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Hunter Biden’s ties with Italy: how the axis between the Italian and the US deep state conceived Spygate and Italygate

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Categorie: Deep state

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by Cesare Sacchetti

Probably many readers are already familiar with the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop. For those who are not, a brief reminder can be helpful.

Last year, the FBI seized a laptop that was taken for some repairs at a Delaware computer shop. It turned out that the device belonged to Hunter Biden, the son of the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

On the laptop, there were images of Hunter having sex with Ukrainian prostitutes and smoking crack. However, there were images much more outrageous than these ones.

Neither the American nor the international public have seen the images of Hunter Biden naked with children.

This is the dark side of Hunter Biden who seems to be tied with a pedophile ring. Even his father was associated with this degenerate world. According to sources close to the Chinese regime opposition, Joe Biden has been blackmailed by the CCP for years because of his “fondness” for children.

Now other information is emerging regarding the content of the laptop, but these are more about the business sphere of Hunter Biden.

Hunter had been on the Burisma board for years. Burisma is a Ukrainian company specializing in the gas sector and it is quite controversial because of its involvement in corruption and money laundering practices.

Biden was a consultant of this company and he received a plum salary up to 1 million dollars per year despite having no background in the gas area and no particular skills in this sector.

He got the job because he was the son of the then US vice-president and this was not a secret in Washington.

However, Hunter during his Burisma years was trying to expand his business relationships to collect more money for his investment.

He reached out to several renowned diplomats to establish connections for his business.

In 2014, he wrote to the French ambassador before the UN, Francois Delattre, to ask him for some advice about the TDF France agreement.

Biden explained toDelattre that one of his business associates was interested in this negotiation and the French diplomat politely suggested him to contact two of his aides, who were more informed about the matter.

On another occasion, in 2016, Biden reached out to Enrico Rossi, the Italian Democratic President of the region of Tuscany.

This is very interesting because shows a deep tie between the Democratic American circles and its Italian counterpart, which we’ll get to later.

However, Tuscany is a very particular region in Italian politics. Tuscany is the region where the Italian Democratic party formed a solid stronghold. It has been considered for decades a fortress of the leftist parties because here Communist and Democratic candidates have scored big and easy wins.

Tuscany is known for this reason in Italian politics as a “red land”. Probably the American public can find this puzzling because red in the United States is the color of the GOP, but in Italy and in Europe it is the color associated with progressive political formations.

Rossi had been for many years a big shot of the Italian Democrats in this region and at this particular moment, he’s facing judicial problems because the district attorney office of Florence is prosecuting him for irregularities regarding the funds of his electoral campaign.

However, this connection between Biden and Rossi is quite interesting because it shows a unique relationship between members of the US and the Italian Democratic party.

There’s no trace of this closeness between, for instance, the French socialists and the American Democrats.

Only the US and Italian Democrats share this “special relationship”.

Hunter was so eager in contacting Rossi that he sent him two emails. The first was sent to his political regional office in Tuscany. The second was addressed to Rossi’s personal email.

Biden was interested in Rossi’s participation to an event hosted by Biden himself, the Monaco Energy Forum.

The event was organized along with the Principality of Monaco. In the website dedicated to the event, it is still possible to see Hunter’s pictures with Prince Albert.

We do not know if Rossi participated in the event, but we know that for Biden having the Italian politician in Monaco seemed to be quite important.

However, the ties between the Italian Democratic Party and its American counterpart date back to years before Biden’s exchange with Rossi.

These ties are particularly relevant because they involve people such as Renzi, considered by several sources to be one of the architects of Spygate (the illegal espionage against Trump) and Italygate, the scandal that directly involves the Italian government, headed by former PM Conte, in the US 2020 electoral fraud.

If we look at the political career of Matteo Renzi, we can certainly better understand how the Italian politician was endorsed since the beginning by US Democratic bigwigs, such as Bill Clinton.

How the US-Italian deep state created Renzi

Matteo Renzi comes from Tuscany, the stronghold region of the Italian Democratic Party.

The story of Matteo Renzi is quite interesting to figure the relationship between the Italian and US Democratic party.

At the beginning of his political career, around 2006-2008, very few people in Italy knew about Renzi.

He was the president of the province of Tuscany during those years but he was not a major national politician.

Suddenly, many important figures of the Italian establishment started to back him. A lot of funds poured into Renzi’s Open Foundation.

The fact that Renzi chose to call his political foundation with the same name of Soros’ foundation reveals the political thought that inspired the Italian politician.

Renzi spoke a language of apparent renewal. He claimed that Italian politics needed to breathe fresh air and he was called for this reason “rottamatore”, an Italian word that means “demolisher” in English.

Of course, this was none other than a marketing operation. Renzi’s mission was to lead Italy towards the next phase of globalization.

The young Italian Democrat was chosen by enormously powerful Italian and international circles to drag the Italian peninsula a step forward towards the United States of Europe, a plan conceived by Count Kalergi.

Kalergi was an Austrian politician and freemason that many people don’t know of but who can be considered the political father of the present EU.

Kalergi was funded by the most powerful families of international families such as the Warburgs and the Rothschilds.

This brief historic excursus is just to have a better idea of the powers behind the political idea of the United States of Europe.

These powers are the same powers who created Matteo Renzi out of nothing.

When Renzi became a major influence in Florence in 2011, several Italian newspapers wrote at that time that Bill Clinton was coming to Tuscany to pay a visit to him.

The fact that a former US President came to Italy to meet a local politician sounds certainly weird.

Usually, US former Presidents travel only to meet Prime Ministers or Presidents but not local minor figures.

However, Renzi was special. He was chosen by the deep state to become the next Italian Prime Minister and so it was.

3 years later, Renzi was appointed by President Napolitano as the new Italian PM despite never having been elected as a member of the Italian Parliament.

There was no time. The European Union and the Washington deep state wanted to be sure to have an Italian Prime Minister who could fulfill the globalist agenda.

Italy is strategic for many reasons. The deep state after WW2 wanted to make sure that Italy didn’t leave NATO because that would mean the end of the Atlantic Alliance.

In the same way, the Euro-Atlantic axis did everything to control Italian politics after the creation of the EU in 1992.

If Italy leaves the EU, the whole frail Brussels building would rapidly collapse. As Italy turns, Europe turns.

This country is simply crucial for the New World Order plan that aims to usher in a one-world government ruled by supranational organizations such as the United States of Europe.

The New World Order can’t fulfill its plan without controlling Italy also by the spiritual side because this country hosts the Catholic Church, which used to be the proudest rival of Freemasonry before falling in the hands of its enemy.

Obama’s and Renzi role in Spygate and Italygate

After Renzi had become Prime Minister, the New York Times dedicated an article to him entitled In Italy, Matteo Renzi Aims to Upend the Old World Order”.

The message of the piece was clear.

Matteo Renzi was the “chosen one” of globalism to dismantle the last political roadblocks that impeded the final entrance of Italy in the New World Order.

When Renzi arrived at Palazzo Chigi, the residence of the Italian PM, he consolidated his relations with the American counterparts, especially with then-President Barack Obama.

This “special relationship” is fundamental to understand the plan to oust Trump. If we understand the dynamics of Italian-US politics, we can understand who had been conspiring against President Trump for the last five years.

Trump was the part of the equation that was not considered by the deep state. He was not supposed to become President in the globalist circles. Globalism chose Hillary Clinton to pave the way to the final phase of the New World Order.

Trump foiled those plans. However, the Italian and the US deep state immediately realized the threat that represented the then-Republican candidate.

They realized that, after many decades, a man who was not chosen by groups such as the Bohemian Grove or the Council of Foreign Relations could become President.

The system realized that Trump was a mortal threat to it because Trump wanted to separate America from the mortal spires of globalism.

This would mean not only the end of the deep state project but also driving a definitive wedge between the Italian and the US deep state.

As a result, the system reacted. In September 2016, Obama authorized the illegal espionage of Trump.

However, it was not enough. Something more was needed to set up the New York entrepreneur.

According to several sources, Obama invited Renzi to the White House for this reason.

Obama ordered Renzi to plant false evidence and find a patsy to associate Trump with the Russians.

The patsy had the features of Giulio Occhionero, an Italian engineer who ended up at the center of an international intrigue just because he was picked as a Manchurian candidate to frame Trump.

Thus was the conception of Spygate, an international scandal whose alleged perpetrators are still at large.

The deep state did everything to prevent from bringing to justice those who orchestrated this coup d’état.

Not only did the deep state do this, but it also apparently used the same political characters to conceive an operation even more subversive than Spygate, which is Italygate.

Globalism was ready to do everything to oust Trump from the White House. It was simply impossible for powerful circles as the WEF or the United Nations to proceed with their agenda without regaining the White House.

America is too important for these powers. It is virtually impossible to have a one-world government without the first world superpower on board.

The American MSM itself told us how they conceived this operation in an article published by Time magazine.

The deep state orchestrated the fraud because there was no other way than cheating to gain the White House.

In this coup d’état, a crucial role was played once again between the American and Italian Democrats.

Obama would coordinate the operation from the American side; while on the Italian side, Renzi and Conte allegedly made sure that the votes were switched from Trump to Biden.

Sources close to Italygate claim that the hacking attack was executed in the US embassy in Rome.

At that time, the US ambassador was Lewis Eisenberg, a businessman considered close to the neo-con environment, bitter enemy of Trump.

Leonardo, an Italian government company specializing in the aerospace sector, would provide the technology to execute the fraud.

If this story were to be confirmed before a court of law, it would mean only one thing.

It was the axis between the Italian and the US deep state that executed this massive subversive operation.

It was this axis that had constantly been trying to overthrow Donald Trump for the last 5 years.

This axis is the key to the entire plan to remove Trump from the White House.

There is a red thread that connects Spygate and Italygate. People who conceived the former conceived also the latter.

The masterminds of this subversive plot haven’t changed. They are always the same and they belong to the US-Italian deep state. The target was always the same, Donald Trump.

Recently, the US and Italian MSM have shown some nervousness about Italygate.

They quickly dismissed the scandal as a “hoax” without providing any solid proof to these claims.

Renzi himself, now in the phase of his political decadence, tweeted calling Italygate “fake news.”

However, nobody in this occasion has directly accused Renzi but Renzi felt the need to speak about the case.

Romans used to say “excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta”, which means that if someone apologizes for something which he was not accused of, he’s basically blaming himself.

This is the scandal that can change the fate of US and Italian politics.

If Italygate explodes, the two sides of the deep state would be flooded by a tsunami.

This is the reason why many important political bigwigs are afraid of Italygate.

This scandal could be Trump’s way to inflict the final blow against the powers who conspired against him.

Once again, all roads lead to Rome.

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