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The Spygate coup: did the Italian deep state conspire against Trump?

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by Cesare Sacchetti

The Ancient Roman saying, Excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta is often a source of pure truth. For non-English speaking people, it means that if you defend yourself for a crime for which you have not been accused of in the first place, you’re admitting your guilt.

And this say is the first thing that comes to mind when we read one of the latest tweets by Matteo Renzi, the former Italian PM.

Renzi claims that the accusations against him and Obama of conspiracy against President Trump are completely “foolish”, and he also considers “very concerning” the fact that someone thought that these claims could be true.

The recipient of this message was clearly another former Italian PM, Giuseppe Conte, who in 2019 collaborated with the Trump administration in order to ascertain the role of Italy in the Spygate case.

As probably many readers already know, Spygate is essentially the illegal espionage authorized by the Obama administration against Donald Trump in 2016. However, Spygate means also the attempt to falsely associate Trump with the Kremlin, by depicting him as a “Russian agent”.

This is at the heart of the Durham probe, and this is what directly involves Hillary Clinton, who would be the mastermind of this subversive operation.

According to George Papadopoulos and other sources, Italy played a crucial role in this international intrigue.

Barack Obama invited Matteo Renzi to the White House in October 2016 and it is believed that he asked the then Italian PM to participate in the effort to frame Trump.

Renzi allegedly agreed and would authorize the involvement of the Italian secret services in the Spygate operation.

In August 2019, Giuseppe Conte was the Italian PM but his government backed by the Five Stars Movement and the League of Matteo Salvini went through a political crisis and collapsed.

Matteo Salvini pulled the plug on his own government for reasons that would become clear in the following months. Since that moment, the leader of the League started working for another goal, which was the arrival of the former ECB president Draghi as the next Italian PM.

Probably some readers who considered Salvini to be a sort of “Italian Trump” would be puzzled by the fact that Salvini paved the way to power to an agent of the EU, but the reality is that Salvini has never been an “Italy First” politician.

However, in that particular phase of the Italian politics, Conte was working on ways to form a new government, this time formed by the Five Stars Movement and the Democratic Party.

Conte was perfectly aware that Trump would never back a government backed by the Italian branch of the US Democratic party and he authorized the collaboration between the Italian secret services and the Trump administration in order to clarify Italy’s role in Spygate.

And this collaboration is the focus of an article published by the Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, which is owned by the powerful Elkann family and is considered to be the mouthpiece of the Italian deep state.

In this article signed by Paolo Mastrolilli, Repubblica reports that the former AG William Barr came to Rome on August 15 2019, the day of Ferragosto, a holy day very special to Italy that dates back to Ancient Rome.

Barr had a very peculiar mission. He needed to establish if the Italian intelligence had participated in the plot to overthrow President Trump.

Repubblica reported all of Barr’s schedule. The AG met with Gennaro Vecchione, the head of DIS, the department of information for security. DIS is the structure that controls the entire network of the Italian secret services and it has therefore a key role in Italian national security.

All these events are not a secret. Vecchione and Conte confirmed the meeting held with Barr. For Repubblica, the “stone of scandal” is the fact that Barr and Vecchione had a dinner in a cozy restaurant in the beautiful center of Rome.

The Elkann-owned newspaper feared that in this dinner some secret plot could have been hatched against Renzi in order to reveal some hypothetical compromising information about him and about his eventual role in the Spygate case.

The irony in this story is that Repubblica is a newspaper that usually dismisses every information or scandal related to the deep state as “a conspiracy theory” while in this case, it is Repubblica itself that is building an elaborated conspiracy theory.

Certainly, it is not something new about the fact that foreign dignitaries have dinners with the Italian officials who receive them, and it is quite strange that Mastrolilli ignores this traditional diplomatic custom.

What seems to concern Repubblica is the possibility that the Italian secret services might have shared information that could harm Matteo Renzi and the Italian Democratic Party, of which Renzi was secretary.

Therefore, when the Italian deep state claims that is concerned for the “national interests”, it means in its jargon that it is concerned for the interests of the political establishment, which often clash with the ones of the country.

Conte was not, and has never been, Trump’s ally

At this point, it is important to clarify a particular issue. The former Italian PM, Giuseppe Conte, was not, and has never been, an ally of Trump.

Conte comes from the Jesuit school, the same school that formed the current Italy’s PM and former ECB technocrat, Mario Draghi.

Before being appointed as PM by the Italian President Sergio Mattarella, Conte had a prolific academic career in the law area mostly due to his connection in the establishment.

The academic world is a world for a few selected people, and most of the professors belong to masonic lodges.

There are several inquiries and research that prove that the universities are a realm ruled by these masonic clubs, without which the academic career is simply a mirage.

Conte grew in this world and his sympathies for the establishment were not a secret, even before he would become Italy’s PM in 2018.

His first government was backed by the League of Matteo Salvini and the Five Stars Movement. In the first months of that government, many observers had the impression that this administration could defy the EU and its globalist policies.

Many thought that that government was perfect to establish an alliance with Trump, who was looking forward for a support to weaken and isolate the EU, considered as a foe by the US President.

The FSM-League government proved to be controlled by the deep state as well because it signed the Belt and Road Initiative and paved the way for the Chinese infiltration in Italy.

Later on, Salvini pulled the plug because the establishment wanted the Democratic Party to come back in power and deal with the so-called “pandemic” in the next months.

Conte kept his place even after Salvini triggered the crisis of his own government. The Democratic Party and the FSM agreed to leave Conte as PM, but the counselor had a problem.

Trump was still in charge and he needed to not make an enemy of him. The former Italian PM knew that Trump would never back an Italian administration supported by the Italian Democrats, who are allegedly involved in the Spygate coup.

Conte needed to “soothe” Trump, so to speak.

This is the reason why Conte authorized the meeting between the former head of DIS, Gennaro Vecchione, and William Barr, the former AG.

At this point, one could say that Trump “endorsed” Conte through his famous tweet where he calls the Italian PM, “Giuseppi” instead of “Giuseppe”.

Trump su Twitter con refuso: «Spero che Giuseppi Conte resti premier». E lui: «Orgoglioso»

To consider that tweet an endorsement is pretty far-fetched, because Trump didn’t even pay too much attention to Conte’s name. Usually, when Trump wants to forward a message is very precise and he does not overlook important details.

This probably means that the American President was not giving a political blessing to Conte, considering that he even crippled his name.

What we should ask ourselves is why Repubblica is only now mentioning this story and why it is decrying Conte for having received Barr in Italy in August 2019.

At that time, Renzi reacted furiously when he knew that William Barr had an official meeting with the head of the Italian intelligence.

Likewise, Renzi is now having the same reaction and the newspaper considered the mouthpiece of the Italian deep state is backing him in exposing Conte.

Actually, what we are probably witnessing is a “wag the dog” strategy. The Italian media are asking Conte what kind of information he shared with Barr, but nobody is asking Renzi if he really authorized the illegal espionage of Donald Trump.

This most likely suggests us that both Renzi and his Democratic colleagues fear the consequences of this case, otherwise they wouldn’t react in this way.

After all, if Renzi claims his innocence over the Spygate case, why is he so worried about the meeting that Barr had with Vecchione?

All this anxiety proves that the Italian deep state is seriously afraid of this scandal and in order to understand this, we must go back to October 2016.

It was in that period that Renzi was received at the White House by Barack Obama, and it was on that occasion that Obama would order Renzi to help him in the plan to frame Trump.

President Obama Welcomes Italian Prime Minister Renzi to the White House |

Renzi would accept and the Italian intelligence, as a result, took part in the Spygate coup.

In the same period, something quite unusual occurred in Italy. Most of the members of Renzi’s government started to publicly endorse Hillary Clinton.

The then Italian ministry of Foreign Affairs and current EU economic commissioner, Paolo Gentiloni, backed Clinton.

Maria Elena Boschi, former ministry of the Reforms, Laura Boldrini, former president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and Matteo Renzi himself did the same.

A long tradition of neutrality over the US election was blatantly broken by Renzi’s government. Therefore, some questions here should be answered.

Instead of decrying Conte’s collaboration with Trump, we should first deal with the big elephant in the dining room that was ignored by Repubblica and Italian politics.

Did or didn’t Renzi authorize the illegal espionage of Donald Trump? Did or didn’t he accept Barack Obama’s request to help him in framing the American President?

Repubblica and Renzi decry Conte for the “political use” of the Italian intelligence, but what blatantly political use may possibly exist than the one that would involve the Italian secret services in an illegal espionage against Donald Trump?

What more blatant meddling in a foreign election could possibly exist than this?

Maybe the gravity of this scandal was overcome only by another scandal called Italygate that this time would see Italy directly participating in the 2020 election fraud.

It is a story that we talked about in the past occasions. According to several sources close to the case, Conte’s government would authorize a cybernetic attack against the US election through a partially State-owned company, Leonardo.

Leonardo would use its military technology to transfer millions of votes from Trump to Biden.

However, when speaking about the Spygate scandal, the special prosecutor John Durham seems to have a very clear idea in mind of what happened in 2016.

Through Michael Sussmann’s indictment, Durham is just a few inches away from Hillary Clinton. Michael Sussmann was working at that time for Perkins Coie, the intelligence firm that had been hired by Clinton’s campaign to dig up dirt on Donald Trump.

Perkins Coie claimed that Trump had some secret communication channel with Putin through the Russian Alfa Bank.

Sussmann fed the FBI with this false information and he later lied to the bureau when he denied working for Hillary Clinton.

If John Durham has hard evidence of Hillary Clinton being the mastermind of this frame against Trump, it is unlikely that he may ignore the role of Italy in this coup.

Spygate was a very elaborate operation that involved the participation of US domestic actors, i.e. the FBI, the Obama administration, and Hillary Clinton, along with the alleged participation of international actors, in this case, Renzi’s government.

In this regard, there is also an interesting tweet that can be mentioned to understand the role of the Italian deep state in this intrigue.

After William Barr completed his special mission in Italy, a very peculiar Twitter account, named WarNuse, published a tweet that claimed that Renzi would be indicted for seditious conspiracy.

The identity behind this account has not been established. Some claim that people close to Trump manage it, but we do know that Twitter shut it down and that its predictions over future indictments or deaths of several deep state bigwigs have proven to be accurate.

At this point, we must go back at the beginning of this article. “Excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta.”

If Matteo Renzi considers Spygate a “hoax”, why then does he claim his innocence over it when nobody has held him accountable for it in this particular moment?

Moreover, if Renzi has nothing to hide over this case, then why was he so worried about a collaboration with the Trump administration to clarify the role of the Italian government in it?

After all, if nothing happened in 2016, Renzi should not be afraid of anything at all, now should he? Transparency is the most effective weapon of those who did not commit any wrongdoing, but the former Italian PM seems to be extremely nervous about this situation.

On one hand, the Italian deep state and the Italian Democratic party dismiss Spygate as fake news but on the other hand, they both show panic when they have to deal with this story.

Everybody seems to be quite aware of the implications of this scandal and everybody seems to be quite aware that when Donald Trump vowed to pursue those who conceived this coup against him was serious.

Everybody in the Italian deep state seems to be aware that the final showdown has come. Spygate is a bomb placed in the heart of both the Italian and the American deep state.

The man who has the remote detonator is Donald Trump and it looks like he has just pushed the power button.

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  1. Sal LaMarca

    Of course the Italian deep state is knee deep in this one.

  2. Tim Shey

    The guilty man’s conscience will always betray him.

    Numbers 32:23: “Be sure your sin will find you out.”

    Proverbs 5:22: “The iniquities of the wicked ensnare him, and he is held fast in the cords of his sin.”

    Isaiah 29:15: “Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the LORD, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us?”


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