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The panic of the deep state: Trump’s return would be the end of NATO and the EU

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Categorie: Globalism | Trump

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By Cesare Sacchetti

When Donald Trump in 2016 walked down the mobile stairs of his New York residence, the Trump Tower, many prominent members of the deep state were anguished by a feeling of both panic and fear.

Panic because for the first time after the whole XX century, there was a presidential candidate who was not picked by the circles who had ruled Washington for so many decades.

We are talking about the circles of the deep state, which is that underworld of globalist offshoots that constitutes the secret government of the United States and the entire Western world.

We are referring to clubs such as the Council on Foreign Relations, funded by the ubiquitous Rockefeller family that is very tied to another powerful Ashkenazi family as the Rothschilds.

We are also talking about the Bohemian Grove, a club that is attended by prominent politicians, former Presidents, economists and major names of the music industry such as the leader of the U2 worldwide famous rock band, Bono Vox.

Every year in the woods of California, these gentlemen gather to perform a ritual where a baby doll – although according to some whistleblowers it’s a real baby – is put between the jaws of an owl statue that seems to resemble the ancient Moloch divinity.

Moloch was an evil entity to which the Israelite and Babylonian tribes sacrificed infants.

The fact that Moloch belongs to the history of Israel is even confirmed by the same Jewish communities around the world and in this regard we could mention a celebration of Jewish history held in Chicago in 1933.

On that occasion, during the show a statue of the Moloch was displayed. The people who ruled this world for decades, or maybe we should say for centuries, are affected by the most deviant tendencies such as pedophilia, incest and even coprophagia, which was practiced by the infamous British occultist Aleister Crowley and the Italian gay activist, Mario Mieli, a “myth” in the Italian LGBT community who committed suicide when he was just 32.

These clubs are the real power of the Western world and the higher the people in this world sit, the most perverted they are.

Panic flowed in the deep state when it realized that an outsider was approaching the doors of the White House.

The outsider was the successful New York businessman, Donald Trump.

We are talking about an entrepreneur who had lived for decades at the top of the New York high society.

New York is a very special city. It hosts the most powerful banks in the world. Banks run by families like the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Duponts and the Morgans.

The same families who control the Federal Reserve Bank and the power to issue money.

A power that a President like Abraham Lincoln gave to the government through the direct issuing of the greenback dollars.

Back to Trump, it was the worst scenario for these people. An insider, so to speak, who mingled for years in their circles but who got disgusted with their plans of surrendering America’s sovereignty to a global government, which is none other than the infamous Masonic plan known as New World Order.

Every President who stepped in the White House in the past century, with the exception of JFK, was loyal not to the United States but to this secret government.

This is the reason why fear spread and infected all the members of this cabal. The United States was chosen by these powers to be the main pillar of the so-called international liberal order.

After WW2, a new geopolitical order was born and the US was the superpower that ruled this block and dragged the rest of the world to the global government goal.

Trump foiled the plans of the New World Order

Trump was the unforeseen variable. If a man who was, and is, loyal to his country becomes President of the first world superpower, this plan becomes simply impossible.

This explains why when Trump launched his campaign, the secret government started conspiring against him.

This is the genesis of the first coup against him, which is the Spygate case that we had been mentioning in the previous articles.

The lords of globalism thought that another coup, way bigger than Spygate, like the 2020 electoral fraud, could finally “fix” what happened in 2016 and return the United States to the world government plan.

We saw that this was not the case. The fraud did not take back America to the position where it was before Trump.

The Biden administration did not change the course of the US foreign policy. Instead, it paradoxically enforced Trump’s policy when it completed the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the country that is the crossroads of international heroine traffic.

We witnessed a similar situation in Ukraine, where the US did not want to militarily intervene to rescue the Nazi regime.

Washington left Kiev to its fate and stayed away from the conflict, while NATO was desperately seeking the US intervention to halt Russia.

Now, the New York Times has triggered another alarm after the one launched by the Telegraph. A second Trump’s mandate, or a third one according to some analysts, would be the definitive end of the Atlantic organization.

NATO is not a defense organization. NATO is pure terrorism. NATO embodies a philosophy of imperialism and we have witnessed this for decades.

We witnessed this when the Alliance arbitrarily bombed Serbia and maimed its children. We also saw this when it attacked Afghanistan for the 9/11 attacks, despite the fact that Kabul and the Taliban held no responsibility for those terrorist attacks.

Attacks that were conceived and carried out by the dangerous neocon lobby that ruled the Bush administration in the 2000s.

NATO is the military arm of the world government but this organization cannot exist without the vital contribution of the United States.

Trump’s final mission: to free America from NATO

This is Trump’s final goal. It always was back in 2016. Trump knew that in order to deliver America from the bondage of these globalist clubs, a total withdrawal from NATO is required.

It is the final step to accomplish this goal. People in the deep state know that. People like John Bolton, the infamous neocon who has for years wanted to launch an attack against Iran and trigger WW3 knows that Donald Trump will finally deliver the United States from NATO.

In the globalist world, the perspective of a Trump’s second, or third, term is terrifying many people.

Basically, the walls would be closing in for an entire world. It would be the end of the XX century and its forgettable legacy.

It would be the end of the ruling of supranational organizations and the return of the national states.

It is a historic and monumental transition. It would really be the beginning of a new era, where multipolarism and not unipolarism would rule international relations.

Trump, along with Putin, could be the President who leads America and the world to this new era.

And certainly this upsets many people in the globalist realm. People who were convinced that the 2020 electoral fraud and the COVID terrorist organization would usher in a New World Order.

The opposite scenario unfolded due to the rise of BRICS, the void of the Biden Administration and Russia.

This scenario is also tormenting a lot of people in Brussels, the capitol of the EU. The reason is quite simple.

The EU is none other than a creation of the United States. It is a story that we have told before. The deep state funneled money into the EU integration project because it was a smart and more effective way to control the whole European continent.

The ancestor of CIA, the OSS, funded the EU project since the early 50s because both Truman and Eisenhower wished to fulfill the desires of the secret government.

The truth is simple. There is no EU without the US and the Brussels’ unelected bureaucrats know it very well.

According to the NYT, the EU bigwigs are thinking about flattery strategies to soothe Trump, but the President is not very fond of lackeys and turncoats.

Trump has only one goal: to serve the best interests of his country and staying in NATO does not go along with that.

Therefore, we think that 2024 will be a crucial year for history. A year that will define and change the future of the world for decades.

It is a year that terrifies the New World Order “dreamers”. These people were very convinced that they their plan would be smoothly enforced. But after the failure of the “pandemic” operation, they realized with their great disappointment that this is not the case.

The lords of globalism are not the lords of history and they don’t hold the fate of mankind in their hands.

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  1. IPS Prez

    Saying the Israel offered their infants to Moloch ignores that fact that this was not an accepted practice and got GOD’s attention when they did it resulting in some severe consequences. This child sacrifice was a normal and accepted practice outside of Israel but not within Israel except during at least one short period of time when wicked leadership promoted the horrendous practice.

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      It doesn’t change the fact that Israel committed an act of apostasy and practiced Moloch’s worshipping. Moreover, Talmudism keep enforcing ritual sacrifices. They’re called purim.


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