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2021: Is mankind heading towards the Great Reset of the New World Order or towards the Great Awakening?

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Categorie: New World Order

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by Cesare Sacchetti

Many people were shocked and disappointed after having seen the images of Israelis forced to exhibit their vaccine certificates just to enter a shopping mall.

It seemed that the final fulfillment of the Great Reset had arrived, which is the acceleration of the Covid terrorist operation designed to pave the way to the New World Order.

In fact, last year several whistleblowers had warned the public about the plans of the élite to enslave the entire human race.

For example, a Canadian government whistleblower foresaw what is taking place now in Israel, namely the gradual enforcement of mandatory Covid vaccinations and the societal ban against those who would refuse the jab.

It’s not a “conspiracy theory” as the naïve say. It is reality. The Israeli government is proposing a law to ban people who will not accept the vaccine from public places. It also proposes a black list with the names of citizens who refused to comply with the government impositions.

This frightening scenario is almost identical to the Covid operation timeline delivered by the élite to the world government and leaked by a French government whistleblower.

This schedule describes a Great Reset, triggered by a (most likely artificial) increase of Covid cases in the first quarter of 2021.

The globalist élite had already planned the creation of a Covid mutation (named Covid-21), which would have been the best way to increase the artificial health emergency.

This alleged mutation has come under the guise of the so-called “British strain”.

One perplexing question comes to mind. How can the Covid swab test correctly identify this alleged mutation if it has failed to identify Covid-19 itself, considering the overwhelming majority of false positives.

But in this present totalitarian political climate, there is no room for logic or reasonable doubts. There is only blind obedience to what has turned into a pagan cult – a cult in which there is no other thought but the one that imposes total submission, even if the orders are foolish and non-sensical.

It is not far-fetched at all to say that Israel has turned into the laboratory of the New World Order and has replaced Italy, which was used last year to experiment on the enforcement of the global dictatorship.

Tragically, the State that was presented as the only alternative to protect the Jews from discrimination and racial persecutions has now become what it has always feared.

For those who are familiar with the history of Israel and how its creation was inspired not by the will of the Jewish people but by the Rothschilds, all what is occurring now in this nation will not come as a surprise.

The idea behind the Israeli State was not to ensure Jewish peace and prosperity, but rather to become in the near future, have it become the general headquarters of the NWO.

In a 1962 interview for Life magazine, Israel’s forefather and former PM Ben Gurion, specifically explained how Israel was created to become one day the cradle of the globalist cabal, where national sovereignty would be replaced by a one-world government.

Therefore, what is happening now could be interpreted by many people as a rapid acceleration towards the globalist plan.

Covid was planned to trigger the Great Reset

However, if one carefully examines the present situation, they would notice some elements that show how things are not going exactly as planned.

Certainly, Covid has all the characteristics of the perfect crisis described by David Rockefeller in a UN meeting in 1994. A crisis so big and devastating that would force the nations to surrender their sovereignity to the global dictatorship ruled by the Rothschild and Rockefeller families.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if the Covid virus is lethal or not. The pandemic is not a health phenomenon, but rather a media phenomenon.

The masses live in the virtual reality of the media juggernaut and their thoughts and behaviors are the direct consequence of the constant mind programming enforced by the system against them.

This world dictatorship is not one composed by citizens gifted by free will and humanity towards their fellow man, but a multitude of dehumanized slaves who are only able to obey, even if this means destroying their own lives.

It is the biggest exteriorization of the antichristian idea inherent in every way to globalism, which before its becoming a political idea, was a religion inspired by the New Age teachings of Madame Blavatsky and Alice Bailey.

But to arrive at a one-world government, the participation of the global powers is fundamental, as Winston Churchill explained in a 1950 Copenhagen conference.

On that occasion, the former British PM pointed out the world government could only be possible through the participation of a unified Europe, Russia, and the USA.

At this moment, none of these three conditions have been fulfilled.

The EU hasn’t still turned into the United States of Europe (USE), a false Europe conceived in the 20s by Count Kalergi where the native white European population will no longer exist, having been replaced by African and Asian races, and where Christianity will be removed by the new occult religion of globalism.

In a recent interview, the Italian professor Giulio Sapelli, an ardent supporter of the USE, confirmed that Draghi’s mission in Italy is to drag Italy towards the false Europe. Draghi came to negotiate with the Northern European block, which seems to be still reluctant to join the USE if this doesn’t’ match the interests of Germany and the Netherlands.

Russia is strongly opposed to the world government

For its part, Russia is completely out of this plan. On the contrary, Russia represents a major obstacle that appears to be still insurmountable. The words of Vladimir Putin at the latest Davos Forum were very clear.

The time where the big corporation and the international finance are the only forces to rule society is about to end. The Russian perfectly explained how the big private monopolies in the digital sector have turned into entities so powerful that they can overcome the power of the States and governments.

The globalization ideas were basically to privatize not only the public industries, as happened in Italy, but also the States themselves, which today are only juridical simulacrums deprived of real power ruled by the corporations denounced by Putin himself.

Under the world government, there are no nation States and there is no direct relation between governments and their people.

Only a supranational institution would exist, ruled by international finance and technocrats which have no other goal but to protect the best interests of globalism.

Russia, the second world military power refuses to participate in this project and this is a major issue for the élite.

It is not by chance that for the last 18 years, Russia has been the victim of a political witch hunt, a campaign that has tried to demonize and isolate Russia.

After the collapse of the USSR, Russia in the 90s was no more than a satellite State in the hands of NATO and the deep state of Washington, two military axes of the NWO since 1945 onwards.

Putin’s rise and Russia’s resurgence as an independent power, one growing in geopolitical influence were not in the globalist plans.

This permanent war to the Russian president and the attempts to overthrow him through periodical colored revolutions financed by Soros have failed miserably.

The status quo of the country is unaltered, and now Russia is out of the “Covid terrorist operation”, a fitting phrase coined by Russian colonel Kvachov.

In Russia, travel restrictions have been lifted, people in the street do not wear face masks and the Russian mass media are not running a violent psychological terrorist program as the Western media are doing.

Amongst other things, the Sputnik vaccine was a masterpiece because Putin used the principles of the system against the system itself.

The system claimed that the only way to put an end to the so-called “pandemic” was the “vaccine” and Putin followed its recommendation.

He authorized the production of a vaccine that has almost no side effects and no reported fatalities occurred after the jab, unlike what has happened with the Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna vaccines.

Moreover, Putin didn’t enforce any vaccine mandate and no retaliations occurred against those who do not want to get the vaccine, unlike what is happening in Israel and in other European countries.

The USA is not accelerating towards the Great Reset: is Biden really in charge?

At this point, one could think that the USA, under the Biden administration financed by Wall Street and supported by the globalist circles are already at work to accelerate America towards the Great Reset.

Former Secretary of State (and member of the occult secret society Skull and Bones) John Kerry, said that with Joe Biden, the Great Reset would have happened “with greater speed and with greater intensity than a lot of people might imagine”.

Thankfully, none of this is taking place. The US is not heading towards an increase of the Covid cases as the globalist plan wanted. On the contrary, Covid is disappearing. Cases have dropped by 77%. In some states, such as North Dakota, state assemblies are voting in laws that forbid mask mandates. In Florida, life goes on as normal without any restrictions whatsoever.

Theoretically, the Biden administration should have done what the globalist establishment had ordered him to do, which is drag America into the third phase of the Covid crisis.

Not only is Biden not doing any of this, but he is also not exerting the normal presidential functions. Actually, Biden has still not shown up in the White House pressroom to hold an official press conference.

As soon as he got into the White House, the Pentagon refused to share classified information with him.

This is a fact without precedent and even the liberal press was forced to acknowledge it. Moreover, Biden still hasn’t held the traditional State of the Union address, which his predecessors had already done in the following month of their mandate.

To date, no foreign leader has been received in the White House, unlike Trump who in the same period of his presidency, received at least three foreign heads of government – Theresa May, Shinzo Abe, and Justin Trudeau.

At this point, it would be natural to think of a hypothesis proposed in another article.

Perhaps the Biden administration has never been really in charge.

When Trump left the White House, he could have temporarily delivered the power to the military without making any official statement.

Such a scenario would explain the massive ongoing, unexplainable military presence in Washington. And it would also explain the fact that the armed forces, by their actions, do not recognize Biden as the legitimate President.

On the other hand, one could say that Biden’s attack on Syria proves how he is effectively in charge.

But if one takes a closer look, there are some anomalies about this raid. The morning following the attack, neither Syria nor Iran confirmed the attack through their government press agencies.

It was only in the afternoon that the Syrian government condemned the bombing, but neither Damascus nor Teheran presented a detailed report of the damages received for this attack.

Generally, when these two countries suffer damages from a bombing (especially by Israel), they are eager to point them out.

No responses of this kind have happened in this case.

Is Trump’s CPAC speech a sign of his imminent return?

In the meantime, as Biden looks like a ghost, Trump has officially made his first public appearance at the CPAC since January 20.

Some astute observers have correctly pointed out how Trump’s address had the hallmarks of a State of the Union address.

In his momentous speech, Trump highlighted the failures of the Biden administration, and here is where an interesting option should be considered.

If Biden is not really in charge, could Trump in some way be using him to carry out a controlled demolition of the deep state?

In other words, Donald Trump could be having success in doing what many patriots have asked him to do without arriving at an open confrontation with his traditional enemies.

In this case, Trump has realized a masterpiece worthy and perhaps even superior to the teachings of Sun Tzu. Trump could be using his enemies to get to his goal, which is the separation of America from globalism.

This situation would go on until the current President will not be officially in charge again, and Trump himself in his speech has never mentioned the 2024 election.

Trump has not done that because he perfectly knows that if the result of the 2020 electoral fraud is not overturned, the USA will never again have fair and regular elections, as general Flynn correctly said.

This is what his men are still trying to do, as Sidney Powell confirmed.

And in this regard, one should not – indeed must not – forget that the real scandal of the US election is Italygate.

If Italygate were to explode this would trigger a chain reaction that would destroy the Washington deep state, but even the Italian globalist establishment directly and heavily involved in this coup d’état against Trump.

If one has doubts about this scenario, he should ask himself why the Great Reset is still on hold in the USA, and why there was an assassination attempt against Trump at the end of the last January.

Actually, the only “power” that is trying to advance towards the world government is the EU. Russia and the USA are not going in that direction.

Therefore, the spring that is about to begin could be extremely interesting. 2021 is a year and a historical period without precedent because the world very soon will know what his fate will be.

On one hand, there is the Great Reset and the rise of the NWO, and on the other, there is the return of national sovereignty without which there is no real independence.

There is no freedom without sovereignty.

In both cases, it is up to every single person to choose his own path. It is up to every single man and woman choose to deliver him or herself to globalism and surrender his own intelligence and humanity and paying a ghastly price for that – as it already happening for those who blindly accepted to receive the vaccines and lost in several cases their lives – or otherwise choose to reject this antichristian plan that aims to destroy mankind.

Only those who will have the strength and the courage to defend their own freedom will win this battle.

Mankind will have to choose between the Great Reset and the Great Awakening.

After the spring, there is the Easter of Resurrection and maybe this could be an important reference for the believers.

The Resurrection of Christ could finally lead to the resurrection of His forces here on Earth after a long walk of darkness at the end of which it seems possible to see some light.

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