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The Ukrainian biolabs: the globalist plan to exterminate the Russian people

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By Cesare Sacchetti

There is a secret dark hidden story of Ukraine of which the Western public opinion knows nothing about.

The image that the people of the Western countries have of Ukraine is one filtered by the MSM. According to this propagandistic and fairy-tale image, there was a successful “democratic transition” in Ukraine that removed “authoritarian figures” in order to finally walk towards liberal democracy.

Of course, we know that this process is called a “colored revolution”, and it is far from being “democratic”. Actually, its features are quite violent and authoritarian as we explained and analyzed in the previous article.

A colored revolution is nothing other than an engineered political process whose only purpose is to overthrow those governments that represent a “threat” for the globalist powers that rule the NATO and the EU.

Ukraine was no exception to this subversive process. Puppet governments were installed in power over the past few years but this country has been far to reach any “democratic” stability.

The governments that were remotely controlled by Washington have turned Ukraine into a hotbed of international crime. There was certainly a geopolitical reason to oust the pro-Russia Presidents who governed Ukraine but, at the same time, there was also a criminal reason.

It is the dark side of Ukraine that the Western MSM is not mentioning in any of its hysterical pro-Nazi propaganda.

Ukraine is the premier country in the world for human trafficking. Children are smuggled from this country to every country in the world.

These children are sold and bought by the international pedophile ring and after the Euromaidan coup backed by George Soros and Barack Obama, this traffic has heavily surged in the country.

Likewise, there is also another dark aspect of Ukraine that concerns the production and development of bioweapons. Certainly, this topic is more current in light of the so-called “pandemic”.

However, in this case, we are not talking about a virus flu like COVID. We are talking about real deadly weapons whose purpose is to exterminate human beings but not every human being. These bioweapons were developed only to exterminate the Russian people.

In order to know why Ukraine is the key to understand this evil plan, we must go back to 2005. At that time, the Ukrainian President was Victor Yuschenko.

Yuschenko was placed in power by the first Ukrainian Orange Revolution that took place in 2004. The Washington deep state was already concerned in that period about Ukraine getting too close to Moscow, exactly like it happened in the second Ukrainian colored revolution, the Euromaidan, much more violent and chaotic than its predecessor.

Obama’s visit to the Ukrainian bio-labs

At that time, a series of official visits of US representatives started in Ukraine. A young and unknown Barack Obama visited Ukraine along with Republican Senator Richard Lugar.

It is certainly interesting that Obama nurtured a deep interest in Ukraine in those years considering the fact that, as President, he was the one who gave the green light to the Euromaidan coup that would take place nine years later.

However, the question that we should ask ourselves is the following. What exactly was Obama doing in Ukraine back in 2005?

The Washington Post, the mouthpiece of the deep state, has the answer. Obama and Lugar had the task to reassure the support of the US government in the financing of Ukrainian bio-labs.

The title of the WP is quite misleading because it pretends that this financial aid was meant to “counter bioweapons.”

However, if we read the article we realize that Washington had no intention of dismantling these facilities.

These labs were the heritage of the Cold War when the USSR, as the US was also, was developing bio-warfare weapons.

The Bush administration’s plan was to update those structures and render them more “safe”. The bioweapons research in Ukraine was not halted: instead, it received direct support from Congress and the US Department of State.

Recently, the MSM has been denying that in these days that there are bio-weapon labs in Ukraine. But the best way to quash their lies is to directly quote their own articles in which Obama is pictured walking in these facilities.

The Kremlin must have suspected that there was something unusual with these trips because the airplane carrying Obama’s delegation was halted by the Russian authorities when it stopped at a Russian airport.

The authorities searched the plane because they probably thought that the reason for these trips could go beyond the range of the institutional visits.

The plan to exterminate the Russian people

However, ever since then the bio-lab activity has been increasing steadily. In November 2017, something very unusual occurred. Russian President, Vladimir Putin, publicly stated that there were foreign subjects on Russian soil who were engaged in anomalous activities, like the collection of Russian DNA samples.

Putin released a statement where he clearly said that someone was keenly interested in the ethnic composition of the Russian population.

Russian secret services began investigating the matter as well as the Council Federation, which is the upper house of the country.

The first deputy chairman of the Federation Council’s Committee for Defense and Security, Franz Klintsevich, clearly hinted at the possibility that someone was working at the production of bioweapons whose main target was the Russian people.

Kilintsevich said that some subjects were working on this scenario and the collection of Russian DNA was part of some bio-war program.

In the following weeks, the shroud of secrecy about the identity of those who were conducting this research was lifted. The US Air Force openly admitted that it was the one who authorized the collecting for the purpose of research related to the musculoskeletal system.

Apparently, the Kremlin did not buy it. The fact that the US military was involved in this “research” was quite suspicious considering the story of biowarfare programs developed by the American intelligence agencies.

However, what is happening today in Ukraine could very well be the missing link and the smoking gun that would confirm that those DNA samples were studied and analyzed in the Ukrainian bio-facilities.

The Russian embassy in Bosnia Herzegovina released an official statement about this matter. The Kremlin diplomats openly denounced the fact that the United States filled “Ukraine with biolabs, which were – very possibly – used to study methods for destroying the Russian people at the genetic level.”

Therefore, Russia is stating that Ukraine was the headquarters of a plan carried out by the US deep state to exterminate the Russian people.

Ukraine was turned by the globalist powers into a rogue state, whose only purpose was to seek a war against Russia and find ways to harm its people in any possible way, including the biochemical “solution”.

Several speculations have arisen in these days about the claim that Russia has detected and destroyed these bio labs.

A website called RealRawNews has reported that Russia has effectively and successfully executed this operation. However, some observers are skeptical about the authenticity of the stories published by RRN because in the past it claimed that there are ongoing military trials at GITMO against deep state bigwigs.

We have managed to find another source who would confirm this report, and it seems to be completely true.

The Russian military has successfully destroyed these labs and it has obtained confidential documents about the research that was conducted there. The purpose of these programs was none other than the extermination of the Russian people.

Globalism has been working on this criminal plan for years. The reason lies in the fact that Russia has been, and still is, the most solid bulwark against the manifestation of the New World Order.

The fact is that Russia rescued Syria from the ISIS attacks that aimed to dismantle the territorial integrity of the country. ISIS is a direct creation of the US deep state, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

Likewise, Russia has prevented a further expansion towards the East by NATO, which is not even an Atlantic Alliance like its name claims.

If NATO was truly an Atlantic Alliance, it would have been dissolved after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Instead, the USSR – enemy of the western world – dissolved but NATO kept expanding in the 90s. The goal of NATO is not to protect America and Europe. The goal of this organization is to carry out the blueprint to create a world army. This world army would be the military branch of the world super-government that the architects of the NOW would like to usher in.

Russia has been countering this plan. It has been fighting for preserving the existence of its nation until the Donbass genocide forced Russia to intervene in Ukraine.

Russia has had to enact a military operation to free this country from the horde of Neo-Nazis who were killing innocent civilians in the Donbass region.

At the same time, Russia has had to intervene in order to destroy these bio-facilities that were working on the most criminal plan that has probably been ever conceived by the human mind, which is the entire extermination of a people for political reasons.

Never has there been a more evil and deviant plan than this one. However, it looks like that this plan has just been foiled.

The labs have been destroyed. Ukraine is almost completely denazified. The New World Order is suffering another tremendous defeat at the hands of Russia.

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  1. mieke (netherlands)

    Two comments for now,

    1] Count Cherep Spiridovich, a Russian national, described in detail a “Hidden Hand” behind world governments in a book that was published in New York in 1926. It should be noted that the title “Count” was granted to him by the then Roman Catholic Pope in Rome.

    Here is a link to his book (sitting on a US government website ! )

    Here is a 2nd link where the same book is being discussed, but with additional information about the years after 1926. Spiridovich, from what the internet could show, was found dead in New York in 1926 and quite possibly murdered there.

    I want to emphasize that “The Hidden Hand” was written and published long before the cruel Holocaust took place.
    Spiridovich focussed on what we nowadays call the “KM”: Khazarian Maffia, people who are not of Jewish descent. For that reason it’s painful that he so often uses the word/name “Jew”. But people should read his work for his historical observations and the great many sources he mentions.

    2] How the h*ll is it possible that even after the Kremlin became suspicious in 2017 already, they have NEVER warned the world population in the Spring of 2020 for the fake COVID19 pandemic aka the pLandemic? WHY NOT?!
    A great many individuals from all nationalities and walks of life – including doctors and virologists and so on – have long ago already reconstructed how men, women, children have been UTTERLY DECEIVED with that virus. Don’t get me started about death toll meanwhile, including very young children, nor about what unspeakable damage the vaccines have done to countless human beings.

    The Kremlin and its FSB and whatever their intelligence organizations are called, MUST HAVE KNOWN what Gates, Fauci, Schwab, Attali and their handlers were after in terms of significantly reducing the world population!

    If Kremlin had suspicions in 2017 already, why did they wait with the destruction of the biolabs in Ukraine until last week?

    I’ll stop now.
    I don’t know whom to trust anymore but myself.
    There are biolabs in The Netherlands as well. What are people doing there? On whose orders?

    Your article is about the same Vladimir Putin who very recently spoke in public about the values of Christianity.
    He ought to read what Count Spiridovich wrote about the Christian Soul of Russia throughout centuries!!!

    Vladimir Putin: Pedophilia Is Essentially Satanic – 28 Febr 2022

    So what do the Russian people have sitting in the Kremlin? Someone’s puppet?


    • Cesare Sacchetti

      It wasn’t possible to intervene in Ukraine in 2017. Russia had to wait for the right moment and it has established that this moment is perfect NATO has never been so weak.

      • mieke

        But the USSR is long over and contemporary Russia again knows the Christian faith. And it’s not even a Christian habit or duty to warn and help your neighbours, when necessary. We find the same attitude in Muslims. Buddhists, Jews, Hindus and atheists. For Humanity is a social species, same as many other species.

        What does it matter whether NATO is strong or weak? Ditto the EU? The ECB? The IMF? The WHO? When a giant danger arises and you’re aware of it : raise the alarm! Russia didn’t, or certainly not strong enough! It makes me wonder if we should now regard Vladimir Putin as the present “Katechon”.

        A few days ago I had been made aware already of the Biolabs in Ukraine. But what yóu now described about how the forces of EVIL have been hunting Russian DNA, I have no words to describe what impression that makes…

        One thing I do know for sure: I dó want to meet the Cabal’s “Antechrist” soon as he reveals his identity.
        I want to see him, I want to talk to him.
        After all, that is the goal of the Cabal / Rothschilds / Illuminati : to prepare the throne for the AC, the “Great Destroyer”.

        I’m aware he’ll hurt (painful energies plenty that he’ll shoot around when he’s angry or uncertain), but I’ll teach him decency! Also in his own interest. We all have the Creator watching over us.

        Agreed, this was off-topic.
        So let me just finish by saying that the Kremlin has disappointed me very, very, very much…
        I sincerely hope they’ll finish their “military operation” in Ukraine a.s.a.p. because dreadful news & images keep coming out of that country. If anyone is to blame in that respect, we are ALL to blame. Not only Russia, we are ALL to blame for what we have allowed to happen there way too long.

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      Thank you, Tim, it’s really interesting. Johnny seems to know very well what Putin’s role is, especially when he mentions the fact that Putin exposed pedophilia and satanism in the Western world. There are some American channels that call Putin a “commie” and that they associate him with the USSR, which has nothing to do with modern Christian Russia. However, I think the awareness about Putin being a key element of the Christian patriotic alliance keeps growing. I’ll write soon about this alliance.

  2. daredruh

    Thank you Cesare Sacchatti, this is bone chilling.
    How many other bio-labs are scattered around the world and where are they ? If they are doing similar things. I only learnt of the existence of bio labs (other than Wuhan) these past few weeks, but this really hit me directly.
    Will people be able to wake up enough to resist the hypnotic hold MSM has over their minds?
    No wonder the most populous nations -India and China are standing with Russia right now.
    They see the writing clearly on the wall.

  3. mieke

    Correction to my reply just now that you are supposed not to publish.
    Right after my remark about Hiroshima and Nagasaki :

    God is first and foremost awareness and energy!


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