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Coup d’état in the US: the New World Order doesn’t want to let America go. Trump is ready to counterstrike

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by Cesare Sacchetti

Apparently, everything was proceeding without any particular trouble. The ballot counting in the middle of the American electoral night was flowing regularly.

All of a sudden, something unpredictable happened. In the five key states which can swing the election and determine who will be the next US president, the poll-watchers stopped counting.

Every one of them, at the same exact moment.

Had the counting proceeded without interruptions, the incumbent President would have easily reached the threshold of 270 electoral votes needed in order to stay at the White House.

An order was given. Stop counting.

It was necessary to prevent the probable victory of Trump. In that moment it was put in motion what could be probably defined as the biggest electoral fraud machine ever seen in the United States.

Joe Biden, the democratic champion of gaffes, confessed involuntarily what has been planned before the election.

He said that his party and the deep state had put together the “most extensive inclusive voter fraud organization” in history.

As soon as the counting was stopped and when the mail ballots appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the night, it wasn’t hard to realize what Joe Biden meant.

In Wisconsin, after the polls were closed 164,000 mail votes arrived and every one of them went to Joe Biden. 100%. Biden seems to be the first political candidate in history able to leave his political opponents with zero votes.

In Michigan, another key state, other 200,000 mail votes arrived and, “surprisingly”, every vote was for Joe Biden.

Apparently, all the electors who voted by mail ballot “strangely” are Biden’s electors.

The suspect of a massive electoral fraud became very solid.

Trump almost immediately held a press conference and exposed what was happening.

Never in US history was the vote counting simultaneously suspended in five different states and illegal votes which were supposed to be excluded were included in the count.

The extension of this fraud seems to have dimensions even bigger than what was already seen.

There is evidence of a person who passed away in 1984 having sent a mail in ballot. A person, who if alive today, would be around 120 year-old.

The electoral fraud machine which wants to put Joe Biden in the White House at every cost has the power to resuscitate dead people and make them vote for the democratic candidate.

The same representatives of this party stated their intentions before the election.

Nancy Pelosi, who illegally tried to impeach Donald Trump, clearly said that regardless of the vote count, Biden would be the next president of the US.

Therefore, the deep state had already taken its decision.

In a way or the other, Trump has to leave the White House.

The plans of the system were already shared in the past months. The think-tank Transition Integrity Project elaborated a scenario that involved the role of the armed forces in case Trump would have refused to leave the White House after his electoral defeat.

The defeat, in their minds, would be the direct consequence of electoral fraud.

The deep state perfectly knew that Trump would not have accepted the fraud and that he would have fought against it. The Washington hawks to “solve” this problem have planned the deployment of military unfaithful elements which would forcibly remove the commander in chief.

Therefore, the coup attempt is already taking place and it was accurately planned with the mainstream media which are playing a key role in its realization.

The mainstream media are indeed completely censoring the proofs of the ongoing fraud, and, at the same time, are conveying the false message of an imminent victory of Joe Biden without the minimum shade of irregularity.

The social networks are part of this plan, when in this precise moment are censoring the tweets of the president of the United States.

It’s a pincer movement. Every part of the system is jointly working to attack Donald Trump and force him to surrender and leave the White House.

However, the President was ready to deal with this coup. He knew that the swamp of the deep state would have tried to remove him by the use of force.

He knew that all the institutions which have been serving globalism since a long time would have tried the greatest subversion plan ever seen in America and in the world.

The President took his countermeasures. In the ballots could have been placed non-radioactive isotopes watermarks which can distinguish the original ballots from the false in circulation.

Sources very close to the Trump administration leaked the information that the proofs of this plot are simply enormous and that the President will solve the issue in a matter of 1-2 weeks before the competent courts.

Trump will not allow the deep state to steal the election from him. The commander in chief knew in advance that they would have attempted this fraud and he allowed it to happen.

Now he will have the chance to show before the whole world how corrupt is the system and will give a final lethal blow to the traitors hidden in the public institutions.

Trump, more simply, gave enough rope to the deep state to hang itself.

The New World Order doesn’t want to lose America

However, this is the desperate and maybe last final backlash of a system deeply corrupt and infected.

Globalism has unleashed its all fury and give the order to its moles infiltrated in every national institution to overthrow the result of the vote.

Globalism is trying its last desperate gamble in order to try to get back control of America.

Its plan didn’t consider that the White House could be held by a man who would put an end to the false duopoly of Presidents selected in the secret rooms of the Bilderberg Group or in the Californian woods of the Bohemian Grove club, to which belong at least 5 US former presidents.

America has firmly been for decades in the hands of the New World Order.

This cabal composed of financial, economic, industrial and military powers have hijacked the course of this nation.

Before the end of WW2, freemasonry already planned that America would have had the mission to lead the world towards the New World Order.

Manly P. Hall, one of the most powerful freemasons in the world wrote a book in 1944 whose title is “The secret destiny of America”.

The secret destiny of this nation was to be the leader of the globalist agenda.

The economic and military superpower of this country have been weaponized against the nations who didn’t want to obey to Washington’s orders.

The deep state has been the armed wing which had the mission to overthrow the foreign government and invade the countries who didn’t want to serve the interests of the globalist cabal.

American interventionism has been a direct consequence of the globalist agenda.

There was a need of a military and economic giant able to crush all those who would have been an obstacle toward the realization of the New World Order.

The masonic power picked America for this goal.

Whoever tried to resist against Washington paid a high price.

Salvador Allende, president of Chile, was overthrown in 1973 through a military coup orchestrated by the CIA and overseen by Henry Kissinger, secretary of State under the Nixon administration, because the Chilean president had nationalized the national reserves of brass.

Aldo Moro, president of the Italian Christian Democrats and former minister of the Foreign Affairs, was kidnapped and killed by the Red Brigades after having received death threats by the same Kissinger who considered him a major impediment for the globalist agenda planned for Italy by the Club of Rome.

The Club of Rome, a very powerful globalist group founded by Rockefeller, decided in the early 70s that Italy would have been deindustrialized and depopulated in order to favor the definitive arising of the NWO, which considers the survival of the cradle of world Christianity and Ancient Rome a major obstacle for the realization of its plan.

Therefore the history of the United States is about a nation hijacked by a handful of corrupt politicians whose only mission is to serve this agenda.

In other words, the USA has been unfortunately the hitman of globalism.

The Trump presidency has basically been the divorce of America from globalism.

The British magazine, The Economist, owned by the powerful Rothschild banking family and by the Elkanns, clearly stated this some time ago.

Trump’s permanence in the White House compromises the continuation of the NWO.

The same Donald Trump explained why in a UN assembly, the organization which in the globalist scenario would lay the foundations for the future world government.

Trump in that occasion said that the mission of a nation was to stand up for its sovereignty, nor to give it up in order to satisfy a supranational interest.

Above all, the American president pointed out that it was necessary to defend the nations from global governance but also from other “new forms of coercion and domination.”

It’s a speech which has some extraordinary analogies with another held by Salvador Allende in 1971, once again before the UN.

The President of Chile said that a new enemy was arising in the international community.

An enemy who didn’t have the features of a national power, but rather those of an occult cabal formed by the banking, industrial and military powers.

It is this cabal which is threatening the life and the prosperity of the nations and whose final aim is to enslave whole mankind.

This system composed of the major families of international bankers, particularly the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, and by all the groups financed by them, as the Aspen Institute and the Council of Foreign Relations, is the most dangerous threat looming over the world and the people of all nations.

The ideology that inspires these families and these groups is deeply antichristian and openly recalls the satanic religion.

The contemporary epoch is one in which are emerging in broad daylight the rituals of Satanism.

The repugnant practice of pedophilia, once banned, begins to be openly acknowledged.

Everywhere there are references to Satanism and there are also media which praise the Church of Satan, founded by Anton La Vey, an occultist considered very close to the Hollywood industry.

This system is now ready to do everything in its power in order to reach his final aim and it has recently announced the last part of its plan.

The Great Reset will not be possible without the US

Globalism wants the Great Reset of the private debts which would be the definitive way to strip mankind of his personal goods and finally get to the end of private property.

Those who will reject it will be deported in concentration camps until they will not accept these conditions and the mandatory inoculation of the vaccine.

The last step towards the NWO leads to complete enslavement.

This ideology doesn’t tolerate any dissent. There’s no free will in this world, but only robots deprived of their intellectual faculties and only able to execute orders, even the most brutal and meaningless.

In order to reach the finalization of this authoritarian plan, it is necessary to regain the White House.

The Great Reset cannot happen if the American nation will definitely leave globalism and it will use its power to prevent the fall of the world into the hands of the most oppressive and criminal totalitarianism of the whole history of mankind.

This is the reason why there is an ongoing coup in the US. It is the last desperate subversive move that this occult cabal is trying to force the hand.

The coronavirus operation has opened a window of opportunity which the system was aiming to since a long time.

David Rockefeller in 1994 before the UN said that all it was needed to usher the NWO was a major crisis which would have forced the nations to accept this agenda.

That crisis has come. The Covid terroristic operation could be defined as the 9/11 of the entire world.

But time is ticking. Klaus Schwab, one of the most prominent representatives of the Davos Forum, another very important globalist group, said that the “pandemics” opened a “narrow window of opportunity”.

That window could be closed soon if Trump stays in the White House.

Therefore the occult forces have unleashed their fury in order to overthrow the incumbent President.

At this moment it is vital to have steady nerves. Archbishop Viganò, in his latest letter, has urged to not allow discouragement.

It was predictable that the opponent would have tried something like this.

This cabal is pure evil and plots every kind of deception to reach its goals.

The battle between the children of light and those of darkness has came to its most important moment.

It is more vital than ever to resist now. The battle between the dark forces will intensify even more in the following days.

The NWO can still be stopped.

The game is not over.

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  1. Mary Bingham

    We the People of America feel raped! This is such corruption!


    Very scary stuff. I believe in and stand behind President Trump. I trust with help of God , who is in control , and the people and President Trump, we will move forward for the good if this great country.


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