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The final battle between Trump and the NWO is a battle to save the soul of America and the world

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Categorie: Great Awakening

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By Cesare Sacchetti

When Trump’s chief of Staff, Mark Meadows said that the President was meeting with “cabinet members” was not by chance.

Meadows, most likely, chose the words “cabinet members” to convey a message. There is a diarchy in the United States since January 2021.

On one hand, we have the so-called “Biden administration”, which actually doesn’t’ seem to be fully in charge and probably is currently under military supervision.

On the other hand, we have Trump’s shadow government that after January 2021 seems to be still in control of some vital elements of the country, such as the armed forces.

It’s an unprecedented situation that sees the United States in the hands of two Presidents. A situation that unbelievably reminds the prophecy of a pastor, Kim Clement, who foresaw in 2013 that America would be divided between two Presidents at a certain point of its history.

However, in order to better understand what has been happening in the United States and why we’re witnessing a sort of diarchy, we need to step back to January 2021.

That was the moment when the cohabitation of the two Presidents began.

How Trump foiled the coup d’état against him

January 6. This was the day where the false flag of Capitol Hill’s riots took place. As we have seen over the last months, clear proof has emerged about the infiltration of the FBI inside the rioters. Therefore, the riots were most probably an operation conceived by the deep state itself to falsely blame Trump of “fomenting an insurrection”.

On the same day, the Congress committed one of the most shameful betrayals of America’s history by illegitimately recognizing the false victory of Joe Biden and the massive electoral fraud that was perpetrated on the night of November 3.

At this point, everything seemed to be lost. Many analysts and many Trump supporters thought that the deep state won.

There was a crossroads before Trump. One way pointed to Trump’s complete surrender by leaving the White House without taking any extraordinary action to foil the coup.

The other way pointed to a necessary triggering of the Insurrection Act to prevent the illegitimate establishment of the Biden administration.

It turns out that Trump chose a third way, one that could have been even more brilliant and effective than the second option.

A careful reading and interpretation of the Posse Comitatus Act enacted in 1878 and attached to the Insurrection Act could have been Trump’s escape plan to prevent the fall of America.

According to some juridical interpretations, this law doesn’t rule out the possibility of enforcing the extraordinary powers of the Insurrection Act without any public declaration of the President.

In other words, the President can claim these emergency powers by signing the act without informing Congress.

In this way, Trump temporarily delivered the power to the military and weakened the Biden administration, which is deprived of all the powers that the President of the United States is supposed to have.

Likewise, Trump didn’t declare a state of Insurrection in an official way. He avoided a situation of devastating turmoil that had the potential to further split and destabilize the country.

According to some military sources, this is exactly what has been happening in the last months.

Therefore, the militarization of Washington, DC, and the empty government buildings shown by Richard Citizen on Telegram would be perfectly consistent with this scenario.

Washington was militarized for one reason. The military took over. After the signing of the Insurrection Act, it is effectively in charge until the situation about the electoral fraud cannot be definitely solved.

One could be legitimately skeptical about this scenario, but if we look closer at the facts, we will see that this is the most logical explanation of what is occurring now.

Joe Biden is a politician who has been for years on Peking’s payroll. What Biden was supposed to do was what the other Presidents picked by the deep state did. Joe Biden was supposed to stop putting America First by replacing it with the doctrine of China First.

Many of Trump’s supporters are comprehensibly concerned about the expansion of the Chinese Communist dictatorship, but they probably already know that China is none other than a creation of the US deep state.

China’s influence over world economics before the ’90s was negligible. After the collapse of the USSR, the most prominent US-led institutions such as the WTO allowed China to export their cheap and poor-quality products.

A huge flood of money poured in from Wall Street to China. China became the host of many US big corporations.

The Western neoliberal powers wanted China’s economy to explode for one reason. In the globalized world, the Western world must be completely deindustrialized. All the production must be moved to China because then, China becomes the major producer of goods, while the West is reduced as an importer of Chinese products.

This is none other than the essence of the Great Reset, conceived by Klaus Schwab, chairman of the WEF.

What Biden was to do about China was to follow the Great Reset agenda. He didn’t.

The Financial Times, the newspaper of the international finance world, had to realize – not without showing all its frustration – that Biden with China is doing what Trump wanted to do.

Sanctions against Peking have been increasing. China is so irritated that it even canceled a diplomatic meeting with its US counterpart.

The other task of Joe Biden was to speed up the COVID authoritarian world. The mission of the Democratic candidate was, as John Kerry said, to pave the way to a two-class society.

On one hand, the vaccinated people would be those who are rewarded with the “benefit” of some basic rights, such as participating in public events.

On the other hand, the unvaccinated people would be those who are banned from exerting their basic freedoms just because they didn’t comply with the orders of the globalist authoritarianism.

This is not happening. Not only have many US states lifted all COVID restrictions but they also have banned the enforcement of the so-called green pass.

The United States is distancing itself from the Great Reset agenda, unlike the European Union that is marching towards the New World Order.

This reveals another relevant fact. The Euro-Atlantic block, which was the main pillar of the post-WW2 liberal order, has not been recomposed.

America and Western Europe are more distant than ever.

Therefore, this could be defined as the first part of Trump’s plan to stop the deep state and save America.

The second part of the plan: expose the fraud

The second part of this plan concerns the electoral audits. We saw that the Maricopa Audit is already showing proof of massive voter fraud. Arizona Senator, Wendy Rogers, has recently launched a petition to ask the recall of the state electors sent to Washington.

The same idea was embraced by Georgia Senator Brandon Beach who suggested that his State could recall the electors once the audits prove the fraud.

The magic number is 3. Once there are at least three states that summon their electors back, the electoral fraud against Trump is completely collapsed.

It is at that point that the way for Trump’s return is paved. It still has to be ascertained if Trump could be reinstated directly once the audits prove the fraud or if he needs to be elected through a new election.

In any case, it would be a win-win situation. Trump would be President in any case.

The deep state is already showing clear signs of panic. The recent article signed by Anne Applebaum for the “The Atlantic” is a perfect example of this fear.

The article is entitled The MyPillow guy really could destroy democracy”. Of course, it is important to point out something about this title. When the MSM claims that someone could destroy democracy, it actually means to restore it.

Everything is upside down in the deep state world. White is black and good is evil and vice versa.

However, the article is pretty ludicrous. On one hand, Applebaum claims that there’s no such thing as an “electoral fraud” but on the other she claims that Lindell could do harm in the conference about the fraud which he’s holding in these days.

Lindell said that he’s going to show America and the world conclusive proof of the massive voter fraud that occurred in 2020.

The panic reaction of the deep state tells us that he’s probably right. The recent results of the analysis performed by Seth Keshel, a former member of the US army and electoral expert, seem to back Lindell’s claims.

Eight million votes would be switch from Trump to Biden on the night of November 3. Trump himself reported the stunning conclusions of Keshel’s research and urged to “do something immediately.”

The fraud is simply too big to be hidden. More and more proofs are emerging day after day.

The third part of the plan: expose the cabal

The final and third part of Trump’s plan for becoming President again is to bring down the bigwigs of the deep state who conspired to oust him from the White House.

In this regard, Andrew Cuomo’s case seems to have all the potential to affect the New York Democratic mob, which has been persecuting Trump with a witch hunt made by bogus probes.

Several women have come forward and denounced the abuses of New York Governor Cuomo. Trump has already understood the huge implications of this scandal when he said that “it’s going to be a hot couple of weeks in Albany.”

Cuomo has no intention to leave office. In his rebuttal document, he attached pictures of Democrat politicians who touch people in public.

His not-so-hidden message was quite clear. If you dump me, you’re going down with me.

Therefore, if Cuomo’s bomb explodes a lot of Democrats could be hit by the shock waves.

Another very big scandal involves Howard Rubin, former right arm of George Soros.

Several women have accused Rubin of abuse and rape. In one of his BDSM sessions, Rubin cried against one of his victims and threatened her by saying that he was going to rape her as he “rapes his daughter.”

Therefore, Rubin could be also the sexual tyrant of his own daughter.

This situation could badly affect Soros’ reputation. Moreover, if Rubin sees no other choice than to collaborate with the authorities, he could also blow the whistle about Soros’ potential involvement in other scandals, hoping in this way to reduce his sentence.

However, the third big fish involved by another tricky situation could be one of the masterminds of the COVID terrorist operation: Bill Gates.

Gates has recently released an interview to CNN where he felt the need to apologize for his dinners with the billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Gates’ interview is quite puzzling. Why all of a sudden, has the Microsoft owner felt the urge to apologize for something that happened 10 years ago?

Moreover, Epstein died two years ago. The answer to these strange statements could come from Melinda Gates.

Melinda Gates filed a divorce from her husband, Bill back in March. Some media leaked that Melinda would file this request because she was embarrassed by his husband’s intimacy with a pedophile.

This is also weird. Melinda Gates has neither shown any embarrassment about this, nor she has ever leaked to the media any potential malcontent about it.

Probably Melinda has distanced herself from Gates before some big scandal related to Epstein could emerge and damage her reputation too.

Likewise, Gates’ behavior seems to reveal that something obscene is about to come out about him and Epstein.

Hence the sudden urge to distance himself after many years of friendship with the pedophile who worked for the Mossad.

However, what we are seeing is the final chapter of the battle between Trump and the New World Order.

This is a battle that started many years ago when the cabal lost the control of America.

Trump’s election was unexpected and unforeseen. The plan was to get Hillary Clinton elected and then trigger the Great Reset.

Trump’s election foiled all of the deep state’s plans and now the globalist power is desperately trying to reconquer America.

This nation is at the center of a huge spiritual battle. On one hand, there is Trump and the military who want to free America from the lethal hold of globalism.

On the other hand, there is the deep state and families like the Rothschilds who are struggling to get back the control of the first world superpower.

Like Lincoln, Trump is facing the same powers who wanted to rule America 150 years ago. But this time is even more crucial.

Not only does America’s fate hang in the balance, but also the fate of the entire world.

America has been used for decades to fulfill the plans of the international cabal and now America has turned to be a bulwark against these powers.

The United States was a mainspring of the New World Order and now it is the “katechon”, the political power that, along with Russia, is preventing the final manifestation of the Antichristic tyrannical figure that one day will rule the world.

The fate, or the Divine Providence, has probably inspired this historical change.

Now we’re already seeing the signs of this final battle. According to OAN, military troop movements were reported in several areas of the country.

Former military intelligence analyst, Roy Potter, confirmed these movements and reported that a Pentagon source ordered the officers to “keep their house in order”. This means that the officers must have sufficient water and food supplies in their own households to face emergency situations.

Globalists will try in any case to trigger the Great Reset even if they don’t have control of America.

They will launch their assault against Western Europe, Australia and Israel.

Even if this means an inevitable failure, they’ll still go for it.

They’re like a wounded animal. They know they’re about to die and they’ll try to do much harm as possible before their final defeat.

The moment of the final showdown is coming.

We must remember that this is much more than politics. This is a battle for the soul of mankind.

As Archbishop Viganò said, only by knowing that this battle involves God against Satan can we win.

We should remember this now more than ever.

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  1. Howard coones

    Great article

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      Thanks a lot, Howard!

    • Karen Walker

      Always good articles. Caution with “Richard Citizen Journalist”. I am local to DC and he exaggerates things claiming boots on the ground perspective. He says things like sandbags for tunnels flooding. Sandbags in the Spring, when we get torrential rains help keep the metro from flooding. Every local also knows the water pipes infrastructure is too old and pipes break. He says, Metro empty and hardly runs. It runs every 18 min off peak and more on rush hour. Gov workers not crowding the system true. But DC is far from deserted and empty like he says. That’s complete nonsense. “Karen Walker”

      • Cesare Sacchetti

        Thanks a lot, Karen! If you want to join me on my Telegram channel, this is the account: @CesareSacchettiEngl

  2. Tim Shey

    Excellent article. God bless you for all the research and work that you do, Cesare.

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      Thanks a lot, Tim. Blessings from Italy ????

  3. Greg Pinuelas


  4. Susan Roesser

    This is an excellent article summarizing what we’ve been experiencing for many years. I will share with those who have still not quite awakened.

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      Thanks a lot, Susan ????

  5. Oluwole Macarthy

    You keep much-needed therapeutic hope alive. Thank you. No harm will come your way and those of yours. Amen.

    You may wish to know that once a Chinese personality opined that the recent transfer of power in Afghanistan was smoother than that of January 20, 2021 in U.S.A “the plan” is come to fruition as America is God’s own country.

    Always remember that DJT means Divine Judgement Time. And the time is here. God’s judgement no appeal.

  6. Tim Shey

    Cesare: Here is some very interesting news from the United States. The FBI raided the homes of journalists who work for Operation Veritas the same day that Igor Danchenko was arrested. Danchenko was a top Clinton family insider.

    FBI and Southern District of New York Raid Project Veritas Journalists’ Homes

    • Cesare Sacchetti

      Hi Tim, yes I saw that. It doesn’t look like a coincidence the fact that this raid took place the same day of Danchenko’s indictment. On one hand, they are trying to divert the attention from the Durham probe. On the other, they are sending a warning to the journalists who are troubling the deep state.

  7. Cheryl Lindsey

    Thank you for giving us the truth and helping us stick together in these horrible and troubling times. I am so proud to be on the winning side which will always be on the side with God. The words that God will protect us and has our back, means so much to me to hear another say it. I am not perfect but God is guiding me and I am always trying to obey him and listen! I have seen the proof, he has personnally saved me from harm at least twice that I’m aware of by telling me exactly what I should do and when in two different very innocent situations. We must all stay together and be God’s army of Christians!


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