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The Great Reset: the final step to the New World Order

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Categorie: Globalism

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by Cesare Sacchetti

They call it the great reset of the world debt. It’s the term that was recently used in some very influent globalist circles in order to describe the next future which the élites have in mind for mankind.

Recently, the website Reddit has published an email, allegedly leaked by a member of the Liberal Canadian Party, which is strictly related with this subject.

In this email, the whistleblower informs that in a meeting of the party, some representatives of the élite have announced the plans of the New World Order for Canada and the rest of the world.

A comparison of this email with the ongoing events gives a certain credibility to these leaks.

The Canadian politician basically reveals that the globalist agenda has already chosen to enforce major lockdowns in the most important cities of Canada and in other countries of the world.

This information seems to perfectly match what some European governments are already doing.

Germany chose to approve for the month of November partial lockdowns especially focused on gyms and bars.

France is going in a similar direction but with more severe lockdowns, similarly to those applied in the last spring.

At the same time, according to the Canadian insider, in this phase of new lockdowns the world governments would be already working on the construction of facilities wherein Covid-19 positives would be deported against their will.

This shocking revelation is exactly what was exposed by Randy Hillier, a Canadian MPP, who during a session of the Parliament of Ontario said that the national government is planning the realization of these detention camps.

After this, the Covid-19 crisis would escalate with a massive increase of cases.

The reason for this escalation is mainly due to the use of swab tests, which are known to produce a large quantity of false positives.

The swab test, therefore, is the tool to detect an epidemic which actually doesn’t exist.

It’s the same test which creates imaginary cases and this is the reason why governments around the world keep stubbornly recurring to it.

Without the swab test, the same artificial spreading of the virus would end.

The third phase of the coronavirus operation: the collapse of the world economy

However, this constant increase of cases would be functional to get to the next phase of the coronavirus operation.

In the month of December, there will be complete lockdowns much more severe than those of November.

In 2021, the whistleblower writes that the élite will give the green light to the third phase of the Covid crisis.

The virus will mutate in a new more lethal and contagious version, namely Covid-21.

In this phase which will last until the spring of the New Year, the health system will collapse due to the massive hospitalizations.

Travel bans will be enforced in a way even more severe than the ones practiced in the spring of 2020.

At this point, the new lockdown will cause a wave of bankruptcies ever seen.

The block of the production and mass unemployment will lead the world toward a probable famine.

Massive chaos and riots will spread all around the globe, and in this phase, according to the élite plan, the military will appear on the stage.

Martial law will be the only way to protect the health dictatorships established in every corner of the globe.

At this time, the system will offer the masses the universal income option.

Work, as it was historically known in the capitalistic society, will basically disappear.

The total lockdowns would inevitably trigger the collapse of the world economy and the biggest economic crisis in the history of mankind will ensue.

This huge economic depression has a precise goal, namely the complete deindustrialization of Europe and the Western world in order to create a two classes society, composed of a tiny élite and by a multitude of poor.

In this society, the middle class would disappear as the middle and small enterprises which would follow the same path.

The big corporations would have complete control of the market. That is exactly the aim conceived by the Club of Rome, a very influential globalist club founded and funded by David Rockefeller, in its book “The limits of growth” published in 1972.

Once the system would have got ridden of the work, the masses would have no other option to accept the pittance of the government in order to survive.

In Italy, the main sponsor of this proposal is, not by chance, the Five Stars Movement, a political movement conceived by the Anglo-Saxon finance and by the deep state of Washington.

The same founder of this movement, Beppe Grillo, announced that in the future there will be no room for the work.

However, the basic income will not be given to anyone. The plan wants the different countries of the world to accept a loan plan issued by the IMF.

Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, exposed the corruptions attempts made by the same IMF toward his government in order to convince the latter to receive almost 1 billion dollars in exchange for the enforcement of a national lockdown.

This time, the IMF would issue a plan of loans to different countries of the world which most likely would deprive the governments of the control of the key national resources.

John Perkins, a former financial speculator who worked for several big corporations, explained how the goal of the IMF is indeed this one.

The IMF would flood the nations with debts which cannot be possibly repaid in order to allow the major international firms to buy the strategic national assets at cheap prices.

Therefore, the coronavirus operation would literally lead to several major privatizations in many countries around the world.

The big multinationals would have complete control. Once the nations will accept the noose of the IMF loans, and most likely of the EMS in the EU, the system then will offer the “Great Reset of private debts.”

The governments would say to the people that in order to receive the basic income and the “forgiveness” of their debts, i.e. loans or mortgages, they will have to renounce to own their personal goods.

Globalism, in other words, wants the end of private property.

The revelations made by the Canadian informer perfectly match what was already announced by the Forum of Davos which launched an initiative called “The Great Reset” in which it is described a future wherein people will no longer own personal goods.

The same Bergoglio, who became a sort of false prophet of the New World Order, has clearly stressed in his last encyclical “Fratelli tutti” that in the open society, a term created by the ultra globalist George Soros, the private property could no longer exist.

Those who refuse the vaccine will be deported into isolation camps

However, the pandemics, according to the information leaked in the email will no cease before June 2021.

At that time, the vaccine will be distributed, most probably approved by the WHO and the Bill Gates Foundation, and it will be the only way to move without restrictions.

The Canadian politician reveals that in this meeting several members of the party asked what would happen to those who will not accept to take part in the debt reset and to those who will reject the vaccine.

The answer, apparently given by the representatives of the globalist circles was unmistakable.

“The ones who refused to participate would be deemed a public safety risk and would be relocated into isolation facilities.”

Those who refuse to participate in the program will be considered as a threat by the authorities and they will be deported in by the globalist regime in detention camps until they will not accept the vaccine and the renouncing of their properties.

This is the final assault of the New World Order. Globalism is about to show its true gruesome face.

Under the mask of a false and hypocrite humanitarianism, there is hidden the unprecedented cruelty of the most dangerous totalitarianism of the whole history.

Time has also dedicated its latest cover to the Great Reset.

In one of the articles regarding this subject, Time clearly writes that the welfare state will have a major role in the post-Covid society.

If Trump stays in the White House, the NWO will likely fail

But the precondition to achieve the realization of the globalist society is the victory of Joe Biden in the next US elections.

Globalism considers unavoidable the reconstruction of the Euro-Atlantic block in order to advance towards the New World Order.

The goal would be the “stabilization of the euro” which would lead to a “new European renaissance”, a representation quite similar to one of the NWO main project, namely the United States of Europe.

However, the European supranational state cannot rise without the vital support of the US.

America has been for decades the guarantor of the integration project of the false Europe.

If Trump will keep staying in the White House, the escalation of the coronavirus operation confirmed by Davos and by the international mainstream media will most likely fail.

The participation of the first economic and military power is simply essential to get to the world super-government and to the society conceived by globalism.

Therefore the élites are desperately trying to force the execution of this plan.

They seem perfectly aware that Trump has very high chances to be re-elected and this would definitely compromise the realization of this plan.

They’re ready to do anything to delegitimize a Trump re-election.

The blatantly faked polls which predict a Biden victory would probably be the pretext used by the democrats to blame Trump for having rigged the elections.

Consequently, the Democratic Party will not legitimate Trump’s winning. Then the system will activate the terroristic cells of Black Lives Matter and Antifà, heavily financed by George Soros and the American liberal establishment, which will have the goal to create massive chaos and riots so powerful and violent that they will draw America towards a civil war.

But Trump is already working on his counter-offensive.

The latest scandal which involves the son of his democratic opponent, Hunter Biden, could just be the tip of an iceberg which regards a major ring of international pedophilia in which the highest ranks of the deep state would be involved.

In the last days, Twitter has been censoring images of Hunter Biden having sex with some underage girls.

Rudy Giuliani, lawyer and former Trump’s advisor has been one of the first persons to see the content of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

According to the former mayor of New York, on that laptop there are images and videos even possibly more troubling, as sexual abuses committed by the same Biden and other subjects.

The story of Hunter Biden’s laptop has been completely censored by the Italian and international media.

The New York Post has already shown the proofs of a major conflict of interests of Joe Biden at the time of his vice-presidential mandate in the White House, regarding the Ukrainian gas society Burisma in which his son Hunter worked as a consultant, despite his complete lack of experience in that field.

In the last weeks, it is also clearly emerging how Hunter Biden is intertwined with the Chinese Communist party like his father.

The same sources which published the sex videos of Hunter Biden revealed how the Biden family has been blackmailed and bribed for years by communist China.

China would have images even more compromising with which is blackmailing the Biden family and other democrats who worked also in the Obama administration.

The communist regime would have bribed Joe Biden when he was vice-president in exchange for concessions about the Southern China Sea, which is now the subject of a geopolitical confrontation between Trump and China.

Therefore if Biden wins, China wins and it would have control of the USA. The NWO wouldn’t have more obstacles.

However, this eventuality seems to have few chances.

Trump rallies are crowded like ever, unlike those of Joe Biden who can gather only very small groups of people.

If Trump wins he would have the chance to shed some light on the corruption of the Biden family, but there is also another big scandal which the President wants to pursue, namely Spygate.

The President couldn’t have been clearer with his attorney general, Barr. If Barr will fail to indict Obama and Biden and the Democratic Party establishment involved in this coup attempt, most probably he will be someone else to do that.

Trump has no alternatives. He must hit the system before the system can hit him.

The president in a recent rally has also announced that since November 4 onwards, nobody will ever hear again a word about Covid.

The US will leave this terroristic operation and they will oppose the globalist plans.

Trump then would start his counteroffensive against the New World Order.

In November, a massive battle will be fought between the highest ranks of the élite and freemasonry and president Trump who can also count on the support of Russia.

The outcome of this battle will choose the fate of the whole mankind and the world.

Globalism is ready for everything, but its desperate hurry could reveal that probably this time they will not deliver.

The days of this historical autumn keep running and the moment of the final battle between the forces of the light and those of the darkness is finally approaching.

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  1. Isabella Biasutto

    Articolo fantastico!

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      Grazie Isabella!

      • Keith bolger

        Articolo veramente dettaliato molto ben scritto che racconta esattamente con precisione chirurgica come stanno le cose e cosa purtruppo ci attende. Dobbiamo pregare di piu

  2. Charles Gant MD, PhD

    Great article. Did not much about Climate Change, and the shift from draconian rule over COVID to Al Gore/Ocasio-Cortez the green New Deal. There is one fact that unravels the whole Climate Change argument, which is mostly fabrications and panic-porn. 1/3 of the excess carbon, according to the IPCC (the authority) in the atmosphere, does not come from the burning of fossil fuels – it comes from the destruction of modern agriculture to our soils, namely the SOC (soil organic carbon). It can be and is being quietly restored at far more prodigious rates. All carbon can be sequestered by a process called “Regenerative Agriculture,” many times over. Food is the number one industry in the world, and it solves Climate Change and makes food vastly more nutritious, improving everyone’s immune system, thus mitigating future pandemics. This pulls the rug out from under the WEF.

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      Hello Charles, thanks a lot. So basically the “solutions” offered by the climate change theory are what actually contributed to create the environmental problem. If I’m not wrong, the first group to demonize fossil fuels was indeed the globalist club of Rome in the 70s. The climate change theory is part of their effort to lead us to deindustrialization and population reduction.

  3. Star

    It is very sad and obvious that brainwashing agenda regarding covid works very well. People have lost common sense and normal thinking, relying on what “others” say is good for us all. Green deal means no jobs, no food for the nation, famine just like Stalin did in the past & massive loss of the earth’s population.
    Just like new “president elect” said dark winter is coming……..

    • Linda

      Quando menzioni Rockefeller come fondatore del Club OF Rome, dove hai appreso questa informazione? Sto cercando ovunque ma gli unici fondatori del Club che risultano sono Aurelio Peccei e Alexander King.
      “Questo è esattamente l’obiettivo concepito dal Club of Rome, un club globalista molto influente fondato e finanziato da David Rockefeller, nel suo libro “I limiti della crescita” pubblicato nel 1972.”
      Sto facendo una ricerca e avrei proprio bisogno di questa informazione. Mi puoi aiutare con qualche riferimento?

  4. Jani

    Thank you for information, people are really been scared by the mainstreammedia right now, have been noticing too and that is so wrong! Even here in Finland, little town called Pori, is almost everyone wearing mask.. even when they are driving car by themself. I believe everything is possible now and they can so easily control people with scare now, hope Trrump wins that battle! I wish very best to all of you people.


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