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Will the end of Bergoglio’s false church be the end of the New World Order?

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By Cesare Sacchetti

The rumor has been leaked in the Italian media. In the rooms of the Vatican, they are already discussing about the necessity to summon a new conclave soon.

Bergoglio’s health conditions have been worsening and in the Holy See they already considering strategies to deal with the post-Francis age.

However, the Italian media has told only one side of the story about Bergoglio’s health conditions.

Bergoglio had surgery last month at the Gemelli Hospital in Rome. According to the official version released by the Vatican and the hospital, Bergoglio had an intestinal stenosis.

Some doctors had the impression that there could be something wrong with this story. The Italian doctor, Umberto Fumagalli, stated that the hypothesis of Bergoglio having a cancer couldn’t be ruled out until the surgery.

After the operation, Gemelli’s doctors stressed that Francis had no neoplasms in the intestinal area.

However, some Vatican highly reliable sources have reached out to this blog and have provided a different version of this story. According to them, the situation is much more serious.

Bergoglio has two tumors. The pope has ordered a strict silence about his real health condition to his collaborators.

Francis doesn’t want the public to know what is really going on. There were warnings that something was wrong with Bergoglio’s health immediately after his surgery.

Luis Padilla, a Bergoglio loyalist, wrote at that time an article entitled “Pope Francis doesn’t need the flattery of the mainstream media.” With a very polemic tone, Padilla wrote that the media wasn’t helping Francis by saying that everything would be fine after his surgical operation.

On the contrary, Padilla said that everything would no longer be the same after that.

The surgery has fatigued Bergoglio a lot.

In this regard there were warnings, but the mainstream media has been completely ignoring them in order to protect Bergoglio.

However, strange events have been occurring in the Holy See during the last months.

Everything started on January 6, when there was a weird blackout in Saint Peter.

If we watch the images recorded by the webcam on that night, we can see the dome designed by Brunelleschi wrapped in darkness.

At a certain point of the video, something even stranger occurs. We can hear some noises that resemble gunshots followed by the cry of a frightened seagull.

In the following days, even more mysterious things happened in the Vatican. People who live near Saint Peter reached out to this blog and revealed that a long convoy of cars came out from the Holy See.

Other people clearly saw a white helicopter, like the one owned by the pope, flying over the skies of the Vatican.

After this strange series of unexplained events, Bergoglio’s public appearances dropped.

In order to justify this absence, the media said that Francis was suffering from a mysterious sciatica.

However, the Vatican didn’t say anything. Not a single word was written in an official press release to explain the believers what was going on.

At the end of January, the Spanish weekly magazine “Vida Nueva”, a publication quite close to Bergoglio, wrote an article about a possible and urgent surgery of Bergoglio.

The Holy See kept quiet. It neither confirmed nor denied this article. This is another breach of the tradition because in the previous papacies, the Vatican used to release official communications about the Pope’s health.

The silence went on until the end of February when it suddenly emerged about a conversation held by Bergoglio two years before with an Argentinian journalist.

Bergoglio stressed to this journalist that he would not be buried in Argentina, but that he would die in Rome, as a ruling pope or as emeritus.

For the first time, Francis speaks openly about his death.

The rest of the story is known until the events that preceded Bergoglio’s surgery in Gemelli Hospital. A surgery that was not announced by the Vatican but by Bergoglio himself at a very short distance from his hospitalization.

Once Francis left the hospital, he immediately published a document called motu proprio, which is an act signed by the pope to assume decisions on a particular subject.

In this case, Bergoglio issued a motu proprio to change the rules to celebrate the ancient pre-Vatican II Holy Mass, known also as vetus ordo. Basically, the pope with this act rendered the celebration of this liturgy almost impossible without having a special authorization by the competent bishops.

However, most of the bishops have been appointed by Francis and they can be considered as modernists and liberals.

A month later after this decision, Bergoglio decides to summon in the Vatican representatives of some confraternities. The pope will meet these Catholic communities in September and the subject of the meeting will concern the celebration of the vetus ordo.

It turns out that Bergoglio will issue a sort of ultimatum to them. Either they accept the Vatican II principles and the new mass, novus ordo, or they will face the closure of their seminaries.

Francis’ actions speak for themselves. It’s Bergoglio himself that implicitly admits that his time is about to end.

He didn’t take these unprecedented decisions at the beginning of his mandate. He has taken them at the imminent end of his mandate.

The Jesuit pope was likely convinced that the spirit of the pre-Vatican II Church was already dead.

He was convinced that establishing a false anti-Catholic church, which is the natural consequence of Vatican II, was more than enough to bury forever the flame of the real and millenarian tradition of the Church of Christ.

On the contrary, the spirit of the traditionalist Catholics, who are none other than real and authentic Catholics, keeps burning.

That flame still burns and it does not want to be extinguished.

The apostasy of the Church has not begun with Bergoglio

However, what we are witnessing now is not the result of an isolated heretical papacy. Thinking that the apostasy began with Bergoglio would be a mistake and would be also inconsistent with the story of the Church.

The Church stopped being the Church many decades ago. The masonic spirit of Bergoglio penetrated the Vatican walls at least since 1959 when the then pontiff John XXIII summoned the Second Vatican Council, which would be closed in 1965 by Paul VI.

The spirit of the Council was to separate the Church from the image and likeness of God and the Gospel and to shape this institution in the image and likeness of the modern and liberal world.

Everything was reversed. It wasn’t the modern world that had to adapt to the immutable word of Christ, but it was the word of God that had to adapt to the modern world.

Therefore, the apostasy was already in the Church and the march towards the secularization of the Church since than has been virtually unstoppable.

At that time, the seminaries were already heavily infiltrated by Communists. According to Bella Dodd, a member of the US communist party later converted to Catholicism, members of the Communist party infiltrated the seminaries in the 30s.

In the following decades, the seminaries that would have to educate priests and bishops indoctrinated priests and bishops who embraced the Marxist ideology of the theology of liberation, which contradicts the Gospel and the authority of the Pope.

In this regard, archbishop Viganò pointed out how the revolution of Vatican II paved the way to the events of 1968. The former could be considered the mother of the latter.

Therefore, the masonic spirit of revolution was already in the Church and was probably sitting even on the seat of Church.

According to Ivo Marsadoun, the French Grand Master of Freemasonry, Pope John XXIII aka Angelo Roncalli, was a Freemason of the highest rank, the 33rd. Roncalli was considered a regular of the French Grand Orient.

Freemasonry since its foundation in 1717, has always considered the Church as a mortal enemy. It was successful in infiltrating this institution.

Freemasonry has a peculiar idea of the world. This occult organization inspired by the mystery religions aims to penetrate every area of society.

The ultimate goal of this cabal was explained by Albert Pike, one of the most influential masons in history.

In a letter addressed to Giuseppe Mazzini, another very powerful mason, Pike stressed that the final goal of Freemasonry is to eradicate Christianity from the face of the Earth.

Freemasonry wants to usher in a world government founded upon the Luciferian principles and can’t afford to have the continued existence of the Catholic Church.

If the latter is strong and vital, the former can’t be achieved.

This is why Freemasonry for centuries has been obsessed with the taking over of the Catholic Church.

In this regard, there is an episode that is quite revealing and that shows the proportions of this obsession.

In 1917, in order to celebrate the bicentennial of its foundation, Freemasons chose to organize a parade in Saint Peter’s square, in Rome.

Freemasons were proudly showing a flag that represented Lucifer crushing under his feet Saint Michael the Archangel. This is a reversing of the Christian theology, according to which Saint Michael crushed Lucifer and cast him out from Heaven.

This shows us the principles of Freemasonry that reverses everything. Evil is good and black is white.

In that day, Freemasons were also distributing flyers with this message.

“The Devil will rule in the Vatican and the Pope will be his Swiss guard.”

That threat would become a reality several decades later in 1958, when Satan has been sitting on the throne of Peter and he has not still stood up.

Is the apostasy coming to an end?

The question that many people are asking themselves in these tormented months of the COVID terrorist operation is if all this will have an end.

The answer to this question is not easy, but in order to try to solve this enigma, we should consider more the when than the why. In other words, we should try to understand in what kind of age we are living.

To have an answer, we should consider the historic prophecies that the Church left us before the apostasy.

In this regard, there is a story about Leo XIII that could be quite relevant to decipher the present situation.

Leo XIII was the pope that succeeded Pius IX in 1878. This pope wrote an admirable encyclical against Freemasonry, “Humanum Genus”.

Leo XIII had a very particular vision on October 13, 1884. During that day, the pope was in his private chapel with his cardinal talking about some general issues.

All of a sudden, the pontiff froze. An expression of horror and disgust appeared on his face. Leo XIII left the chapel and retired in his rooms because of the shock.

Later, the pope would reveal what he saw in the chapel.

Leo heard Satan defying God and asking him for 100 years to destroy His Church.

The pope was also revealed the following catastrophic events of the XX century.

Therefore, the apostasy of the Church is not something that was not announced. The top of the Church knew everything about it. They knew that the Catholic Church would embrace every kind of blasphemy, until the latest pronounced by Bergoglio who has questioned the absoluteness of the Commandments.

However, Leo XIII shared a very important detail. This apostasy would not last forever. It would have a beginning and an end.

The Providence will allow it until a certain point.

What was seen by Leo XIII seems to match with what was prophesized by Bartholomew Holzhauser.

Holzhauser was a German venerable priest who lived in the XVII century.

He had visions of the future events of the world that divided the history of the world and of the Church in seven ages.

The first age is the beginning of the story of the Church with the birth of Jesus Christ. The seventh age is the age of the Antichrist, when the world will be ruled by this tyrannical figure.

In the End Times, mankind will reach its moral bottom. Saint Paul describes in this way the men who will live in these times.

“People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—  having a form of godliness but denying its power.”

Mankind in this period will be far away from God as it has never been during its history.

If we read Saint Paul’s words, we can find some striking resemblances between the men of the Apocalypse and the men who live in these present days.

However, if we take into consideration the prophecies of Holzhauser and the visions of Leo XIII, we realize that before this age of affliction there will be an age of corruption, the fifth age of the Church, followed by an age of restoration of the faith, the sixth age of the Church, that will precede the final apostasy in the seventh age.

When the world government arises, it will have some very precise characteristics that cannot be mistaken.

The world government will be ruled by the Antichrist, a bloody despot who will persecute whoever will oppose him, especially the Christians.

The Antichrist will be heralded by an occult parody of the Baptist, known in the Christian traditions as the “false prophet.”

As Saint John explains in the Apocalypse, mankind will be forced to wear a mark on its skin in order to buy or sell.

Those who will not accept the mark will be banned from society.

If we think about the mark, we can find some resemblances with the Green COVID vaccine passport enforced in France and Italy.

Those who don’t have this vaccine passport are not allowed in public venues, such as concerts, bars and restaurants.

However, the vaccine passport is not the mark. It is not something that has to be wear on the human body and it doesn’t prevent the buying of primary goods, such as food and water.

Therefore, the coronavirus society could be considered as a sort of anticipation of the final apostasy. This is just a glimpse of what will be the Apocalypse.

On one hand, this perspective could be frightening. The fact that mankind has not still reached its worst is depressing. On the other, this perspective could be a breath of relief considering the fact that there will be an age of renaissance after this degenerate age.

This is what the prophecies of Holzhauser and the Marian prophecies tell us about this age. After this age of decadence, there will be a restoration of the faith and the world will go through a period of peace and prosperity.

Two figures will arise, known as the “Great Monarch” and the “Holy Pope”, who will usher in this period of triumph of the faith.

At this point, the question is if Bergoglio’s end would pave the way to the end of the present apostasy.

There seem to be some clues that point in this direction. The more Bergoglio tries to suppress the spirit of true Church, the more this seems to strengthen.

Likewise, the global Leviathan seems to be still far from its final manifestation. The Great Reset of Davos is not proceeding as planned and the big global powers, such as the USA, Russia and China don’t seem to be intentioned in participating in the global government.

Therefore, this seems to be an age of transition. An age is closing and another is opening.

In order to complete this passage, we must remember that there will be other turmoils. It will not be easy. Not at all.

However, if we have a spiritual armor and we recall that this is much more than a material battle, we’ll have the weapons needed to overcome this dark period.

Evil can stay only until forces more powerful than it allow it.

After darkness, light always comes.

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  1. Susan Baron

    As always, an insightful analysis.

  2. Cheryl Lindsey

    Thank you for providing this thoughtful analysis in a manner that is easily understood. Knowledge gives us the opportunity to be prepared so that we may help others open their hearts to God.

  3. mieke (netherlands)

    Many thanks for your information and your thoughts about this extraordinary subject in these difficult and confusing times.

    It was in the late 1980’s that I first came to read about the “Grand Monarch” and the “Holy Pope”. They were described in a book called “The Last Seals” by author Melito San Miguel. That is to say, I read it in Dutch.
    (Example ).

    The book contains and discusses a large number of mostly Roman Catholic prophecies (from visions and clear-hearing by people who were Catholics) throughout many centuries. But it also paid attention to several of such prophecies from the Arabic world and maybe Russia too (I don’t recall precisely), as obviously the gift of prophecy is not limited to Catholics, Christians only. In that sense and with the internet nowadays, I regret being unable to read Chinese 🙂

    In 2016 “my” Bishop (Haarlem-Amsterdam) suddenly published a warning on his website, under the title “What is going on in our world?” Among other things, he also referred to a fairly recent Norwegian prophecy (I think 1968 is fairly recent). I’ve looked it up for you in English; this being the most detailed description I could find.

    Astonishing 1968 Prophecy by 90-Year-Old Woman

    You will notice that this woman’s words very much resemble Holzhauser’s, whom you have quoted here.

    Although among all sorts of indigenous peoples (f.e. the Hopi Indians, Maya’s, Aboriginals) prophecies regarding the ‘End Times’ were / are? certainly not uncommon either, I keep having the feeling that it is our continent: Europe including the western part of Russia, that will play a very important (if not most important) role in the future of Humanity and our Mother Earth. How can that be otherwise with the expected Grand Monarch, truly Holy Pope, and Jerusalem so nearby?

    If I may, I will later on return with a second reaction/thought here about the future of the Roman Catholic church and the future of our world. Because where ever I look around – in real life society, newspapers and online – I distinctly miss the necessary attention for improving motherhood and parenthood in the interest of our babies and how they may grow up to become loving, caring adults.

  4. Emmanuelle Martin

    other very important apparitions that show that Benedict XVI could not trust more than 5 people in Vatican and were silenced by the maconic inside vatican, He received death threats, his resignation is not the one we know , as also san Francisco di Assisi prophetised that somebody would arrive to papacy in a non canonical way and destroy all the congregations https://apparitions–avola–madonnadelpino-e–


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