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The final attack of the NWO to Italy and the fall which will change the history of the world

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by Cesare Sacchetti

Last Saturday night there was a really unusual queue of institutional cars parked under Mario Draghi’s apartment in Rome.

The media didn’t disclose the names of the participants of this meeting, but it is not hard to guess that there were many important representatives of the Italian political establishment.

This meeting seems to be very close to a round of informal preliminary talks held by the former ECB governor in order to discuss his next eventual and likely assignment to Palazzo Chigi, the headquarters of the Italian government

Mario Draghi indeed speaks and acts already as if he was the Italian incumbent prime minister.

Before this unusual reunion, he held a speech in Rimini during the annual conference organized by the Catholic progressive movement of “Comunione e Liberazione” (Communion and Liberation).

On this occasion, Draghi harshly condemned those who endangered the future of younger generations.

Perhaps the man of Goldman Sachs should look in the mirror  in order to find out who deprived the Italian youth of their stability and economic wellbeing.

Mario Draghi was indeed the most ruthless agent of the New World Order neoliberal agenda.

On June 2. 1992, aboard the yacht Britannia (hosted by the Queen Elizabeth) it was Draghi who practically sold out the best Italian public industries.

During that infamous night, Draghi in his official role of general director of the Italian minister of Treasury, gifted the Italian industrial jewels to the sharks of the Anglo-Saxon financital world.

And it was once again Draghi who gave the green light to the economic devastation of Greece. As ECB governor, he chose to “save the euro” over the Greek people who became victims of the most brutal application of neo-liberal austerity ever seen in Europe.

Now, the former governor, spoke again at the European Congress of Cardiology.

This time, Draghi said that the only “solution” to the Covid crisis is the development of  a vaccine along with mass tests and contact tracing.

The post-Covid 19 society is one in which the world population is completely under the control of this new authoritarian global dictatorship.

Whoever has still the gift of reasoning and free thinking, will have no problem in understanding this – that under the false guise of the so-called “health emergency” –  the real objective of this artificial crisis is to mold a society which completely reflects the one world government plan desired by the globalist cabal.

Those who call “negationists” the free thinkers who just dare to show the numbers which prove that there is no such a thing as a Covid crisis, except an incredibly huge of asymptomatic cases and some colds, are the same people who don’t say a word about how the entire general attention was hijacked by a weak virus, while many patients are dying for all the other illness which are still the overwhelming majority.

At this point, it seems clear that the Covid-19 crisis was engineered in order to give birth to the one world government, exactly as Jacque Attali, a man very close to the Bilderberg group and to the higher echelons of the NWO, had prophesied in 2009.

The establishment is getting rid of Conte: Draghi will execute the last part of the NWO

Draghi is perfectly aware of this plan, and he perfectly knows that it was him, not Conte, who was chosen to execute the final part of the globalist agenda in Italy.

There were many warnings of this scheme in these past months.

It was the name of the former ECB governor that was echoing in the palaces of the Italian Parliament the last year.

The first party to endorse him was the League, when Giorgetti and Salvini praised him as a very good choice to become the next Italian PM.

Meanwhile, behind the curtains, Draghi kept working to pave his way to Palazzo Chigi.

Then the consensus towards Draghi reached the Democratic Party and the Five Stars Movement until finally even Bergoglio showed his support after the Pontiff gave Draghi a very prestigious assignment at the Academy of Social Sciences.

This is a very important circumstance to take into account because the anti-Catholic and masonic deep Church was fully backing Conte until a few months ago.

It is not by chance that the media began to turn their backs to the former “lawyer of the people.” All of a sudden, in the mainstream media appeared articles which showed a critical stance toward the incumbent Italian PM.

The Italian newspaper La Repubblica, with an incredible timing, leaked a study, already in the hands of the Italian government the last February, according to which the coronavirus could have caused a collapse of the hospitals and therefore it recommended to enforce very severe lockdowns since the beginning.

The operation which the establishment is running is as simple as it is diabolic. They are getting rid of Conte, blaming him for not having acted promptly to contain the effects of the virus.

In this way, they will reach two goals with a single move. They will remove Conte who has become useless and whose unpopularity has exponentially grown, and at the same time they will keep conveying the idea that the Covid-19 is a lethal virus, despite the autopsies performed in Bergamo and Milan which  had provenbeyond a doubt that the coronavirus is not deadly at all and patients had died because of wrong therapies.

But if an inquiry was to be opened about this horrible truth, it would be necessary to investigate the entire Italian health system and the consequences for the establishment would be simply too risky.

It is certainly more convenient to keep showing the masses the virus boogey man and blame Conte who has failed to properly manage this overrated threat.

When this inevitable moment arrives, the media, which fully backed Conte before, will feed him to the outraged people.

Globalism will not rise before massive chaos

However, Draghi will not take over before great chaos and turbulences happen.

Freemasonry has been following an accurate strategy since centuries and creates on purpose dramatic events in order to get to the intended goal.

Ordo ab chaos is indeed one of its favorite mottos.

The more days pass, the more it is getting closer to the moment in which the economic bomb will explode.

The Italian media have tried to say that the GDP collapse of this year which is -12,8% is the worst since 1995, but this is not true.

In order to find such a disastrous data, it is necessary to go back to 1945, during WW2.

The health terrorism in this matter has been perfect to recreate the conditions of a war economy. This will be the weapon to put the masses with their backs against the wall and force them to accept the new global authoritarianism ordered by the élite.

In this context, the crisis is the real mainspring. They are the political processes used by the cabal since many decades to take major leaps toward the world government.

The coronavirus has this main purpose and it is being used to change Italy and the world.

This nation keeps playing a fundamental role because it is the cradle of Christianity and the New World Order will not be able to see the daylight without having first erased from the face of the Earth this religion.

Globalism indeed is the negation of God. It is a storm of satanic disvalues which is ruining the international society under the social and economic profile, but above all under the ethical and spiritual one.

In simpler words, the idea to build a new tower of Babel above the nations is an act of war against God.

Draghi, therefore comes in this final phase under the false guise of a Messiah sent by the cabal and he will have the mission to drain the nation completely of its last vital resources in order to lead it toward the United States of Europe.

It was one of the most renowned representatives of the establishment who explained it, namely Winston Churchill during a Copenhagen conference held before 5000 attendants.

On that occasion, the former British PM clearly said that the ultimate goal is an authoritarian all-powerful world order, but to reach this aim is necessary before to create the United States of Europe.

Without Italy, this plan is practically impossible.

What is coming is an unprecedented wave of chaos and violence created out of the economic crisis accurately prepared by the élite, and the masses will be completely overwhelmed by this disastrous scenario.

This situation will trigger the instability desired by the system to deliver the country to Draghi and depict him as a “savior”.

In that moment, Mario Draghi will finish the job he began in 1992 aboard the Britannia.

Understanding the spiritual side of this battle is more important than ever

Many people are asking what can possibly be done in order to prevent such as a catastrophic scenario.

In order to truly understand the real nature of the New World Order, it must be taken into account its satanic feature.

Hence why it is more important than ever to strengthen one’s own spiritual armor to be ready to face what is coming.

Whoever has the gift of faith knows that this evil and foolish plan which seeks the destruction of the nations is doomed to fail.

Harsh trials lay ahead, but who will endure until the end and will not let the dark forces prevail will be greatly rewarded.

On the contrary, by just considering the materialistic side of the New World Order, it is impossible to catch the bigger picture.

The Covid crisis is not meant mainly to make money. The élites which rule the system control the banking business and therefore they have the power to create money out of thin air.

There are certainly the lower ranks of globalism which aim to create a profit out of it, but always observing the will of the higher powers.

It is certainly desirable to hope that these plans fail, maybe through the intervention of those politicians opposed to them, like Trump and Putin who are not ready to kneel before the feet of these élites.

But it is at the same time vital to comprehend the deeper and spiritual sense of this war.

Archbishop Viganò excellently explained it in several occasions. Most recently he replied to a 16 year old boy who asked him what could be done before such evil.

Viganò replied to the boy that whoever follows the Lord’s path will be ready for every incoming event.

When the world seems to be deemed to fall in darkness, then the time will come for the souls who believe to succeed in reviving hope and give new light to the world.

That time certainly will come, but not before going through some major chaos which in order to be faced requires a great deal of spiritual and physical strength.

Who understand all this now will help those who still have not.

It’s a historical moment for the world and for Italy. Freemasonry is ready to do everything in order to favor the birth of its global authoritarianism led by a tyrant who will persecute all who dare to resist.

This battle is a turning point for the life of everyone.

This is the time of choices, those who change the fate of a person for the years to come.

It is necessary to choose on what side of the battle to fight for and one way or another, it will be necessary to take on the responsibilities which whatever those choices imply.

Whoever chooses to deliver their life in the hands of globalism, sooner or later will pay for it; if not before a world tribunal, before a divine one.

Those who choose to resist must be ready to go through pain and suffering; but in the end, will receive a great reward.

Everyone now must take a decision.

Everyone now holds their fate in their own hands.

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  1. Rosalie

    Excellent! Thank you!

  2. Riccardo

    Great article!!
    The only way the new world order can be stop is by the masses going in the streets by millions and show the elite who is in charge of the world future
    We cannot let a small group of greedy bastards dictates the future of the world!!!!
    These people got rich and richer feeding on humanity tragedies
    We the people will stand tall and fight for a future for a better world!!

  3. Fioralba

    le masse devono essere consapevoli e cambiare sistema di credenze, Trump ci sta aiutando moltissimo a desecretare documenti su russiagate, italygate ecc. La verità ci renderà liberi!


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