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The military government is the last assault of the New World Order against Italy

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Categorie: New World Order

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by Cesare Sacchetti

Many Italian readers have thought that Marcello Sorgi, former director of Tg1, one of the most important mainstream media sources in Italy, has had a sort of sunstroke. Many have thought this because of his last article entitled “Why there will be no political crisis in August”, an article written when he wrote for “La Stampa”, the third-largest Italian newspaper.

Sorgi in his article has, for the first time, pronounced two words, which have been haunting Italian politics for a while. The two words are “military government”.

Before proceeding with this analysis, it is important to remember a fact. La Stampa is a publication owned by the Elkann family, owners of FIAT, the Italian automotive company. They have also been historically tied to the most powerful banking family in the world, the Rothschilds.

Therefore, if this newspaper starts to speak about an even more subversive scenario than the one that Italy is currently living, is not by accident.

This article was meant to send a message to the Italian political parties.

In his article, Sorgi is stressing some very obvious facts. The parties that form the so-called national unity government headed by Mario Draghi, the former ECB president, are showing some reluctance in going on with their support for Draghi’s government.

The reasons for this discontent are unsubstantial. The entire Italian political system is strictly subservient to the deep state and the international finance that paved the way to Draghi for becoming Italy’s PM.

The problem is that some of these parties are starting to realize that backing Draghi is eroding their electoral base.

For instance, the former populist party, Cinque Stelle (the Five Stars Movement) is openly showing some criticism against Draghi for his proposed new judicial reforms. Five Stars is currently headed by Giuseppe Conte, the former Italian PM, accused of being involved in Italygate.

These new judicial reforms would basically abolish jail sentences for serious crimes and would be the “fait accompli” agenda of another political party, the Radical Party. The Radical Party is an Italian party that is ferociously anti-Christian and has been promoting for decades drug legalization, pornography, abortion, and divorce.

At the same time, in the economic issues, the Radicals have been promoting the neoliberal agenda, which has privatized many strategic assets owned by the State and transferred the control of the Italian economy to a restricted group of local and foreign financiers.

We could say that the moral and economic dismantling of Italy has been proceeding with the implementation of the Radical Party’s agenda, which was financed not surprisingly by George Soros.

However, parties like the FSM have to show some apparent opposition to some parts of Draghi’s judicial reform because the electoral turnouts are approaching and these parties need to recover some votes before the elections.

This situation has irritated the Italian deep state and Freemasonry, which do not allow any personal political interest to prevail over the execution of the Great Reset plan in Italy.

The fact that Freemasonry has inspired and allowed the birth of Draghi’s government is not just a rumor.

Italian renowned Freemasons, like Gioele Magaldi, have been praising the formation of this government.

The Great Reset plan

In any case, to understand why a major Italian newspaper like “La Stampa” is openly speaking about a military government, we need to take a step back and try to comprehend what is the Great Reset and what were the original plans of globalism for Italy and the world.

During the last year and a half, Italy and many countries of the world have been at the center of a fake pandemic, which was correctly defined by the Russian colonel Kvachov as a “terrorist operation”.

This operation was conceived as a catalyzing event, a sort of global 9/11, to destabilize the world, provoke the collapse of the national States, and finally ushering the one-world government.

The outcome of this artificial crisis is described in the Rockefeller publication called “Operation Lockstep”.

The term “lockstep” was not chosen by chance because in this scenario there will be no room for those who are contrary to the new global authoritarian society triggered by the so-called pandemic.

At the beginning of this crisis, the paper shows how personal freedoms have been restricted in the name of a fake “health security”. Global lockdowns enforced by the governments provoke an economic collapse and at this point, the system creates an artificial scarcity of food.

People will see no other option but to take to the streets and rebel against governments that have provoked this disastrous scenario. The subsequent military take over and martial law are the next steps of this crisis. Here the system offers people two choices.

Either you take the jab and get a pittance called “universal income” to survive or you will be deported to rehabilitation camps. Some countries, such as Germany, Canada, and New Zealand, have been already building COVID detention camps.

This destabilizing scenario perfectly matches what a Canadian whistle-blower leaked at the end of last year.

The militarization was planned to usher in the Great Reset, which was supposed to take place by June 2021.

However, we haven’t seen the accomplishment of this plan.

The Great Reset has not still shown up.

There are probably three reasons to explain the partial failure of this plan.

The first is that the globalist powers have not yet reclaimed the control of the United States. At this moment, the United States seems to be ruled by a military government that is not loyal to the so-called Biden administration.

The participation of the US to get to the New World Order is still essential. The idea of building a one-world government without the involvement of the first-world superpower is simply a chimera.

The second reason is that the second world superpower, Russia, has not changed its mind about a global government.

On January 2021, Putin scolded the cabal before the globalist club of DAVOS. On that occasion, the Russian President was very clear. The attempts to build a global authoritarian society ruled by a tiny élite of wealthy financiers had failed.

The third reason is that China has been showing some reluctance in backing this plan. China is not very happy about joining a world government ruled by Western élites; instead, it prefers one headed by China itself.

In the last decades, we have seen how neoliberal institutions such as the WTO have allowed the huge economic growth of China by giving a green light to the exportation of its cheap and low-quality goods.

The Western financial powers have allowed China to expand because the idea of globalist think-tanks such as the Club of Rome is to completely de-industrialize Europe and the US and transfer all the production to China.

In this plan, the Western world is reduced as an importer of Chinese goods.

However, people like George Soros have overlooked a very important fact. China wants more. Peking wants to sit on the throne. It doesn’t just want to expand its economic power. It wants to call the shots and not receive orders by London, Davos, and New York.

This is why there have been growing tensions between the globalist powers and China.

Cyber Polygon: the next false flag of globalism

Despite the lack of these essential conditions to “re-order” the international society, Davos wants to go for it anyway.

Therefore, the cabal is already working on the next artificial crisis. In this regard, Cyber Polygon seems to fit all the characteristics needed to destabilize many countries in the world.

Cyber Polygon is a drill that was recently performed by the WEF. In this scenario, cybernetic attacks disrupt the functioning of the banking system and the food supply chain.

In this scenario, Cyber Polygon would achieve what the COVID terrorist operation couldn’t so far, which is the collapse of the global economy and the military take over needed to pave the way to the Great Reset.

However, it doesn’t matter that the probabilities of this plan are not very high. These powers don’t matter. They just want to do much damage as possible before the final collapse.

The reason why Italy and Western Europe will be the ground for this battle is that the EU and the other European governments are firmly in the hands of Davos and George Soros.

Italy, in particular, will probably be one of the countries most affected by the plans of the New World Order.

And this is the main reason why Sorgi has written his article.

The New World Order will try to launch its final assault against the country of Italy, which incarnates most the Greek-Roman and Christian roots of the Western world. The cabal fiercely despises Italy for this reason. The globalist society is founded upon liberal and masonic principles which are the opposite of the Catholic and traditional identity of Italy.

This is probably why the last chapter of war waged by the Club of Rome against Italy took place in the 70s when this group ordered the moral and economic destruction of this country.

In this destructive scheme, Draghi has been playing a crucial role.

One could probably not find a more effective economic hitman than Draghi in all the world.  In 1992 Draghi, with surgical precision dismantled and sold off the Italian public industry to the Anglo-Saxon banking financiers.

This episode is infamous in Italian history. On the night of June 2, 1992, Draghi, who was the director of the ministry of Economics, along with other government key people auctioned the best Italian strategic assets on board Britannia, the flagship boat owned by Queen Elizabeth.

It was likely one of the most treasonous episodes of Italian modern history.

It was one of the most brutal assaults by the NWO against Italy.

Therefore, this could be the script written for Italy by the cabal. In autumn, the political scenario will be destabilized by cybernetic attacks, which have already started to target the Italian regional institutions, or by illegal migrants, whose arrivals have skyrocketed under Draghi’s government.

In this regard, illegal migrants could be an irregular militia used by the system to hit those who will rebel against the government.

The Italian President, Mattarella, could resign before the natural expiry of his mandate in 2022 and Draghi could quickly replace him.

Freemasonry has already let us know that it wants to see Draghi as the next Italian head of State.

At this point, the military option could be enforced by Mattarella, if he doesn’t resign before 2022, or by his successor, most probably Draghi, who will face a crisis scenario provoked by the system itself.

The controlled chaos is meant to pave the way to the military government that will handle the Great Reset.

Ordo ab chaos is still the ruling principle of Freemasonry.

However, there are three main factors that the cabal is overlooking and they could fail this entire scheme.

The first is that Trump’s return seems to be really at hand. The audits are proceeding and are showing irrefutable proof of fraud.

If Trump will come back to the White House, the Italian deep state strictly tied to the US deep state will suffer a fatal blow.

The second is that several parts of the Italian military do not want a Great Reset for their country. Some militaries have already sent a warning against Draghi’s government and his new vaccine racial laws.

The third is that there are 13,000 US militaries in Italy and many of these could join the Italian militaries who oppose this plan.

Therefore, the Italian deep state and the globalist families should be really careful of what they wish for.

The military option that they’re considering could tremendously backfire against them.

In any case, there is no reason to panic. These powers are deemed to lose. However, they’re so psychotic that they will try to go for their plan anyway.

In the next autumn, a great trial is ahead. It will be a crucial moment for the fate of Italy and the world.

This is the moment to hold our nerve.

It is more important than ever to keep in mind that the material side of this battle is deeply intertwined with the spiritual side.

The rule has not changed. Non praevalebunt.

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