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Draghi’s escape plan: will Italy trigger the collapse of the EU?

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By Cesare Sacchetti

There’s a saying in the international political realm. If you manage to understand Italian politics, then you can understand basically everything about politics itself.

Hence the reason why sometimes random observers do not understand Italian politics; it is because they often have a distorted image of this country.

Italy is a land of unique geniuses and we could say that this characteristic reflects upon her political environment.

The latest relevant news about Italian politics is about the current PM, Draghi, who is apparently ready to leave his post.

Many people are already familiar with Draghi because he is the former European Central Bank governor notoriously known for his expression “whatever it takes”, which was referred to the measures that the ECB would enact to save the European currency.

Actually, the rescue of the euro was quite successful but the price of its survival was paid off by the European countries, especially Southern European countries to which Italy belongs.

The euro is much more than a currency. Actually, it is not even a currency according to the traditional definition of currency. The euro is not issued by a State but rather by the ECB, consisting of central national banks that are mostly controlled by private banks.

Therefore, the euro is a financial currency whose printing and property are in the hands of private entities.

Mario Draghi was quite effective in protecting the best interests of these powers and in order to save the euro, he gave his full approval to the austerity programs that slew both the Italian and the Greek economy.

After all, Draghi’s career was built for serving international finance and his first big gift to the Anglo-American banks was given in 1992. In that year, Draghi was a young official who was working for the Italian Ministry of Economics. In that role, he presided over the biggest and most brutal selling off of all times; that of the Italian public industry.

Italy had one of the strongest public industries in the world and many banks and foreign corporations wanted to put their hands on it.

Draghi helped them out by selling this huge treasure at ridiculously low prices and, some years later, he was hired by Goldman Sachs and rewarded with a plum assignment.

This background is necessary to better introduce Draghi’s character and to give readers some context about the mission of the current PM.

Last year, Draghi was universally praised by the Italian MSM who branded him as the new “savior” of Italy.

Of course, in the reversed language of the media, this means that the “savior” is actually the executioner.

Draghi fulfilled his goal as soon as he was appointed the new Italian PM.  He replaced the former PM, Conte, who caused massive damage to Italy through lockdowns and Covid restrictions but apparently not enough in the mind of the financial powers that rule the European Union.

Almost immediately after becoming the new PM, he enacted the toughest vaccine restrictions in the world.

He started restricting unvaccinated people access to public places. He denied unvaccinated workers their right to access their workplace without being vaccinated.

He enacted a vaccine mandate for companies employing over 50 people. He did everything he could to please the private globalist clubs such as the Bilderberg, the WEF, and the Trilateral to which he abides.

However, the resistance of the Italian people was impressive. Probably no other people around the world have shown the resilience that the Italians did against this authoritarian takeover.

We have found out that the numbers of unvaccinated people seem to be much higher than the government stated in the first place.

We have proof of this from the communications that the Italian fiscal agency is sending to people who are over 50 years old.

The government has been sending these letters even to several deceased people and this proves how the government has no idea of who did or did not get the vaccine.

However, Draghi didn’t do this just for the sake of tormenting Italians. Certainly, he’s a man whose deeds prove his disdain for “his” country, but Draghi wanted something in return for his “services”.

Last year, some relevant figures of Italian Freemasonry openly admitted that Draghi’s appointment, as PM, was the result of a masonic operation.

Draghi’s plan was to enforce these authoritarian measures and then he would receive his reward, which is the Italian presidency.

Unfortunately for him, things turned in another direction. When Mattarella’s mandate expired last January, the parties didn’t vote Draghi in as president.

After a few days of agreed deadlock and with many black ballots, the political parties granted Mattarella another mandate in the Quirinale, the palace where the Italian presidents reside and the palace that hosted the popes in the past centuries.

Draghi’s reaction was one of fury at having felt betrayed. But in this globalist musical chairs game, you can often be betrayed by someone that only the day before shook hands with you.

There is no loyalty at the highest levels of the globalist cabal. There is only the rule of the lion’s arena. The death of your neighbor is your survival. It is a self-destructive world.

Since that moment, Draghi started working on a plan B. He tried to seek an assignment in the EU Commission but nobody wanted to leave his chair for him. He then aimed for the assignment of Secretary-General of NATO but it’s quite hard to get that post without the backing of the most powerful Atlanticist lobbies.

His mission to Washington could be interpreted as his will to have the support of the Biden administration to get this job.

However, Draghi could have miscalculated the influence of the Biden presidency. This presidency seems to be quite anomalous because it is not following the script of the deep state as it was supposed to do.

Several foreign officials have been snubbing Biden’s calls because they have probably realized that the President of the United States is not really in charge.

The United States seems to live in a sort of limbo where it is still not clear who is really governing the country.

According to some military sources, the military itself is remotely controlling this administration.

In any case, it doesn’t help Draghi’s situation as he doesn’t have any serious political backing to become secretary of NATO.

Apparently, the former Goldman Sachs banker has taken his decision regardless of his struggle to find another prestigious job and the immunity that it would grant him.

Draghi wants to leave because he doesn’t have any interest in pursuing his current assignment as Italian PM.

He knows that the political parties would like him to stay to preserve this precarious status quo and use him as well as a scapegoat for the economic and health damages that he and every political party caused.

Therefore, it’s not a matter of if, but when Draghi will leave. Apparently, the latest government cabinet that Draghi summoned sounded like an ultimatum that he imposed upon his coalition.

Draghi is raising his requests. He’s asking the parties to approve measures that would deliver the management of the Italian beaches to foreign entrepreneurs and he’s also asking for the approval of an estate reform that would re-introduce a tax on the first personal real estate property.

In other words, Draghi has asked the parties to shoot themselves in the foot. He knows that they will likely reject his requests but this is exactly what he wants. He needs a casus belli to leave his present job and leave the Italian politics in a furious political storm.

Italian politics is currently in an unprecedented phase. For almost 80 years, the Italian political system has been tied to the American deep state. The sovereignity of Italy was limited. Whenever some Italian politicians wanted to cross the line of NATO, their careers were brutally interrupted.

The most blatant example is the one of Aldo Moro, former Italian ministry of foreign affairs, who was threatened by Henry Kissinger in the mid-70s when the former was reluctant in following the path traced by Washington.

Moro had a vision. He wanted to lead Italy outside NATO and join the non-aligned countries. That was intolerable for the American deep state.

In 1978, Moro was kidnapped and murdered by the Red Brigades, a terrorist group heavily infiltrated by US intelligence agencies.

Italy had a restricted perimeter of action and this perimeter thinned in 1992 when the entire political system was wiped away by what could be defined as a judicial colored revolution.

Milano’s magistrates opened investigations on every political party but the Italian Democratic Party, which was already aligned to the American deep state, was spared.

Supranational powers wanted Italy to join the euro and the EU because Italy is a vital country in the globalist chessboard.

Had Italy stayed out of the EU and the euro, the advancement of globalization and the concentration of power into the hands of international finance would simply have been impossible.

This transition was ordered by the Washington deep state, which abides by the influence of private globalist circles.

However, now we are living in a completely different historical phase. The ties between the American and the Italian deep state are severed.

The advent of the Trump administration completely upset the previous balance of power. America abandoned its servitude to the New World Order and started putting the protection of national interests first.

Banking families like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers lost the leading nation of globalism. They lost the military branch of the Western world that was used to strike and “discipline” the nations that were reluctant in surrendering their sovereignty.

The shock reverberated in the highest echelons of the cabal. The Biden administration didn’t mend this fracture because of the reasons we have previously mentioned.

This is the reason why the Italian deep state has helped the American deep state in trying to oust Trump.

It did so with the Spygate case in 2016, where the Italian secret services helped American intelligence in framing Trump.

And it did it as well with the Italygate scandal in 2020, where Italian politics played a crucial role in the electoral fraud against Donald Trump.

The Italian deep state has helped the American deep state in every possible way because the survival of the former depends upon the one of the latter.

The failure was complete. Italian politics is now devoid of the protection of its traditional referents.

A political break-up of its system is quite likely after Draghi’s departure. Its parties are divided, and they are ready to blame each other for the disaster that they inflicted upon the country.

A general reset is a very possible scenario and this reset could imply the rise of new political forces that could steer Italy away from the euro and the EU.

Without a political class that is not a vassal to Brussels, nothing can prevent Italy from leaving the European currency.

This is the reason why the infamous Troika, the term that stands for the ECB, the IMF and the EU Commission, sent several technocrats to Italy, like Mario Monti and Mario Draghi.

The control of Italy is vital for the preservation of the so-called “European project”. If Italy flips, the entire Brussels bubble would violently burst.

This is why we should keep our eyes focused on Italy. This country has a unique geopolitical, economical and spiritual relevance that no other country in the world has.

Italy is on the verge of a major transformation and this transformation could be the definitive trigger for the collapse of a weak and unstable EU.

The current phase that we have stepped into is called de-globalization. In this new balance of power, the power is transferred from the international organizations to national States.

And the next target of de-globalization seems likely to be the EU.

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  1. Brian McCarthy

    Several of we Americans call “howlers” her. Meaning to howl with laughter.

    Why on earth would you still be repeating the assertion that President Trump signed an “Insurrection Act” in January that kept him actually in power until June 2021 or so? When did Congress pass and publish this particular piece of legislation? In any case, the higher bureaucratic levels of the Pentagon are clearly aligned with the other bureaucrats of the Deep State in Washington. That doesn’t mean much as there is no way any significant numbers of military personnel would agree with military rule. You might get a few of the officer corps, especially those inserted during the Obama years, to follow and a handful of enlisted drones. The military, though volunteers, consider themselves ordinary citizens spending part of their lives in military service. We’re not your rather gaudy and largely ineffective Italian military. Beyond that “Madame” Milley and his cohorts in the Pentagon and senior commands have shown themselves incapable of planning and leading the military out of a wet paper bag. As Trump observed, many of them are idiots. The only time the military inserted itself into national politics was the failed Democrat Party coup of 1860/1861 which led to the Civil War. That was so obviously a complete disaster that Democrats didn’t have a significant presence in the military until the second FDR Administration from 1937-1941. Almost none of the enlisted servicemen in either the Army or Navy joined the Confederacy. Only a tiny handful of naval officers did while great ones like David Farragut remained loyal to the Republic. While a significant number of Army officers, led by senior leaders Albert Sidney Johnson and Robert Lee among other, did join there was a greater number of both active and retired officers who remained loyal to the Union and eventually became Republicans. Ulysses Grant and William Sherman, both long out of the Army, were typical of that along with active officers like George Thomas. The Republicans and the Union were blessed with having a far better officer corps after the weeding out of the professionals through death and dismissal from 1861 through 1863. Things are much the same today.

    As for the CIA in the late 1970’s, how can you be so ignorant of American history? The Democrat Party used the Watergate coup against Nixon to overturn the results of the 1972 election, where the Left and McGovern were effectively repudiated by the electorate. The Democrats won only in Massachusetts and even there by a not overwhelming majority. On seizing Congressional power through the 1974 Congressional elections they promptly turned on the CIA, along with betraying our treaty commitments to South Vietnam. Tha Agency was buried in investigations and leaks. All the senior leadership was replaced by those sympathetic to the Left. Personally I have long believed the new Director, William Colby, was a long time Soviet mole. The foreign political apparatus was destroyed, along with Counterintelligence. The head of that group, the legendary James Angleton, who had long experience and contacts in the Italian political world going back to World War II was summarily fired. Whatever political and intelligence contacts we had with Italian politics and revolutionaries were totally destroyed or disrupted. The fabric of the CIA was thoroughly penetrated by Soviet and Chinese agents. At the same time the control of the KGB over The Red Brigades increased. They were supplied by the KGB and hid in safe house refuges behind the Iron Curtain, usually in Czechoslovakia, when necessary. You can be certain the KGB saw advantages to the USSR, and consequently to the victory of International Communism, by detaining him. Whether they ordered his death or if the Red Brigades decided that on their own is unclear. Moro himself, aside from his relationship with the ever credulous Pope Paul VI, had deep ties to Italian Freemasonry and the Mafia. You might refer to the works of the investigative journalist Claire Sterling from the 1980’s on that. The CIA of the time was totally incapable of even involvement in the affair. I suspect they relied on journalists and cafe gossip for what information they did have. It was only after several years of reconstruction under President Reagan, who assumed office in January 1981, and his CIA director that the Agency could resume something approaching its normal functions.

    Aside from those points I generally agree with your assessment, especially as you obviously are both far better informeed and more capable of evaluating contemporary Italian politics than I am. Always interesting to read your work. Thanks.

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      Hi Brian, thank you for your appreciation. I ask you just a courtesy. You should write shorter comments otherwise they get too long and the reading of the comments section gets complicated. The President of the United States can sign the Insurrection Act without informing the Congress. It’s in his powers. People don’t know the extent of the powers of POTUS. I explained this in a previous article. Besides, it’s simply clear to the Biden administration is not doing what it was supposed to do, especially in the foreign policy area.

  2. daredruhDaredruh

    Thank you Cesare, i realise that every day I try to scan the Global
    news in hope of finding a tiny glimmer of-hope.
    So often you seem to provide that hope.
    Your last lines today for-instance.
    I like the words De-Globalisation.

  3. Gridworker

    Hi Cesare always good to read you. I think t might be too optimistic at this stage but I really pray you are right

  4. Anna

    Cesare- thank you for your excellent work! I hope one day Italy frees itself from these globalists. Citizens have become to accustomed to adapting and doing without because of the sellout of a beautiful country.

  5. Leni Valenta

    In light of the present wholly unconstitutional congressional committee organized by Nancy Pelosi to deprive Donald Trump from running again, I am seeking more information on the Arturo D’Elia story which has been massively censored in this country and massively debunked when a smidgin of it gets through the social media. I would like to know more about the complicity of the Italian government with the U.S. Embassy and Obama. I also want to know about William Barr and his dinner with Bill Barr Gennaro Vecchione, head of the Italian intelligence services,. Please send me what you have. I feel in my gut that this story, long hidden like the Hunter Biden laptop, needs to see the light of day.

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      Hello Leni, maybe you should reach out to me through the contact form.

  6. Roark

    Missing you terribly Cesare!


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