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A military source: “Trump signed the Insurrection Act.” The masterpiece of Trump against the deep state

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by Cesare Sacchetti

The latest article published by the American journalist Laurie Roth could be the key to everything.

Basically, it could be the key to understanding what has been happening in the last six months within the United States.

Roth claims she had a phone conversation with a high-level military source who leaked a stunning revelation to her.

A few days before leaving the White House, on January 14, Donald Trump would sign the act known in the United States as “Insurrection Act”, which confers special emergency powers to the President of the United States in order to quell rebellions and acts that can harm the sovereignty of the country.

The journalist in her article entitled “Are the military and Trump in control?” claims that “Regarding the speculation/confusion as to whether President Trump signed the Insurrection Act or not,  he did.  He signed it on Jan 14th, 2021.”

Roth also claims that the signing of the act would give President Trump an extension of two months of his Presidential powers.

At the end of the first extension, the military gave Trump a second extension that apparently expired on May 20. According to Roth, it is quite likely that a third extension of the Act occurred. This prorogation allowed the US armed forces to be the real de facto government of the United States, as the Insurrection Act itself prescribes.

At this point, the first natural and spontaneous objection to the claims made by Laurie Roth would be to question the allegation that it is not possible to trigger the Insurrection without an official proclamation made by the President of the United States.

In other words, the act must be public and therefore cannot be a private decision. Actually, this is not entirely correct and it is the Insurrection Act itself that says so.

The Insurrection Act was originally approved by Congress and ratified in 1807 by President Thomas Jefferson.

Later, the provisions contained in this law were inserted in another law known as “Posse Comitatus Act” of 1878.

Some of these provisions prescribe that for matters of national defense from external threats, it is not required to follow the standard procedure to trigger the Insurrection Act.

According to some juridical interpretations, this means that in this case, the President is not bound to inform the Congress of his decision and to make an official proclamation of the Act.

If the security of the country is at risk by threats that can overthrow the President and the Constitution, then the Commander in Chief can sign the Act without making any official announcement.

In emergency situations, the President can also dispose of other extraordinary powers that perfectly abide by the Constitution and the federal laws.

A few people are probably familiar with the PEAD, an acronym which stands for “Presidential emergency action documents”.

PEAD’s creation dates back to the Eisenhower administration during the first half of the 50’s and they are acts specifically conceived to face emergency situations and guarantee the “continuity of government.”

At that time, the main concern was to ensure a functional government in case of a nuclear conflict.

PEAD’s powers were extended in the following decades and now they include other potential crisis scenarios.

However, these acts have a peculiar characteristic. As the Brennan Center for Justice correctly points out, they are “secret” and “they are not even subject to congressional oversight”. Therefore, there’s no way that Congress might know if the President resorted to PEAD to deal with an emergency situation.

Only a very few top ranks of the military would be informed of their activation, which implies that the Commander in Chief has extraordinary powers to cope with an exceptional crisis.

Trump’s strategy to hit the heart of the deep state

Therefore, this could have been the legislative procedure that may explain what happened in the last months.

This could have been Trump’s master chess move to trick the deep state, which had orchestrated a coup d’état to overthrow the President.

At this point, it is necessary to take a step back in time and look at the months of big upheaval after the night of November 3, when the biggest fraud of all time took place, until January 20, the days of the potentially fake inauguration of Joe Biden.

Everyone knew that the election was stolen from Trump. There was already overwhelming proof at that time, when for the first time in the US election history some miracles happened. Dead people were resurrected to vote Joe Biden and mail votes were entirely assigned to Joe Biden.

Everything was already clear, and Trump was perfectly aware that globalism was planning this coup two years earlier, when in 2018 he signed an executive order entitled “Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election”, which considered the activation of a state emergency in case foreign meddling occurred in the US election.

Undoubtedly, meddling took place, especially in countries such as China, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Canada and Germany.

Above all, a key role in this attack to the US sovereignty came from Italy, because the most important part in the meddling would occur in Italy, in the US Embassy of Rome, through the participation of Leonardo, an Italian government aerospace defense company that Conte’s government allegedly authorized to run this operation.

The attack against the US sovereignty was already in course and a mechanism was set in motion to oust President Trump.

The deep state was trying to “fix” what, in their eyes, was a major bump in the road, namely Trump’s election in 2016.

At that time, the system chose to orchestrate the Russiagate hoax in order to falsely depict Trump as Putin’s puppet.

Even on that occasion, Italy played a fundamental role because the operation was conducted on two sides.

On the US side, the former President Obama would allow the illegal espionage against Trump and the opening of the FBI “Crossfire Hurricane” probe to investigate the inexistent collusion of Trump with Russia.

On the Italian side, the former Italian PM, Matteo Renzi, would involve the Italian secret services in this operation.

The axis between the Italian and the US deep state has been the key element that has been constantly trying to overthrow Trump over the last five years.

The coup failed because Trump became President anyway. In 2020, the globalist cabal perfectly knew that a bigger coup was needed to oust Trump.

This is the reason why the entire US deep state, under the direct supervision of the British branch of the Rothschilds, the Ashkenazi bankers, gave the order to perpetrate the biggest electoral fraud in history.

However, Trump knew the globalist plans very well. He was prepared. He knew that globalism needed to conceive a huge coup to successfully remove him from the White House.

After all, the assassination attempts against him all failed. In August 2020, a mysterious sniper fired against the Presidential helicopter that was flying over Virginia. Nobody still knows who shot that fire.

A few weeks later, a drone was successful in approaching the Air Force One and almost collided with the Presidential plane.

At that point, the deep state had only the option of electoral fraud, which was planned on a large scale, especially in the US key states, and involved several EU governments, especially the Italian administration firmly in the hands of globalism and bitter enemy of the President.

Trump sat down by the riverbank and waited for the attack of his enemies.

He let them perpetrate the fraud and in January, by signing the Insurrection Act, he turned the Biden administration into a puppet administration.

All this happened without making any noise. It happened without giving the possibility to the media controlled by the cabal to label Trump as a “dictator” for having ordered the execution of an act, which was necessary to foil the coup against the presidency.

This was the greatest trick of Trump against the system.

He crossed the Rubicon, as his people were encouraging him to do, but he didn’t do it publicly. In this way, he spared his country a devastating potential civil war.

There are too many leads and proof that show that the Biden administration has never really been in charge.

The deep state assigned Biden the mission to enforce the Great Reset. It gave him the task to drag America and the world towards the last phase of the New World Order.

The deep state also ordered Biden to escalate tensions with Russia until provoking a possible armed conflict.

Nothing of this has happened. On the contrary, opposite scenarios are taking place. However, if Trump signed the Insurrection Act, everything would make sense. If Trump really did that, it would be easy to understand why Biden hasn’t done what he was supposed to do. Biden instead is pursuing policies, which could have been pursued by Trump as well, such as the sanctions waiving on the Russian pipeline, Nord Stream 2.

At this point, several things that didn’t have a clear explanation six months ago are clear now. For instance, several people probably remember the first Biden video in the Oval Office. At a certain point of the video, one can clearly see behind Biden a profile walking very similar to Trump.

If that was really Trump, then the message he sent to his enemies is quite clear.

He was mocking them. Trump allowed the establishment of a puppet administration and he’s using it to better fulfill his agenda.

In the latest six months, we have seen a controlled demolition of the deep state.

The four steps to strike at the heart of the New World Order

We could say that Trump and his military allies hit globalism in four steps.

The first step was to strike the international finance, which finances the Washington political establishment.

The GameStop operation doesn’t appear to be the result of a random meeting of some small newbie investors who agreed to buy the shares of this company and caused major losses to the big Wall Street hedge funds that had placed instead put options against GameStop. As a result, Wall Street lost billions of dollars.

GameStop has been the beginning of a controlled demolition. It has been the beginning of an attack at the heart of globalism.

The second step was the lifting of the harmful and useless Covid restrictions. If we follow the progression of Covid restrictions in the last six months, we can easily see how 46 states out of 50 lifted mask mandated.

The United States hasn’t stepped into the Great Reset. On the contrary, it has distanced itself from it.

The third step was the operation Evergreen in the Suez Canal. Several naval experts pointed out something obvious. The positioning of a boat so big in a very narrow space such as the Suez Canal can’t be the result of a coincidence.

That boat was placed there intentionally. A high military source revealed to the American journalist, Scott McKay, that on the containers carried by the boat there were children victim of human trafficking.

The US and Russian special forces would recover the children.

Before labeling as “conspiratorial” this hypothesis, we should remember that it’s not the first time that human beings are trafficked in this way.

Last year, the Dutch police arrested human smugglers who prepared containers to carry human beings kidnapped by the criminals.

At the same time, this operation also showed a geopolitical and economical purpose.

Through the temporary closing of the Suez canal, Trump dealt a tremendous blow to the economic engine of globalization, namely Communist China.

That stretch of sea has become the main trading passage of Chinese goods. Through his obstruction, Trump sent a clear message to the higher echelon of globalism.

Globalization is built on quicksand and can be sunk in at any moment through the closure of commercial naval routes.

Now there’s the fourth step, the most important one. The annulment of the 2020 election and the official return of Trump to the White House.

If we look at Trump’s website “From the desk of Donald J. Trump” we can see that the President is talking very often on the ongoing legal audits, which show how the election was stolen.

An irreversible mechanism was set in motion. “Journalists” on deep state’s payroll, such as Rachel Maddow, immediately realized that. Once the audits start, others would follow and the fraud will be fully exposed.

Maricopa has been the beginning of a virtually unstoppable process. The result of this process would be to reinstate Trump before 2024. People closer to him, like Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, clearly said that.

Trump’s return is at hand. The 2024 story is just a diversion to deceive the media that keeps ignoring reality, pretending that things would change in this way.

Q is not a psy-op

Basically, we are witnessing the enforcement of an operation militarily and scientifically planned.

Personally, I didn’t have a specific opinion of Q, the military intelligence that allegedly backs Trump. However, in the latest months, some undisputable facts have emerged. The Covid terrorist operation failed to drag mankind towards the last step of the NWO.

Above all, the system hasn’t been able to reconquer the US, without which a world government is impossible.

We must not demand the reader a blind adhesion in “trusting the plan.” We must ask him or her to put together the facts and draw his or her own conclusions.

However, facts are telling us that on the global chessboard, globalism is losing the battle.

The US is not marching towards the totalitarian society wished for by the elites, much less Russia, the second world superpower.

Only the weak EU is trying to advance towards this plan, but without the participation of the two world superpowers, the Great Reset is deemed to fail.

For all these reasons, we can think that Q is not a psy-op as Alex Jones and David Icke claimed.

In this regard, we should remember that the former, Jones, said that he had regretted having met Trump.

The latter, Icke, backs the theory that the reptilians, alleged extraterrestrial beings, control Earth, and it’s not a secret that the alien theory is strictly related to masonic and New Age circles of satanic inspiration, because it is functional in denying the existence of God.

Icke, in particular, claimed that Q is a reboot of a group of false dissidents belonging to “Operation Trust”, a government operation conceived by the Bolshevik regime in the 20 to capture the opposition.

If Icke were to be right, at this point we should have seen a sting of the dissidents belonging to Q and a strengthening of the globalist regime.

On the contrary, we are seeing the opposite scenario. The globalist regime is weakening on the global plan and the Q group is rather strengthening.

At this point, the reader should consider two things.

The first is to always look at the facts. Several people ask to see facts that show how Trump has tricked the deep state, but they don’t realize that facts are before their eyes. They’re just waiting to be looked at.

The second is to always keep in mind the spiritual nature of the ongoing struggle. If we consider only the material side, we can’t understand the spiritual, openly satanic side that inspires the enemy.

This is the only way to understand what’s going on – through the use of intellect and through the faith in God. Not only are not the two concepts contradictory, but they’re also strictly complementary.

To have an idea of the timing of the final showdown between Trump/Q and the New World Order, it is useful to consider  the statements made by Trump to his friends.

It turns out that Trump thinks that he could be reinstated by August 2021. If that is the case, we’re really close to the final showdown.

The next months could be really decisive in determining the fate of America, the world, and mankind.

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  1. John

    Any updates

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      Hello John, updates about Trump or other topics?

  2. lisa

    updates on if the puppet administration has any footing on forcing vaccine sand taking guns or is this there final grasp at fear on the people. How is the military handling the border crisis.

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      Hello Lisa, there’s no vaccine mandate. Actually, Biden has just issued a press release. That’s it. Legally, there’s nothing. Attorney Generals who wanted to sue the mandate couldn’t do that because there’s no mandate. Moreover he, or the military loyal to Trump, has just reinstated Trump’s policy at the border. This guy is a puppet handled by Trump.

  3. Sal LaMarca

    Well, I for one am praying to God in Heaven all this info is correct.

  4. Valicia Law

    I sure hope he comes back soon! I got fired from my job because I would not take the vaccine. My husband works for the airlines and they are telling him he will have to be vaxxed in Jan. He filed a religious exemption, but we have heard nothing. Worried about the rest of family that already took the jab. I truly pray we take America back soon. Great article!!

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      Hello Valicia, I’m sorry to hear that you got fired because you didn’t take the jab. That is an abuse and a discrimination. Any chance to sue your former employer? I hope your husband will get the religious exemption. Prayers for your family. Thanks a lot!

  5. Brutus

    For something as significant as this, if true, there should have been a number of updates.
    August is long past.
    I’m thinking that this is another piece of propaganda that will give the Trump fans a false sense of security to keep them asleep as the cage is built around them.

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      There have been updates about this and these updates completely back the fact that the Insurrection Act was signed on January. Just one example: Biden extended the EO 13848 and gave Trump more time to decertify the election.

  6. hans

    Mr Sacchetti, if you think the election are going to be decertified
    you have a very serious creditability issue. Joemala have been in
    power for nearly one year and have no interest in giving it up.

    Those whom continue to advocate “decertify” at this time, need
    only to look at the stalled process in Arizona.

    “The Donald” will win in a landslide in 2024, but little will change
    as the GOP has become a tool of the establishment.

    Merry Christmas,
    – Hans

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      Mr. Hans, I suggest you to open your eyes because Kamala Harris has never been in charge. Merry Christmas to you.

  7. mieke

    The story keeps continuing.

    I’m praying and hoping for an outcome with as little loss of lives as possible.
    For what else can one still hope for? This news has also started spreading in the USA:

    “COVID 19: A Second Opinion Panel”

    Lawyer Thomas Renz: Miscarriages and Cancers Up 300 Percent, Neurological Problems Up 1000 Percent in Past Year

    take care


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