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The deep state diversions on Italygate and the disinformation campaign that depicts Draghi as Trump’s ally

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by Cesare Sacchetti

If you were to listen to the latest interviews released by Maria Zack for the Stew Peters Show, you could be quite puzzled by the unreal statements made by the Nations in Action chairman.

Before explaining why some of these statements are unreal, it is necessary to briefly sum up the Italygate scandal.

Italygate is the case that allegedly involves the Italian government in the electoral fraud against Trump. For those who do not know of Italygate, these are the allegations made by several sources on this case.

On the night of November 3, a massive cyberattack to switch votes from Trump to Biden would take place at the US Embassy in Rome.

The operation was directed by General Claudio Graziano, president of the EU military committee, and Stephan Serafini, a former US State department employee.

Leonardo, a major Italian defense company leader in the aerospace sector, allegedly provided one of its satellites to switch the votes from one candidate, Trump, to the other, Biden.

The hacker who would technically run this operation is Arturo D’Elia, a professional cyber consultant who had worked for NATO, the District Attorney office of Naples and Leonardo itself.

Sources close to Italygate claim that the political side of the fraud was organized by Barack Obama, the mastermind of Spygate in 2016, assisted by his Italian counterpart, the former Italian PM, Matteo Renzi, who was accused by George Papadopoulos of also having orchestrated the illegal espionage in 2016 with the former US President.

This is the recap of the story. Maria Zack is the chairman of “Nations in Action” who later revealed what was exposed before by other sources.

Now one could legitimately ask why Maria Zack’s latest allegations were previously defined as “unreal”.

The reason is simple. During her latest interviews, Zack said that “Draghi’s government is phenomenal compared to Conte” and this statement contradicts what she herself has been saying about Italygate so far.

Perhaps she’s now aware that in this government there are those who, according to her own version, planned the electoral coup against Donald Trump.

Draghi’s government is composed by the Democratic Party, the Five Stars Movement, Matteo Salvini’s League, Renzi’s political party, Italia Viva, and Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi’s party.

How can Zack praise those who, based upon her own version, allowed the biggest cyber-attack of all times against Donald Trump?

However, there are also some relevant ties between Draghi and Italygate, which Zack “strangely” failed to mention to her listeners.

Draghi’s relation with Italygate and Leonardo

Draghi appointed two Leonardo members in his government. The first is the Italian physician Leonardo, who was appointed minister for the Ecological Transition. Cingolani was appointed in 2019 by Leonardo as Chief Technology & Innovation Officer (CTO) of the company. In a company specialized in the aerospace sector, this role is extremely important.

Mr. Cingolani is also known in Italy to be a figure quite close to the globalist circles.

In this regard, it could be mentioned his participation in 2016 at the annual event of the Trilateral Commission, founded by the Rockefeller family. In this event, there were also other prominent Italian figures such as Maria Elena Boschi, former Italian Minister for the Constitutional Reforms and very close to Matteo Renzi. Monica Maggioni, former president of the Italian public TV, RAI, and also a Bilderberg group member. and Yoram Gutgeld, an Israeli-Italian Democratic Party politician with ties to the Zionist lobby also attended.

Cingolani was also hosted at “Leopolda”, an Italian event organized by Matteo Renzi. To better understand the philosophy of Draghi’s appointed minister, it is certainly helpful to quote an extract of his speech held in a Vatican conference dedicated to the Artificial Intelligence topic.

We could have a new species, composed by millions of robots with a unified collective intelligence, of which there’s no biologic equivalent. Now there are 7 billion humans, and everyone is a bit crazy. Tomorrow we could have a million robots with only one brain.”

With this single statement, Cingolani is advocating for a society founded upon the principles of transhumanism, which basically aims for a fusion between man and machine, and as the Italian minister himself hints, man would lose his uniquely human traits in this kind of society.

This society will be controlled by a central unified computer, which will transmit orders through microchip implants to the masses in all the world.

However, Cingolani was still Leonardo’s CTO at the time of Italygate, and undoubtedly Draghi picked a crucial member of Leonardo in his government.

This doesn’t sound very “phenomenal” to me at all. Now let’s take a look at the second man picked by Draghi. Antonio Funiciello is also related to Leonardo as well.

In October 2020, Antonio Funiciello was appointed director of Leonardo’s magazine “Civiltà delle Macchine” by the Leonardo Foundation.

Draghi chose Funiciello to be his chief of staff. It is interesting to note that both Draghi (the former ECB President) and Paolo Gentiloni (the former Italian PM) gave Funiciello (a former Leonardo employee) the same exact role.

Interestingly, Gentiloni was the man who appointed the present Leonardo CEO, Alessandro Profumo. Gentiloni was later given a position in Conte’s government.

Recently, Profumo was convicted in a first-degree trial for false business statements to six years of jail.

However, at the time of Italygate, Funiciello was still working for Leonardo.

So these are some very important ties between Leonardo, Italygate and Draghi’s government, which have been “strangely” ignored by Maria Zack, who instead gave high praise to Draghi’s government.

Moreover, she has also ignored the fact that within this government there is the whole Italian deep state, including the Democratic Party and the Five Stars Movement, the parties that backed Conte during his alleged involvement with Italygate, and Salvini’s Lega party, who did not say a word about this huge scandal.

There are three possible explanations to Zack’s stance. The first hypothesis is that Italygate is just a hoax, which is what the mainstream media claims.

The second hypothesis is that Maria Zack is ignorant of the dynamics of Italian politics. But if that is the case on what grounds can she claim that Draghi is better than Conte, while the former is dragging Italy towards the Great Reset exactly as the latter did?

The third hypothesis is that Maria Zack is deliberately conveying the false idea that Draghi is Trump’s ally and therefore, part of the Q plan.

This last hypothesis seems to be sustained by what the chairman of “Nations in Action” said on the Doug Siblings radio show, The Right Side. During that interview, Zack claimed that an Italian party called “Repubblica” (Republic) would favor the birth of Draghi’s government, which she called “conservative”.

There is only one problem with this story. There is no such thing as an Italian party called “Repubblica” in the Italian Parliament. Basically, “Repubblica” doesn’t exist. Moreover, Draghi’s government is far from a conservative one. Draghi’s government is a large coalition government, where almost every Italian party is on board, including the Democrats and the FSM, which according to own Zack’s version, allowed Conte to execute Italygate.

At this point, one should consider the probability of the three hypotheses mentioned previously.

The first option can be discarded because Italygate is not a hoax and other, very reliable sources involved in the investigation have confirmed it to this blog. According to these sources that are conducting the investigation, Maria Zack is not involved in any way, shape or form whatsoever.

The second option seems improbable because if Maria Zack is ignorant of the dynamics and intricacies of the Italian political system, then one could ask her why she goes around pretending to be an absolute expert on Italy, especially when she mentions a party called “Repubblica”, which does not even exist.

Only the third option is left and in this scenario, Maria Zack is deliberately mixing truth with lies.

Above all, she is particularly trying to push the false and imaginary change favored by Draghi’s government, depicted as a man ready to help Trump.

However, this disinformation campaign wasn’t conceived in the United States. It was conceived in Italy.

There are circles to Salvini’s party, Freemasonry and the Italian secret services that are trying to convey the idea of an imaginary Draghi’s conversion who would be Trump’s ally. There is reason for this assertion.

Everything dates back to last year, when some “journalists” close to Salvini began to speak about  Draghi’s alleged change of heart. Imagine that. Draghi, a known EU bureaucrat, now turning into a “patriot”.

Of course, there was no change of heart. Draghi hasn’t changed one bit. Draghi himself assisted in the spreading of this hoax by writing an article in the Financial Times, which didn’t have anything of patriotic value whatsoever.

In his article, Draghi recommended a generic expansion of the public debt, without mentioning the two essential conditions needed to enact this policy. The first condition is the issue of a national currency, which is not possible with the euro because the members of the European currency cannot print money at will.

The second condition is the control of the central bank.

Facts disproved Draghi’s conversion story, because as soon as the former ECB President was sworn in as the new Italian PM, he started to faithfully execute the Great Reset agenda.

Another anti-patriotic action Draghi has taken is the distribution of the experimental vaccines which cause serious side effects. This rollout is proceeding at a fast pace.

Draghi has already enforced the green pass, without which movements between the Italian regions can be limited.

Despite the overwhelming proof that Draghi is dragging Italy towards the Great Reset as conceived by the WEF President, Klaus Schwab, this disinformation campaign that pretends Draghi is a “patriot” goes on.

However, these diversions are not something new in Italy. There were other deep state operatives who tried to depict Conte as Trump’s ally, while Conte was the politician who opened the doors of Italy and Europe to China by signing the Belt and Road Initiative in March 2019.

Other deep state operatives tried to say that the present Italian minister of Foreign Affairs, Di Maio, was part of the Q plan in Italy. Di Maio is just a henchman of the globalist cabal that directed all the latest Italian governments.

The fact is that every single one of this operative has its political reference, which can be either the Five Stars Movement (if one pretends that Conte is Trump’s ally), or the League (if one pretends that Draghi is Trump’s ally instead).

Obviously, none of these politicians belongs to Q or is close to Trump. They are all men faithful to the tenets of Freemasonry and to the Italian deep state, and one does not have to consider hidden scenarios to reach this conclusion.

It is necessary to look at their stories and at their political deeds. Draghi replaced Conte as the new Italian PM, but both of them were enforcing the same agenda. Their agenda is to usher in the New World Order in Italy.

Draghi was chosen to enforce the vaccine campaign but above all, he was called to deal with the economic sell off of Italy by tying Italy to the noose of the EU Recovery Fund (RF). When Italy will be forced to pay the interests of the RF loans along with the enforcement of tough austerity measures, the liquidation of the country will begin.

After all, Draghi is the infamous man of Britannia, the British boat where in 1992, as general director of the Italian Ministry of Economics, he sold off the entire Italian public industry to the international banks.

Draghi was chosen, in other words, because he is a specialist of liquidations thanks to which he achieved a brilliant carrier in the international finance world, especially with Goldman Sachs, the NY bank responsible for several frauds.

Therefore, the goal of these deep state disinformation agents is simple. They have to depict the members of the Italian globalist cabal as men faithful to Trump, a man struggling against the NWO.

In this way, people in Italy who sincerely wish to follow Trump instead end up in the arms of his enemies.

It’s a vicious way to sterilize the political consensus of those who are seeking some solid points of reference against globalism.

At this point, one could wonder what does Maria Zack have to do with all this? Most importantly, where does this mysterious woman come from?

Maria Zack didn’t exist publicly until January 2020. The first who exposed Italygate was Bradley Johnson, a former CIA agent, and this blog was the first in Italy and in the world to speak about the involvement of the Italian government in the fraud against Trump.

Maria Zack, chairman of NIA, came out of nowhere on January 6, in an audio interview where she spoke with other persons and added other details to the story already shared by Johnson.

In this audio, Zack specifically mentions Daniele Capezzone, an Italian journalist, who was defined by her as a “great reporter”.

Now one wonders how could Zack from the US know of Capezzone, unless the two met or spoke on previous occasions.

It is interesting to note how Zack just happens to specifically mentions an Italian journalist who in Italy is considered very close to Salvini’s party. Salvini’s party, Lega was the party that tried to push more than all other Italian political parties on the hoax of Draghi’s conversion.

It’s really a strange “coincidence”, especially if one considers that the American political activist is trying to convey the fake story of Draghi’s “phenomenal” government.

In conclusion, there’s great confusion happening to muddy the political waters. Professional disinformation agents are hard at work and they’re trying to deceive the public on who really wants to fight the cabal.

The only thing to do in this chaos is to look at the facts and look at the political actions made by Draghi, which are completely aligned with the globalist plan.

If one then is looking for an Italian figure close to Trump, there is already one. His name is Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

This is not a hypothesis. This is a fact. Viganò is the only Italian prestigious public figure who officially spoke with President Trump, who was said to be honored of having received his letter.

Archbishop Viganò himself has clearly defined the true nature of Draghi’s government, which is a globalist weapon of mass destruction conceived to destroy Italy.

However, all this disinformation campaign is a positive sign. If the deep state is struggling to deceive the masses, it probably means that it fears Trump’s return and they’re trying to paralyze the dissent.

It will be pointless. It will be Trump himself who will wipe away all these lies and the first who will go down will be Draghi’s government and the entire Italian political system that conspired to overthrow Donald Trump.

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