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Globalism created the Covid terrorist operation to trigger the Great Reset: Italygate is still the scandal that can foil the NWO plans

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Categorie: New World Order

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by Cesare Sacchetti

The conceiving of the Covid terrorist operation does not date back to 2020. The globalist élites were already seeking in the previous decades a catalyzing event to drag the world towards the global dictatorship.

David Rockefeller himself revealed in a UN dinner in 1994 that everything was ready to usher in the New World Order.

All that was needed was a “right and major crisis” which would have forced the nations to surrender their sovereignty to the one-world government desired by the globalist cabal.

Basically, the principle of globalism has always been the same. The artificial crisis would play a major role in destabilizing the political scenario and in allowing the world government plan to advance forward.

There were several options available to trigger a major crisis, but the cabal chose the “pandemic” solution and their intentions were not hidden in some secret document.

Everything was published in 2010, and it was once again the Rockefeller family that announced these globalist plans in one of their official documents called “Operation Lockstep”. By choosing the term “lockstep”, the Rockefellers are perfectly describing the global authoritarian society that will rise after the artificial “health emergency.”

It is certainly interesting to point out how the Rockefeller family played a major role in conceiving this catalyzing event. According to several scholars and authors, after the Rothschilds (who are the most influential banking family in the world), the Rockefellers are the most powerful family in the globalist hierarchy.

The Rothschilds have been exercising their influence mainly over Europe, while the Rockefellers have had control of the United States.

However, in the document previously mentioned, all what is happening now with COVID is perfectly described.

An unknown animal virus suddenly mutates and infects men. To cope with this new “threat”, the world governments decide to establish an authoritarian rule over society.

Movements are restricted and mask mandates are enforced exactly in the same way that it occurred after the Covid crisis.

Later, the world economy completely collapses because every economic activity is halted due to the continuous lockdowns enforced by the governments.

Once the world plunges into chaos, national state sovereignty gradually disappears and is replaced by major supranational structures.

Then, the world is divided in several blocks and each one of these blocks is ruled by these supranational entities, which are in the hands of the industrial and banking powers.

These entities will then be the main foundation of the future world government.

Therefore, the strategy of Freemasonry and globalist is always the same. Ordo ab chaos. The planned chaos would serve in this matter to create an outcome or a “solution”, which was already set up by the same architects of the destabilization.

At this point, it is important to carefully consider the timeline. Once the Rockefellers reveal in 2010 that the “pandemic” will drag mankind towards the NOW, five years later, in 2015, the Moderna labs are already at work to develop the mRNA vaccines that will be distributed in 2021, during the Covid crisis.

According to several scientists and physicians, these vaccines can change human DNA. To better understand what kind of harm these drugs can do to the world population, it is certainly helpful to quote the French scientist, Alexandra Henrion-Claude, who defined the decision to give these vaccines to healthy people a “complete madness”.

Once the mRNA vaccine is inside the human body, the potential molecular interactions are virtually unknown and the immune system could be completely upset by the technology of this vaccine.

Moreover, according to Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former Pfizer scientific director, the mRNA vaccines can also sterilize the people who receive them.

In other words, the vaccines would be the perfect way to reach another fundamental goal of globalism, which is the reduction of world population.

All this without considering the people who are already dying for the adverse reactions of the drugs.

The American doctor, Sherry Tenpenny, has recently revealed how millions of people could die because of the side effects of these vaccines.

The paradox in this story is that the alleged “cure” recommended by the system would be the real “disease”.

The virus is the vaccine itself.

Therefore, the preparation of this crisis was already in progress in the previous years and the “pandemic” would have been triggered in any case in the present time.

The unexpected event not foreseen by globalism: Donald Trump’s election

The unforeseen event that upset the globalist plans was the election of Donald Trump in 2016.

The Covid terrorist operation would have been triggered in any case, but the élites wanted a Clinton administration that would have led the world towards the NWO without obstacles.

If this happened, Russia would have been completely isolated and the Great Reset announced by the Davos Forum would have already been a reality now.

The possibility of Trump’s election was not considered at all because the system couldn’t afford to lose control of the US, which is a chess piece too important in this game.

One of the most influential freemasons in history, Manly P. Hall, clearly explained why America is so important.

In his 1944 book, named “The secret destiny of America”, Manly P. Hall reveals how America’s mission was to lead the world towards the NWO.

The economic and military superpower of this nation had been used for decades to hit and overthrow all the world governments that defied the deep state and tried to defend their own national independence and sovereignty.

Trump separated America from globalism. The endless wars stopped and the US for the first time after the end of WW2 placed the interests of America above those of the international cabal.

Globalism was furious because it knew very well that the one-world government is impossible without the participation of the United States.

Therefore, it orchestrated the biggest electoral fraud in history, which is the 2020 electoral fraud, to regain the control of the US.

The 2020 electoral fraud: the deep state coup to remove Trump

On the night of November 3, the operation to oust Trump started because it was clear that the President was effortlessly winning the election against the weak Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

At a certain moment of the electoral night, an order was given to the scrutineers who simultaneously halted the counting of the vote.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal mail votes were dumped in the ballots, and each one of these was included in the count way beyond the midnight deadline.

However, the fraud was not limited only to the mail votes. It was much more extended and deeper. An international electronic fraud was committed in order to remove Trump from the White House.

The hacking attack started in Frankfurt, where a CIA station hosted the Dominion servers that already had switched hundreds of thousands of votes from Trump to Biden.

However, this switching was not enough. Trump was taking so many votes that the deep state was forced to recalibrate the attack and involve Italy in the plan. This is the genesis of Italygate, which is the entire key of this international coup.

According to Maria Zack and Bradley Johnson, it was Leonardo, the Italian government tech society that had to deliver the “victory” to Biden, by switching millions of votes from Trump to Biden through its own military satellite.

Therefore, this would directly involve the previous Conte government in this attack, which would be a direct aggression of Italy against the US sovereignty.

The electronic fraud allegedly took place on via Veneto, in the headquarters of the US embassy in Italy. If this allegation were to be confirmed, then US ambassador, Lewis Eisenberg, had allowed a coup to take place against his own President.

The Italian hacker who would execute the attack: Arturo D’Elia

According to an affidavit signed by an Italian lawyer, Alfio D’Urso, Arturo D’Elia played a major role in Italygate.

D’Elia’s resume reveals some very interesting facts. In his Linkedin profile, the Italian IT consultant lists very important employments, such as the ones for the district attorney offices of Naples and Salerno.

And this is not the most prestigious assignment that he had had. The Italian hacker also worked for NATO from 2010 to 2015.

In his Facebook profile, he shared some pictures of his drills with the NSA. It is also interesting to point out that D’Elia in his FB presentation included the Gladio motto: “Silendo libertatem servo.”

For those who are not familiar with Gladio, it is the name of a paramilitary structure coordinated by NATO and the Washington deep state that was used in Italy to prevent an eventual shift of the country towards the Warsaw pact.

Therefore, D’Elia worked for a powerful globalist and Atlanticist system that had been trying to overthrow Trump since the beginning of his mandate.

The Italian hacker is not a sort of lunatic without the professional skills to do what he allegedly did.

He has all the expertise needed. The media quickly tried to dismiss this story as a “conspiracy theory”, but they failed to seek the leads that confirm the version of Maria Zack and Bradley Johnson.

At this moment, D’Elia is in jail in Salerno for another crime committed when he worked for a Leonardo subsidiary, Alenia Aermacchi, from which he had stolen important data.

However, Italygate implies a very important fact. The key to overthrow Donald Trump was the involvement of the Italian deep state.

But the President knew what was coming. He knew that globalism would not have allowed him to stay in the White House, and Trump signed an executive order to prevent foreign election interference against the US.

At this point, one could think that the plan to foil this international coup has failed because Joe Biden is in the White House now.

But in this regard, there is a popular quote among Trump’s circles that could help explain what is happening: “Nothing is what it seems”.

Biden is without any doubt an “anomalous” President. He still has not received a foreign leader in the White House since the beginning of his mandate and he still hasn’t held a press conference in the White House briefing room.

Another proof of this strange presidency comes from an ABC video, where Biden is speaking with the journalists who aim the mics towards him. However, if one pays more attention to the video he can see that Biden’s hands unbelievably pass through the microphones.

In other words, this video has been grossly doctored, and one should ask himself what the reason of this gross fake is if Biden is really in charge.

But the anomalies are not over. On several occasions, the Pentagon didn’t comply with the orders of the alleged commander-in-chief and this gives strength to the idea that there’s a puppet administration in Washington, devoid of its effective powers.

The situation is so unprecedented that even the mainstream media can no longer deny that Biden is not really in charge.

In theory, this administration would have already accelerated towards the Great Reset, as the former secretary of State of the Obama administration, John Kerry has stated.

On the contrary; the number of US states that are lifting Covid restrictions is increasing.

At this point, the natural question that should be asked is: what happened on January 20, the day of the so-called Biden inauguration?

Several leads, like the presence of the National Guard in Washington, seem to indicate that in the US a temporary military government could be in place.

Before leaving the White House, Trump could have temporarily transferred power over to the military.

Many people asked Trump to trigger the Insurrection Act to foil the coup against him. Trump could have done it, but not in an official way.

By following this strategy, the President has avoided a civil war and the possibility for the Democrats to trigger the Great Reset in the United States.

However, as stated before, the entire key of this story is Italygate. In order to overturn the result of the 2020 election, it is fundamental to prosecute the authors of this hacking attack.

The Italian deep state would have played an essential role in the coup against Trump, and this involvement does not seem to be limited only to the Conte government and Matteo Renzi, the former Italian PM.

The now presiding Mario Draghi has appointed in his cabinet some former members of Leonardo: minister for the Ecologic Transition, Roberto Cingolani.

Cingolani is a physic who came to the spotlight in the previous years for his appearances in the Leopolda, a political event organized by Matteo Renzi, whose name constantly emerges in this web of a story.

Minister Cingolani attended also the annual meeting of the Trilateral Commission in 2016, another globalist group founded by the ubiquitous David Rockefeller in 1973.

Cingolani is not the only Draghi’s government member who has ties with Leonardo. Draghi picked as his chief of staff Antonio Funiciello, who had also worked for Leonardo.

Before his job as chief of staff, Funiciello worked as the former chief of staff of Gentiloni’s government. Gentiloni is remembered as the PM who appointed Alessandro Profumo as the CEO of Leonardo.

Profumo was later confirmed in this role by Conte despite his having been sentenced to six years of imprisonment for false accounting and market manipulation.

Neither Profumo nor Leonardo have denied their involvement in Italygate, and this is quite strange if one considers that Leonardo is a joint stock company. Such communications should be made at least to reassure the markets that the reputation of the company is solid and clean.

None of this was made in this case. Leonardo has been completely quiet about this case.

However, there seems to be a red thread that ties the Gentiloni, Renzi, Conte and Draghi’s governments and this red thread is the complete hostility towards Trump.

In other words, globalism has been using mainly the Italian deep state to overthrow Trump.

In Italy, there have been and there are still now some misdirected attempts to convey the false idea that Draghi is a Trump ally.

All of these attempts are just part of a disinformation campaign orchestrated by the Italian Freemasonry and by circles close to the League of Salvini, which has flipped and now is supporting Draghi’s government.

As soon as he was sworn in as PM, Draghi has been faithfully executing the Great Reset agenda by distributing mRNA vaccines and enforcing lockdowns which would provoke the bankruptcies of many other economic activities.

However, something seems to be sure. Italygate is the mother of all the scandals. This fact is simply too fundamental to ignore if we are to see the official return of Trump as President and the final defeat of the NWO.

Once this scandal finally explodes, a devastating mechanism would be set in motion that would provoke the collapse of the international deep state.

Spring has just begun and maybe some flowers could blossom very soon. At the same, the Easter is approaching and with it, the hope is that the Resurrection of Christ could finally usher the final victory of Christ’s forces here on Earth.

The battle is far from over. The outcome of this battle would be in any case chosen through Italy. The proverbial, literal and political roads that lead to Rome will decide if mankind will plunge or pull back from the global totalitarian abyss.

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