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Has Trump surrendered or conceived the most brilliant trap against the New World Order?

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Categorie: New World Order

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by Cesare Sacchetti

The first reaction that overwhelmed many people in America and the world when they saw Trump boarding the AF1 was one of frustration and delusion.

Several people thought (and many still think it), that the US President has surrendered in some way.

In fact, people have thought instead that Donald Trump has only been a “man of the system” since the beginning and that the globalist élite chose him as a containment wall to avoid any kind of real change.

In this moment, there are three main theories regarding Trump’s role in his administration. The first theory is that Trump has been a gatekeeper, a false opposition created by the system itself as was done in Italy by the Five Stars Movement and Salvini’s League.

The second theory is that Trump has surrendered to and cut a deal with globalism, which has been relentlessly persecuting him since the beginning of his campaign.

The third theory is that Trump has set up the deep state and conceived a trap even more lethal and sophisticated than anyone could imagine.

Let us take into consideration the first option before proceeding.

Those who support this theory consider Trump to be a man of the deep state.

However, if someone looks at what has happened in the last four years, he or she could easily discard this option.

The war waged against Trump by the deep state is simply unprecedented in US history.

It began even before Trump got into the White House, when in 2016 the former President Obama gave a green light to the illegal espionage against the Republican candidate in order to falsely depict him as a Russian stooge.

That was the conception of the Russiagate hoax, which was later more appropriately defined as Obamagate or Spygate.

Spygate was the biggest operation of political sabotage ever perpetrated by the deep state against a political candidate.

Former Attorney General William Barr correctly called it as the biggest coup in the US history.

As was mentioned in the previous articles of this blog, Italy played a very important role in this plot, when the Italian government (headed first by Renzi and then by Gentiloni) had allegedly authorized the Italian secret services to spy on Donald Trump.

However, the war against Trump was not limited to this scandal. For four years, the establishment sought to overthrow his presidency in every way imaginable.

Nancy Pelosi, Democrat and Speaker of the US House of Representatives, gave a green light to Trump’s impeachment, which was completely unsubstantiated and brazenly unconstitutional. The impeachment failed to pass in the Senate.

Not only was the war against Trump fought on the political side, but also the system tried to physically remove the President.

By last August, there were at least two possible attempts against Trump’s life. The first attempt was against the helicopter squad that protected the President. An unknown sniper fired a shot against one of the helicopters and hurt a military soldier.

The second attempt was via a drone, which unexplainably reached the AF1 and almost hit it.

And so the war went on. In November, the deep state perpetrated the biggest electoral fraud in US history and probably in world history. This past January, rather than foiling the fraud, the US congress illegally ratified the election.

Which brings us to this important fact – a gatekeeper would never have gone through these major sabotages. When the system wants to create a false opposition, it helps this process and it does not try to kill the new movement in the cradle.

Therefore, the theory of the false opposition should be discarded even when considering the Trump doctrine which was founded upon the principle of “America First”, a concept diametrically in contradiction with the globalist agenda.

Globalism aims to establish a one-world government. It could not and it cannot tolerate the existence of a US Presidency, which puts the defense of US sovereignity in the first place.

Trump has betrayed the cause or he has realized a masterpiece against globalism?

Therefore, the other two options should be considered now. Let us consider this statement – has Trump betrayed his followers or has he made a brilliant move against the system?

This theory certainly has more coherence than the gatekeeper option, but it has other logical flaws.

For instance, if Trump is a traitor, why did he declassify the devastating documents that definitely prove how Joe Biden is only a stooge in the hands of China and other foreign lobbies?

Above all, why did the President declare a state of emergency in some states for climate adversities, which took place months ago, and why did Trump authorize the militarization of DC?

And finally, if Trump is really a “traitor” who has surrendered to the New World Order and cannot further do damage to the system, then why is the deep state desperately trying to arrest him when he’s officially out of the institutions?

Before trying to answer these questions, let’s take into consideration the consequent scenarios. A few words should be spent at this time for the so-called “kraken”, the mythological monster quoted many times by Sidney Powell and Lin Wood.

This metaphor was used many times by Trump’s inner circle to announce the imminent revelation of devastating proof able to unmask once and for all the electoral fraud.

In a certain way, the kraken was released many times before the US Courts; unfortunately, almost every judge had refused even to look at it.

The fact that the judicial strategy was ineffective so far certainly does not mean that Lin Wood or Sidney Powell had some responsibility for that.

It simply means that the system is heavily rigged and infected or maybe that the game was and still is being played on another level.

In other words, Lin Wood and Sidney Powell could have inflated this narration not as a way to deceive Trump’s supporters, but as a way to deceive Trump’s enemies.

Basically, the kraken could just have been a smokescreen to falsely depict Trump as “weak” in the eyes of the deep state and consequently hiding the true goal of the President’s strategy.

Once the judicial avenue had failed, Trump had the weapon of the EO against foreign election interference.

It was sabotaged, as previously told, by the intelligence community that delivered to Trump an inconclusive and contradictory report on the foreign interferences, which were committed mainly by China and Italy.

At this point, Trump seemed to have only two other available options to foil the coup: the first is the activation of the Insurrection act and the second is the enactment of martial law.

Both of these solutions imply a military takeover and a subsequent military government that should continue until the subversive plan to overthrow the real winner of the election, Trump, is not foiled.

Now we should try to imagine the consequences of such actions made by Trump.

The MSM would have immediately called Trump a “dictator” and would have even supported his physical elimination.

The Democratic Party would have openly favored the secession of the states of New York and California.

Chaos would have erupted in the streets.

In other words, America would have been swallowed by a spiral of violence that could have triggered a civil war, potentially even more devastating than the one fought during Lincoln’s age, another US President who had opposed the Rothschilds plan to control the US.

If one takes into consideration the Freemason and globalist infiltrations within the US institutions, the civil war appears as the only viable option.

An armed conflict seemed the only way to eradicate the enemies of America who have infected every national institution.

Trump tricked the deep state in plain sight

It turns out that Trump might have found another strategy, more brilliant and less devastating. Do what was necessary, but without saying it.

In other words, before he left the White House, Trump could have delivered the power to the military without making any official announcement.

Trump might have used the “open sight” technique, which has been used so many times by the New World Order, against globalism itself.

One of the strategies pursued by globalism was to openly show to the naïve public its final goal of one-world government.

Globalism has financed a huge quantity of movies, books, magazines and seminaries to indoctrinate the public opinion to this plan and make it appear as the only solution for humankind and the world.

In other words, the globalist cabal has shown in plain sight what it has always intended to do.

Either the masses did not realize it or perhaps they didn’t take it too seriously because most people thought that all these plans would have been carried out in a very distant and faraway future.

The paradox is that Trump might well have chosen to carry out this very strategy against its creators.

He delivered the power to the military in open sight and he ordered the militarization of DC before leaving.

Nobody can tell him anything, because officially, Trump did not say a word and he left for Florida, where he now resides.

It is a masterpiece of chess strategy that could be hard to understand at first glance, but not if other relevant elements are taken into consideration.

To better understand the levels where this battle is taking place, it is helpful to remember a metaphor quoted in Daniel Estulin’s book, “The Bilderberg Club”, where the author describes the existence of two worlds.

There is one world on the surface where most of the population lives. In this world exists only the fake reality of the media.

Yet there’s another world that exists in the deep, where powers like the secret services loyal to globalism fight their battle against other governments, which are opposing this agenda.

Basically, it is the same metaphor of the movie “The Matrix” where the logics of the underground world affect and rule the fake reality of the surface world.

The former exists to preserve the latter. Therefore, the masses are not aware of the truth.

Trump and the military power that supports him are perfectly aware of these dynamics and fight the battle on both levels.

The masterpiece of Trump has been to play the part of the “loser” and thus deceive the enemy.

As Sun Tzu taught, all warfare is based on deception.

By deceiving the enemy and making it believe that Trump has accepted the outcome of the fraud, Trump has beaten the system.

Before leaving Washington, Trump delivered the power to the military.

An illusion was shown on the surface, while in the underground a devastating blow, probably lethal, was given against the deep state.

In the documents of Congress, there are even possible traces of an effective activation of the Insurrection Act.

If these documents are not enough, then we should take into consideration the increasing militarization of Washington DC.

Some GOP senators have asked for explanations on this military presence in the capital. But at the same time, we must wonder why doesn’t Joe Biden, if he’s really the commander-in-chief, order the withdrawal of these troops, whose deployment doesn’t make any sense?

Likewise, if Biden is fully in charge and he has the full control of the military, then why does the Pentagon refuse to show him reserved documents?

Yesterday, the Pentagon has unbelievably declined to execute the plan to give vaccines to Gitmo terrorists as the Biden administration stated would be done.

There are also other incongruences around this so-called Biden administration. The White House has been dark for 10 nights in a row.

The safest building in the world seems not to be working at night.

No official explanation has been given regarding this situation. Several people have tried to reach out to the White House and a recorded voice told them that the building was closed during business hours.

Other people later called only to have someone finally pick up and inform these callers that there was no staff working at the White House to manage ordinary administrative tasks.

The House of the President does not seem to be in operation. To this day, Biden hasn’t showed up in the White House press room and his press officer, Jen Psaki, has no idea where the President is and she doesn’t know where he will be available to answer to the questions of the press.

At this point, it is more than legitimate to ask if Biden is really POTUS or just a stooge who’s playing a part because he has no other option, considering the huge proof that Trump has against him and his family involved in pedophile rings and in the hands of communist China.

The more days go by, the more this hypothesis seems to be consistent.

In other words, the so-called Biden administration would only be a charade, a sort of controlled demolition operation of the deep state that would last a while before the presidency is officially given again to Trump.

If this scenario were to be confirmed, this strategy would be even more lethal and effective than the ones conceived by Sun Tzu. Trump could be using his enemies to get to his goal.

To come back as POTUS without having fired a single shot or having triggered a civil war that would drag America into chaos and violence.

He has surrounded his enemies in DC by erecting fences around several institutions guarded by the military day and night.

Basically, Trump has locked up the entire deep state.

His enemies seem to have understood this and they’re already panicking. Pam Keith, a Democratic Party candidate, has openly asked for the arrest of Trump because he could be able to run a shadow government in his own house.

And it seems to be the case, because Trump has already created the Office of the Former President at Mar-a-Lago.

Once the military operation is concluded and with the following collapse of the puppet Biden administration declared illegitimate, there are virtually no more obstacles for Trump to return as President.

Gamestop is part of the controlled demolition of the system

If there are other doubts regarding this scenario, it could be considered another important element.

If Biden is really President and nothing can stop him, why did take place an unprecedented attack against Wall Street, one of the main pillars of the deep state, on his watch?

For example, the GameStop case doesn’t seem to be only the result of a handful of small investors on Reddit that chose to sink New York’s finance.

Most probably someone from the inside who knows the system has advised them how and when to launch the attack.

Wall Street’s current carnage appears to be a sophisticated operation to bankrupt the speculative finance world that has been backing Washington’s swamp for decades.

The raid against Wall Street is also a raid against Communist China who quietly invested billions of dollars in the hedge funds.

Officially, no one can blame Trump for this because the former (?) President quietly lives in Florida.

Therefore, the brilliant move of this strategy was to provoke the collapse of the system without having any official role and by using a puppet enemy administration, not recognized by the military, to get to the goal.

Once the deep state demolition is completed, then the President can officially come back.

All this without any noise. Not even a single shot was fired.

What seemed to be a tremendous defeat could reveal as the greatest victory of all times.

What seemed to be the triumph of globalism could reveal as its definite collapse.

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  1. Cynthia Mason

    Thank you for providing translation. My Italian served me adequately until my brain tired!! Gracie! Cinzia

    • Linda-Marie

      Our President ? Trump. Is brilliant and I am so happy he will be back very soon!????

      • Shirley

        Amen in agreement!

        • Anne Agnew

          Even though Trump and team are genius…they must have had 5D help. This plan is too big and all encompassing for 3D minds…no matter how brilliant. I presume they have access to offplanet intelligences or at least have Looking Glass technology. Whichever……this operation will go down in history as….I wish there was a word for…. ‘supremely superb!’

          • Christopher

            Great article



      • Daniel S Bowman

        I thank God in the names of Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus 4 Redemption, Justification God’s Righteousness, Sanctification and Word of Reconciliation, Q and President Trump for restoring our Republic.

        • Lynda Roy

          Merci pour ce fabuleux texte plus que perspicace. Cette lecture est comme un phare dans la nuit…..

        • Darlene Pearson

          Brilliant, somehow I knew he had a plan because he never looses and he always wins. I have believed something was in the works because I have watched listened to every little tidbit out there. All the mistakes the other side was making and gloating over. They knew he was a threat and could not beat him. Thank you President Trump and I know you are a gift from God who always gives us marvelous Blessings.

      • JennD

        God willing…this WILL happen! ❤️️???

      • Nidene

        God bless President Donald J Trump ?

    • Michael Kucher

      I could not have said it better myself. I have bern recuperating from brain surgery back in August, do I’ve had alot of time to dig up the rabbit holes.
      All i can tell you is that
      1) Trump is a fukkin genius
      2) The military is in complete control
      3) they only thing patriots can do is wait, pray and stand your ground.
      There won’t be enough popcorn to feed these masses once the show starts. Notice all the PEDO’s dropping like flies?
      Notice the military presence EVERYWHERE? Welcome to DC, or as I like to call it “Gitmo North”
      Trust the Plan /Hold the line/
      NEVER LOSE FAITH ?????

  2. Patrick

    Two things to consider:

    Ockham’s Razor: the simplest explanation is often the truth
    The many deviations from standard operating procedure with the military presence in DC (e.g fences built to keep people in, the Pentagon rejecting Biden, military not performing typical inauguration rituals, etc).

    In the very least, everything should be questioned. Don’t let the mainstream press tell you otherwise!

    • Katherine

      Very interesting!!

  3. Tim Shey

    Excellent article. Keep up the great work.

    • Phil

      I will not believe this as in any way true until it happens……..

      ………sorry I have believed for over 21yrs that many other adjacent events were to also take place, like the removal of maritime law and restoring common law of the original
      13 states etc……


      • Ron

        Thank God ! This “overview” of what America once stood for is coming back to
        Is. I’m 85, a Korean vet and thought, “what the hell is happening to the USA?”

        • Walt

          Hang in there sir. I believe this article is 100% accurate and the Patriots along with President Trump are returning the country back to the people as well as the republic that it started as in 1776.

  4. Richard

    ACE, most excellent Cesare. Am especially grateful as your analysis of POTUS’ options confirms my own suspicions (as well as certain prophecies).

  5. Earl Morrell

    To me it appears that Trump has baited the deep state into committing more and more treasonous acts. From past experience I for one don’t see Donald Trump as a quitter. It just appears that everyone is dragging their feet. I want to see every corrupt politician in DC totally destroyed and either sent to prison, or hung as traitors. The sooner the better so we can again have some peace of mind. I’m 75 and all of the stressful nights spent worrying is detrimental to my health. I’m blessed by God for not having any medical issues so please get on with it before all of this bullshit changes that.

    • Mo

      Not hung… treasonous traitors as such deserve good old fashion american tar & feathers…

      • Gabriele

        Dear Mo,
        Apparently you do not know with whom you are dealing with. These traitors are initiates of the dark brotherhood, who have sold their soul for money, prestige, power, riches and fame, yet at the same time they’re just the foot soldiers, carrying out the orders for the international Money Lenders, the movers and shakers of the power houses who are members of the Illuminati. They infiltrated the so-called Royal Families and Political Circles in every country through conquest and subjugation for centuries (pre Sumerian time ) murdering the legitimate bloodlines of the true leaders and carried out genocide all over the world, using every time forces from other nations to crush their next targeted victim. Genghis Khan is only one of their sledge hammer in the past, leaving more than 42 Million ordinary people dead while on his conquest for conquer.
        You want to learn what these Illuminati puppets are capable of doing to you, your family, your friends, to anybody, I recommend you visit the website of the American, Cathy O’Brien and order her book, ‘Trance Formation of America’, The True Life Story of a CIA Mind Control Slave and sole survivor of the most ungodly crimes perpetrated against a human being. Thanks to Mark Phillips, a former CIA, who believed in ‘Liberty and Justice for All’, and with a deep understanding what this country was founded upon, Cathy ” Brien was rescued from the clutches of hell and lives to tell the truth to those who will listen.

        TRANCE FORMATION of AMERICA is the documented autobiography of a victim of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation. Chiseled deep into the white stone of the CIA’s Langley, Virginia headquarters is a partial verse lifted from the Bible and writings of Saint John “…and the truth shall make you free.” This statement, like the agency, is total reality. The building that it is engraved upon houses the world’s most successful manufacturer of lies to facilitate psychological warfare. The “Company” uses truth and technology as their raw materials to produce ‘pure’ lies for control of you and America’s allies. Within the pages of TRANCE Formation of America you’ll find the truth.

        U.S. Government Mind Control

        On August 3rd, 1977 the 95th U.S. Congress opened hearing into the reported abuses concerning the CIA’s TOP SECRET mind control research program code named MK Ultra. On February 8th, 1988, an MK Ultra victim, Cathy O’Brien, was covertly rescued from her mind control enslavement by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips. Their seven year pursuit of Justice was stopped FOR REASON OF NATIONAL SECURITY. TRANCE Formation of America exposes the truth behind the criminal abuse of the Unconstitutional 1947 National Security Act.

        I’m sitting in a boat over the Mariana Trench, looking down into the Abyss, and intuitively know that there is so much rotten sewage that needs to be lifted and removed from this planet. At the same time I see the flickering light at the bottom, coming slowly through from the other side getting to shine brighter and brighter, signaling that we can clean up the mess we’re in, giving our children and children’s children a future on this Earth.

    • Cody

      God Bless and keep you strong Earl Morrell! Please have faith my freind!

      • Char

        God bless America and god bless Pres Trump! One can only pray he has something planned!
        Imagine !!! We need God in our country and a leader like Lres Trump to stand up to this corruption and deceit. He must feel so alone against these lying globalists! Please give us hope and take back our country! Thank you for all you’ve done in the past and hopefully in the future! ????????????❤️❤️??????

    • Laura

      Lol…you’re not kidding Earl. I’m 68 and the sleepless nights are too much!!!

    • JennD

      I was completely in shock as I watched Mr & Mrs Trump board the plane to FL. I still cannot believe that our great nation has sunk to the level it has.
      Like you, I am 70yo…and stressed out just listening to all the anti-Trump talk. I don’t know how much more if this we can take before something drastic happens to take our country back!!

    • Susan Farrar

      Be at ease my friend. Don’t worry anymore. Everything is done already. It will happen at the precise right moment. God is running this show. I wish you peace.

    • Nancy Clay

      I agree with you and I am the tender young age of 70.

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      Hi Tim, thanks a lot!

  6. Hans vanKrieken

    Thumbs up! Thank you for your detailed explanation. The United Nations must go. The United States must be sovereign. Please read my website. I have been researching and writing about the NWO for 35 years. You must see YouTube video of Army Sargeant Robert Horton giving a lesson to an audience of military soldiers about the Corporate United States vs. United States. Fascinating and ties everything happening together.

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      Hello Hans, your website is very interesting. I’ll look for Sargeant Horton’s video too. If he said that, it would be the confirmation that Trump had given a green light to this operation.

      • Royal

        II’m with Trump on this scenario all the way have been following this plot that’s been sent to me by a friend that’s convinced me that it’s about to happen and to be patient as it sounds like a well written movie script and I believe he sent me this scenario as well I don’t see how you can make this stuff up . Trump twenty twenty and twenty four.

    • Pat N

      It would be nice to get a link to the video on YouTube. There doesn’t seem to be any video that comes up under his name re: corporation vs. US country. Thanks.

      • db

        war castle by “name” y t

  7. Roxanna Roxanna

    Brilliant analysis.

  8. Dawn Wynne

    Amazing! Thank you!

  9. Roger

    Thank you very much for this thorough analysis. It is very believable. However, after all the misinformation that was given after the election and before the inauguration of what was happening and will happen…. was all talk nothing of that sort happened.
    Please forgive me for my ignorance however, I would like to know the answers to the following questions.
    1. If congress is not in session and or if some of them have been arrested as I have heard… why are they still talking of impeaching DJT?
    2. Why the news is that some republicans went to meet with Biden regarding the stimulus?
    3. If nobody is living in the white house, wouldn’t the MSM blow it out of proportion and somehow blame DJT for it?
    4. If the MSM has been put on notice that they will have to carry live emergency broadcast.. would they just keep quiet about it?
    I hope somebody has some answers to these questions.

    • Knee Dragger

      1) The impeachment trial may be the perfect opportunity for Trump to show the world what the courts have failed to consider dismissing all the cases for lack of standing. I suspect the Senate is regretting the exposure this may bring. Lindsey Graham is already asking that witnesses not be called stating if the FBI is called to testify, they will explain how the Capitol attack was preplanned.
      2) You are assuming the Republicans would know what the plan is. Loose lips sink ships. Even if they knew, they would need to conduct themselves doing “business as usual.)
      3) That’s a good question. It was reported they spent $500K on “cleaning” the White House after Trump left. The press pool now has to submit questions in advance and they avoid calling on those who have questions they don’t want to answer. I want to know more about the 10 days of lights out also.
      4) I suspect they will be testing the EBS to see who complies but most likely will not make a difference. Rumor has it SpaceX’s recently launched Falcon 9 rockets have been carrying satellites that can override all signals. Last launch carried a record 143 satellites.

    • Johnnie Richardson

      I believe that is part of Trump’s plan, to show the corruption and hate through a 2nd unconstitutional impeachment. Then, he’s able to finally show some of the massive evidence of election fraud, that the MSM did now allow to be shown. The public that are still asleep has to have the proof of the corruption trickled out, slowly, to wake them up. They’ve seen the stock market being rigged, they’ve seen Myanmar with voter fraud and the military coup, they’ve seen 40 EO’s in 2 weeks, they’ve seen women’s sports destroyed with the transgender EO and they’ve seen the borders opened. They’ve seen thousands of jobs lost due to shutting down the pipeline, and they have (hopefully) seen the EO on allowing China access to our power grids! I don’t know how long it will take to wake people fully, but this is a brilliant strategy to show the election fraud proof where the MSM will be gleefully covering the whole impeachment!

  10. sandrad720

    Trump has never conceded. He will be back!

    • BettyRodgers

      I can’t wait!!!

    • Scott

      Thank you very much for putting things in perspective. I have many sleepless nights agonizing on what’s In the future for our younger generation, who are in a prison under the rule of our communistic government. That’s what is will be unless WE THE PEOPLE do something now to change this. Does the Capitol look like we are a free nation with all the 30k troops, fences, and barb wire! It looks like they want protecting from all the Trumpers, but are they the prisoners of something else? It looks like big tech, corporations, banks are in charge not our government. It’s time to stand up strong and fight for our rights and what was written as our constitution .

  11. SA Noethe

    What a great article, finally one that didn’t make my blood boil with outright LIES about our wonderful POTUS! I knew he wouldn’t let the “deep state” get away with this, he has been put through hell for too long to just throw in the towel now, Losing this war between GOOD vs EVIL isn’t an option because in the end, GOD WINS!!! ❤???☝???

  12. Suzanne Eovaldi

    Thank you so Mr. Sacchetti for your brilliant analysis, an analysis that we here in America need to read; we are being kept in the dark by a main stream media that want Mr. Trump gone; Hard for me to fathom, with my three media degrees, is the fact that rather than reporting the news without bias, we are getting only reporting with bias, a bias that ignores the huge landslide of Trump voters now hurt by a media and a DS entrenchment in America’s government never before experienced. IMHO, only President Trump could have stood up to this open firehose of daily assaults. For what it is worth, my Italian heritage deeply was and still is hurt by the actions of Italy during the election official fraud of 2020. We saved Italy, the land of my father’s parents, grandparents, relatives. I remember riding down the steep hill in the travel bus from a visit at Mt. Etna years ago. When another tourist made a somewhat snarky remark about “the Americans,” our Italian bus driver came right back and said, “Without America, Italy would be speaking German right now. . .America saved Italy during WWII.” Our soldiers fought and died on Italian soil! He unapologetically praised our country. I felt a deep sadness when I learned of Italy’s involvement in the 2020 election, and in fact, I still do. These events will take a very long time to settle out. Again, thank you So Much! Suzanne

    • Gabriele

      Cara Suzanne,
      There are two sides of historical reality. The first is the history taught in the class rooms in our controlled educational system ( thank you, Rockefeller &Co. etc. ) and the so-called public opinion that is served to the average citizen by the mass media that will later, because persons writing it down become more distorted history . The second one though is made up of the happenings that are not revealed to the public. This is the world of machinations by secret lodges and secret societies who interlink capital, politics, economy and religion. On this level nations are made, wars are planed, financed and carried out using the sons and daughters of the average Citizens who do not want to go overseas fighting in wars, presidents and leaders are put in office and, in case they don’t function removed or eliminated. The average citizen who fashions his opinion and his view of the world from what he has gathered from public book learning and common literature, the mass media, TV, radio, entertainment tonight, etc. will find himself unfamiliar with the truth when confronted with it. Thoughts like: ” I have never heard of that!” are understandable because secrets and the dealings of secret lodges only fulfil their purpose if they remain secret.
      It is a fact, that the history we have been taught in our public educational system, here and abroad, was literally taken over by some very rich and powerful men going back 200 plus years ago. Gigantic sums of money was used to finance the writings, printings and circulation of false history that suited only the narrative of the so-called victors whose names never appear in public and who operate from behind the world stage.
      I recommend you get yourself some real history books outside mainstream and find out what has been hidden from the public and indeed the entire world.
      Here are a few pointers for a start:
      The Roman Invasion of Germany, England and Scotland
      The Forced Christianization of Northern Europe by Warfare and Genocide
      The Spanish Inquisition and the Aftermath (
      The History of the Rothschild Family
      The 24 Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion ( Sion)
      The Black Nobility ( the Venetians and Medici in Italy )
      The English Royal Family and the Opium Trade in the 18th Century
      The Boxer Rebellion ( how China threw out the London bases Money Lenders and closed its Borders )
      The French Revolution ( planed and financed by Rothschild
      The Big Lie of The Battle of Waterloo
      The Real Karl Marx 1848
      The Assassination of US President Lincoln ( carried out by British MI6 )
      The Assassination of US President McKinley
      The Assassination of US President Garfield
      The Assassination of King King Ludwig II of Bavaria
      The Assassination of Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria
      The Assassination of Empress Elisabeth of Austria
      The Assassination of Crown Prince Ferdinand of Austria and his Wife Sofie ( 1914 )
      The Background of the Bolshevik Revolution 1917 ( financed out of New York by Banker Jacob Schiff & Co)
      The Assassination of the Czar Family by the Bolsheviks ( 1917 )
      Cecil Rhodes and His Knights of ‘The Round Table’
      Grand Freemason Albert Pike and the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
      The First World War ( staged by the Illuminati )
      The Balfour Declaration
      Charles Lindbergh and his Warnings to America ( it fell on deaf ears )
      The Second World War as Seen by the Illuminati
      The American Support for the Soviets During WWII ( Uncle Stalin )
      The Rockefeller Ministry of Foreign Relations ( CFR ) and its devastating impact around the world
      The Trilateral Commission
      ‘The’ Committee of 300′ ( shocking but insightful )
      The Assassination of US President John F. Kennedy
      The Assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy
      Skull & Bones
      George Soros and the Rothschild Connection
      The CIA and the Shah
      The Bilderberger Group
      Il Duce Benito Mussolini ( How Mussolini saved Italy from the Communists, turning Fascist in 1923 )
      Mao, A Student at Yale University,
      Stalin, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky and Their Western Financiers

      Here is what Henry Clay, signer of the ‘Declaration of Independence’, in 1834 wrote:

      “The arts of power and its minions are the same in all countries and in all ages. It marks the victim; denounces it; and excites the public odium and the public hatred, to conceal its own abuses and encroachments”.

      There are still those who think that Germany, and Germany alone was the the one starting WWI and WWII. Far from the truth. Communism already showed its ugly head in the early 19th Century ( thanks to the ‘Tavistock Institute’ in London, England. Follow the money trail, you won’t be disappointed were it will lead you to. The Internet is a wonderful tool for those who search for the truth. Since the end of WWII Communism/Marxism/Bolshevism has spread around the world like wildfire.

      ‘The United States of America was founded upon a ‘Constitutional Republic’ and not a Democracy. It was in 1871 when this country was taken over and turned into a Corporation, which the founding Fathers so vehemently fought. 1913 was the year when the unconstitutional Central Bankers implemented the unconstitutional income tax. Another nail in the coffin.
      We’re now bankrupt, financially, morally and spiritually, ’cause America did not listen to the warnings. Nobody is coming to save us, it is up to ‘We The People’.

      • ROSE

        wow, thanks for all that, and all the books. You went to a lot of work. Will investigate.

      • Tamra

        This is an amazing post. Thank you!

  13. Rednecked

    The current batch of democrats will go down in history as the party that got away with stealing a Presidential election, and actually installed the very first cloned President.

    • CaliforniaRep

      The dems stole the election – and have been caught in massive voter fraud. The white hats installed the very first cloned President, so that they could carry out the sting operation. It was the only way to have complete control over him and achieve the results they want. He was as criminal as the Clintons and Obamas, so he’s already been tried in military tribunal and executed. His clone is very useful to the take down of the cabal. Appearances are important to the general public while the military conducts operations behind the scene. Otherwise, MSM & dems (deep state) would attack & manipulate the operation by inciting civil war.


    I too, would like this fake President and his admin. to get out of office and be tried for the corruption and Treason that they have committed against our people and our great nation. I also haven’t slept well since the election and can hardly wait until this is over so once again I can get a good night’s sleep. I know that President Trump is a good and smart man, and I know that he didn’t just give up his rightful seat as President. So I do know that he must have some plan in action because he doesn’t give up a good fight.

  15. Richard Barker

    It would appear that the Lord wants to highlight this article by getting two guys to write the same day on media corruption!

    After commenting above Cesare I then reblogged this article’s opening paragraphs BUT inserted your own description of your profession and its recent corruption (from your About), as here >

    It just so happened that a friend was writing on that subject and emailed me this morning, so you may like to note his item >

    • Tina Overholser

      I would just like to know for certain that Trump will be back! I’m in disbelief of. How the deep state can get away with all this treason and nothing that I can see is getting done about it! I don’t understand why they can’t be arrested and put in prison? Wealthy or not a crime is a crime! and it makes no since to me that they are being allowed to play President if all the Treason that they say is going on in the deep state then why has none of the people gotten arested? Why is Biden being allowed to play President? I guess I’ve just been let down so many Time’s I won’t believe this unless it happens!

  16. Cliff

    Hopium tinted speculation is a beautiful thing – But it certainly does not make it a true thing.

    I am a Trump fan, and I hope for all of the things written here – But I won’t accept most of what is printed here as anything more or less than raw hope.

    What we do know (and know for fact) is that there are some oddities about the whole ‘president’ biden thing for sure.

    1- We know he looks different than he used to look (not just age related).

    2- We know that the pentagon is not allowing him access to important things that a normal president would have access to.

    3- We know that DC is fenced off (the razor wire is on top, not leaned/fixed in or out) and guarded by national guard troops.

    4- We know that there has been significant government dismantling on a wider global scale, but not in such volume that it can be considered globally significant.

    What else do we KNOW?… Not speculate, but know as fact that could be proven or openly agreed upon by participants in either party?

    If we were able to build a complete list of absolute knowns, then we might be able to speculate with some degree of accuracy rather than blind faith and hope.

    • Ingo
  17. Gilda

    How deeply was Obama involved in the election coup with Italy?Does anyone know? I have a gut feeling Ovomit is in trouble with the Italian Mafia and Italian politicos for promises not kept.

  18. Robin Adair

    Brilliant article!!!! Echoed to my blog??

  19. OccamsCrazor

    Or the other more logical explanation, is that Trump booby trapped the Whitehouse, and Biden is so afraid to be blown up, that he refuses to go near the place.

  20. Pat N

    This same scenario is being discussed by the website and

  21. 789

    Before anyone goes off theorizing, he should put himself on a reasonable premise.

    The question that nobody wants to explore: in 2016, was it by accident or on purpose that the man in charge of the voting machine pulled the lever on Trump’s behalf ?

    Once you answered that, you may go off theorizing.

    • Angel

      It’s my understanding that it was rigged too but they underestimated how many votes Trump would get so Hillary ended up losing. That’s why they had the backup plan this time to stop the counting in those 4 states and dump a bunch of ballots for Biden in the middle of the night.

    • Deb

      Just look at the rallies for Trump vs Biden or Hillary.

  22. Cheryl

    This is the most interesting information I’ve read in quite some time. It confirms a lot of questions that I’ve had for several months. Thank you for your input.

  23. David Biondo

    The blind will soon be blinded by the light as God reigns down the wrath on evil!! It’s time as the documents leave us self evident liberty will live long and proper! Bless us in this rightious endeavor as we hold the torch to the world we shall overcome! Let it shine, shine shine! Come to the light as we begin this march in celebration. Rock our souls because the enlightened believe in this together with our leader President Trumpa Triumphant has taken on an entirely new meaning. This Great Reset Let it Come to Pass as amen brothers and sisters gather in joyous celebration! We live in the spoils of Glory as Traitors are decimated and incarcerated! Our hearts live in the story to tell! Give grace in this time.

  24. Giuseppe Storace

    Il Time ammette l’imbroglio elettorale autodenunciando tutti i partecipanti.Se esiste davvero la giustizia nel mondo civile e democratico tutti i movimenti di dx e sx devono condannare e costringere qualsiasi organo internazionale a garanzia dei diritti democratici a provvedere con una condanna esemplare dei colpevoli e ripristinare la quiete negli animi sconvolti dei popoli liberi.

  25. Tom Nocera

    Trump is not a quitter.
    Trump signed his “Who cares!” SAG AFTRA resignation letter as “President, Donald J. Trump” and it was on stationary different from the “Office of the Former President”.
    Trump remains as the best hope for Liberty both in America and the World.
    Sadly, my ancestral homeland was deeply involved in the theft of the 2020 presidential election. (Leonardo).

  26. Thecol

    The question yet to be answered is where are the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and all intelligence agencies as well as GOP Senators and GOP Congressmen, their silence is deafening. Follow the CCP money and eradicate all of the above who have enriched themselves and who present CCP talking points through their fake news and big tech minions to maintain their illusion of power. The CCP 50 year plan to become the world’s lone superpower was interrupted by DJT and the CCP overtly and covertly interfered with our election and stifled all information to ensure DJT was taken out of its way and never to return. Patriots will arise and the truth will set us free from the globalist/socialist plan for world domination.

  27. Efren Corrett

    Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage? My website is in the very same area of interest as yours and my visitors would definitely benefit from a lot of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this alright with you. Thanks a lot!

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      No, that’s perfectly fine. Go ahead.

  28. Stephanie Sloan

    I feel exactly the same. It is unreal to watch them get away with so much and no repercussions. I cannot wrap my head nor my heart around it.


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