy, where another economic hitman in the guise of Mario Draghi, former ECB president, sold off the Italian public industry to JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.

Russia underwent a period of tremendous hardships and brutal economic crisis. Abortions skyrocketed and famine was spreading in the country like Maria Zakharova, the mouthpiece of the Russian foreign ministry, remembered in a debate hosted on the national Russian TV.

This crisis finally came to an end when Russia found a leader who could help the country to drain the swamp, if we like to borrow Trump’s effective terminology.

This leader was Vladimir Putin. When Putin rose to the presidency in 2000, 23 years ago, he enforced a cleansing process of the Russian institutions that were swarming with foreign agents and corrupt officials.

Putin himself recollected in a 2021 speech how he had to cleanse the Russian government.

Those were the years where the first seeds of multipolarism were planted. Multipolarism is not a recent political philosophy like some may think.

The world that we are beginning to see now is the result of a political process that has lasted for the last 20 years.

When Russia claimed its sovereignity, it slowly began to be a power that could no longer be ignored.

The time of the neocon wars

At that time, international politics was dominated by the Zionist neocon doctrine that controlled the White House.

A handful of dangerous and powerful Zionist politicians wrote their manifesto in 1998, entitled “Project for a New American Century”.

In this document, people like Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and John Bolton who would later become the backbone of the Bush administration, stressed the necessity to exploit the window of opportunity created by the fall of the Berlin Wall and expand the power of the American empire; an expansion that was necessary to protect not America’s best interests, but the ones of Israel.

In the aforementioned manifesto, the neocons also predicted the 9/11 terror attacks when they pointed out that only a new “Pearl Harbor” would justify the future “war on terror” that  was unleashed by Washington.

However, war was waged only against those countries that Israel considered a threat to its plans, such as the Greater Israel idea.

The United States did not have its own foreign policy. It had a pro-Israeli foreign policy and America played the part of a private militia controlled by Tel Aviv.

This was the geopolitical context of that time but Russia, with patience and wisdom, worked to reconstruct the country that was destroyed in the 90s.

The armed forces were rebuilt. An economic miracle ensued and Russia started to regain its geopolitical power in the world.

The vacuum created in the 90s was being filled by the resurrection of this country.

Multipolarism dates back to the 2000s. When Putin held his speech before the Munich Conference in 2007, he stressed his political vision to the world.

Russia wanted a world where there is not the authoritarian rule of a single blockade, like NATO.

Russia wanted a world where nations could have relationships on equal terms.

It did not want a world where there is a power represented by the US deep state that treats the other countries as vassal nations that are forced to execute its orders.

Unipolarism was the way to enforce the dictatorship of NATO to the rest of the world. Those who did not abide by this empire were wiped away.

And the list of the leaders who stood up against NATO is very long and many of these politicians were killed by the Atlantic alliance.

We are talking about people like the Serbian president, Slobodan Milosevic, who was demonized in the 90s by the world press and falsely depicted as a “genocidist”.

Later on, in 2016, he was acquitted by the same court, the ICC, that was falsely accusing him of that crime.

But it was too late. Milosevic died in 2006 in unclear circumstances in The Hague.

The same fate occurred to Muammar Gheddafi who was “guilty” of loving his country and working for an alternative international currency to the American dollar.

Gheddafi touched the wires of the financial Anglo-Saxon power that has been ruling the world since the Bretton Woods agreements signed in 1944.

Russia has been working for a political alternative. A world where finally nations can work by mutually respecting their sovereignity and not one where an empire dictates its conditions.

The XX century was a century where the national States was devoid of its powers especially after WW2.

After the end of the war, the rising of international and supranational organizations along with multinationals gradually transferred the power of the States abroad.

The EU is a perfect example of this dynamics. Several levers of powers are no longer in the hands of the European governments but in the hands of the EU commission, an unelected body of commissioners who the general public often ignores.

The treaty of Maastricht was signed in 1992 as a way to enforce this process.

Now we are stepping into a new phase. The XXI century promises to be a very different era.

The multipolar world that is rising in these days would see the resurgence of national States.

It’s the opposite process that we experienced in the last century and certainly Russia through his foreign policy sped up this new phase.

Certainly, there is a key element in this analysis that cannot be overruled. The US empire stopped enforcing its role when Trump became President.

The United States went from being an international power to a national power. The political spectrum of Washington has been more focused on protecting its national interests rather than the ones of globalist and Zionist lobbies.

This shift in America’s priorities perfectly matched the plan of Russia and the Ukraine war is a decisive phase in the conclusion of this twenty years vision.

NATO itself is perfectly aware that after the fall of Zelensky, the old unipolar world will be gone.

Its general secretary openly said that it would be a “tragedy” if Russia wins the war.

Certainly, a tragedy for those who hoped to reshape the world and turn into the global dictatorship of the New World Order.

On the contrary, for those who hope to see a world where national States and their traditions are restored it will be a moment of great excitement.

Until a few years ago, several people around the world regretted living in this sad era with the incoming bugbear of the Great Reset.

The failure of the WEF plan that aimed to drag mankind towards this global dictatorship has changed everything and now the possibility to see a more balanced and just world seems to be really at hand.

If we take all this into consideration, the times that we are living are certainly the most interesting and exciting and we should feel be privileged to live them.

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  1. Bigus Macus

    Today’s Russia is a God Fearing Russian Orthodox Nation. That is more than you can say for most of the so-called Christian countries of NATO.

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      No doubt about it, Tim. The West world is not Christian at all. They are.

      • Gabrielle Kosinski

        The only genuine Christianity is the Bible based one which worships and fears a sovereign God in total control of His creation and its destiny. Read the Book of Revelation. We are living now in its approaching shadows.

        • Cesare Sacchetti

          I do not think that we are living in End Times. The true Christianity is the Catholic religion founded by Jesus Christ himself.

  2. Daredruh

    I agree with nearly everything you said.
    However do you deny Israel the “right to exist”

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      Israel was born on a stolen land. This is a fact. Not a theory. However, I think the best solution is the creation of a Palestinian State but I doubt that the present Israeli government would allow that.

      • Oluwole

        The land was never “stolen” but was God-given as He had promised-His ultimate fulfillment in 1948 of “from the river to the sea”. So, that terror strip is not divined.
        Peruse the early chapters of the Book of Genesis to know more, please.
        Take note of also Isaiah 62:7, “and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth” (NIV). This God finally fulfilled through President Trump-Jerusalem is now Israel’s capital.

        • Cesare Sacchetti

          God didn’t promise anything to Israel. God gave them the Promised Land for a reason, which is to respect His will. When Jesus Christ was born, the old covenant was revoked. Jesus promised the Jews a celestial kingdom. The Jews rejected Him and, as a result, the Hebrew people were expelled from their land through the diaspora.

    • Retired

      Mr. Sacchetti,
      A certain blogger had me captivated because he has built his world view on a doctrine from a former Soviet defector, Anatoliy Golitsyn, that the head of the KGB back in the late 1950s planned for the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union but not the collapse of its solidarity with communism. I would describe this blogger’s Golitsyn thesis as a sort of “fake sleep plan,” where the west thinks that Soviet communism is “no more” when in reality it is alive and well and the proof is that the KGB and its former agent, Putin, are still open for business. The blogger uses Golitsyn’s revelation that the Sino-Soviet split was fake and a diversion to make the west believe that the communist threat had internal problems.

      The upshot of all of this from the blogger’s point of view is YOU HAVE TO SUPPORT UKRAINE, which doesn’t sit well with me due to the cast of characters who ALSO SUPPORT UKRAINE and who hate guys like me.

      So the choice being presented here is support Putin and you are fostering a return of Sino-Soviet communism, or support Ukraine and be wedded to Nuland and the other scum responsible for unnecessarily killing thousands of Caucasian people in both countries.

      Do you care to comment on the Golitsyn thesis being used here?

      • Cesare Sacchetti

        Hello Joseph,
        actually this thesis doesn’t stand with the facts. The USSR was founded upon Communist values and we saw that with the banning of Christianity and the preaching of atheism. The new Russian federation is clearly inspired by Christianity and you can see that in the dropping of abortions and also in the decision to put a reference to God in the draft of the new Russian constitution. Putin himself is a practicing Orthodox Christian. Therefore, this thesis is simply absurd but if this guy is pro-Ukraine, I might assume that he’s trying to hijack fellow patriots by making them believe that Russia is Communist and Ukraine is Christian.

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      You shouldn’t delude yourself. Russia never imposed vaccine mandates and Sputnik, amongst the other things, is not a lethal vaccine. You’re sharing 2 years old stuff that was already debunked.


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