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Big Pharma’s Attack against Archbishop Viganò

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By Cesare Sacchetti

It is interesting to reflect for a moment on a recent article published by the weekly magazine Corrispondenza Romana, owned by the Italian professor and historian, Roberto De Mattei, who in recent months was at the center of a ferocious polemical attack against Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

For those of you who missed the previous episodes of what happened then, we remind you briefly that last June [2020], De Mattei published an article in which he essentially put forward the absurd thesis of an Archbishop Viganò who was “managed” or maneuvered by other people.

For those who may be interested in knowing all the detail of this affair, we refer you to some articles which treated the matter at a more in-depth level.

However, what most interests us in this particular case is commenting on the article that De Mattei published [on 15 December] on the front page of his site written by Gywneth Spaeder, an American pediatrician who practices medicine in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The article in question is a long response to Archbishop Viganò and the statements that the former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States has made on many occasions agains the safety of what are improperly being called “vaccines,” and which in reality are experimental serums with a purpose that is very different from the one declared by pharmaceutical producers.

Viganò has also pointed out on several occasions that the administration of these serums is completely incompatible with the dictates of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, since these drugs contain material derived from aborted fetuses, as is well known.

Some have tried to deny this evidence, but in order to confirm that in order to develop these drugs the organs of babies killed in their mothers’ wombs have been used, it is sufficient to simply read the infamous leaflet providing information on the vaccine.

In the document that reports the ingredients used to develop the serum one finds that there are lines of  aborted fetal cells known by the scientific name HEK293.

Spaeder’s article essentially aims at making people believe that Viganò is spreading false information about these medical preparations, which according to the American pediatrician are perfectly safe and entirely effective in preventing coronaviruses.

Now it is not our purpose here to dismantle the enormous quantity of inaccuracies, and in several cases true and proper nonsense, that Spaeder’s article contains.

In order to understand the enormity of what Spaeder is asserting, it is enough to consider that the American doctor calls the serums entirely “safe,” but when one looks at the official documents of the FDA itself (the U.S. drug regulation agency), one learns that these serums caused adverse reactions in 86% of the cases of children who were inoculated during tests.

Spaeder is a pediatrician, and the task of those who work in this branch of medicine should be to protect the health of children in the best possible way and protect them from damage that can be provoked by drugs that they do not even need.

Not to mention the fact that, to date, there are no cases of children who have died from the coronavirus ful anywhere in the world, and it is the official statistics themselves that provide us with confirmation of this.

A doctor who is responsible and conscientious ought to be the first to warn his or her patients about the consequences of drugs that the numbers say are not safe, but in order to be a conscientious and responsible doctor one must be free from any potential conflict of interest with the world of the pharmaceutical companies that now have thousands of doctors on their payrolls all over the world.

When someone is on the payroll of the Bill Gates pharmaceutical cartel, they do not have the interests of their patients at heart but rather those who promptly make the bank transfer to the doctor willing to say that this drug is safe and that it has sensational effects in treating a disease, even if in reality this drug produces exactly the opposite effects from those described by the doctor who is kindly subsidized by groups like Pfizer or AstraZeneca.

In order to understand if Dr. Gwyneth Spaeder is free from conflicts of interest that would undermine her medical judgment, it is necessary to look more closely at her professional career path.

Doctor Spaeder began her studies at the University of Dallas, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Politics. She then completely changed paths and enrolled at Johns Hopkins Medical School where she obtained her degree in medicine, with a further specialization in Pediatrics.

The name Johns Hopkins probably sounds familiar to some readers because we have already come across it in some preceding articles.

Johns Hopkins is not exactly an ordinary university. Johns Hopkins had a very important role in the prediction of the present “pandemic”.

In October 2019, this university hosted the now-infamous Event 201 exercise along with the Davos Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

This simulation “coincidentally” predicted the outbreak of a pandemic crisis, which then actually occurred within just a few months.

In this regard, it is interesting to note how these institutes and think tanks tied to certain environments of globalism have such “divinatory” abilities that foresee events and global crises that “just by chance” always end up supporting the purposes of these powerful globalist circles

However, this is not the only tie that Johns Hopkins has with the “pandemic”. The university is closely tied to one of the main protagonists of this crisis, Bill Gates. He is one of the school’s most generous supporters, and over the past few decades he has signed many generous multi-million dollar checks to Johns Hopkins.

If we go and look at ranking of donors who have paid the most generous amounts in support of this university, we find Gates the Microsoft magnate at the top, who over the last fifteen years has given this university the enormous sum of almost half a billion dollars: 493.4 million dollars, to be precise.

Gates far surpasses all other donors. There is simply no comparison between his contributions and those of all other donors. Consider that the “second place” contributor to Hopkins, the Mellon Foundation of the Mellon family that is tied to the powerful banking lobby of Wall Street, has given “only” 56 million dollars in support of Johns Hopkins University.

The man who influences this center most of all, and who determines its activities, is without a doubt Bill Gates, who has a very particular interest in vaccines, and it is not exactly a humanitarian interest.

This was revealed by Gates himself, who during an interview on the American network CNBC admitted that after an initial investment of 10 billion dollars, he ended up making the enormous sum of 200 billion dollars.

It is therefore quite obvious that Gates’s aim is to finance those who advance his agenda based on the development of these drugs.

There is a further aspect that is not economic but health-related, although not in a positive sense as many might believe.

During one of the TED series conferences, Bill Gates revealed that the vaccine also has a sterilizing function.

On that occasion, the entrepreneur literally said that we can reduce the world’s population “if we do a good job with the vaccines.”

Thus, behind the false humanitarian façade of the vaccines being distributed to prevent certain diseases, another agenda is hidden, namely, neo-malthusian depopulation, one of the main objectives of globalist circles, such as the Davos Forum and the Club di Roma.

The proof that these drugs have been used to reduce births comes to us from the infamous case of the anti-tetanus vaccine in Kenya, in which it emerged that women who received vaccines produced by Bill Gates had miscarriages.

When tested in the laboratory, the serums were found to contain sterilizing substances.

The environment of Johns Hopkins University is therefore closely tied to the Bill Gates Foundation and advances initiatives that Gates himself finances.

In this environment, the cult of the vaccine is truly unassailable, and it is certainly not possible to have contrary ideas, on pain of losing funding provided by the Microsoft billionaire.

This is the environment in which Spaeder was formed, and it is therefore difficult to think that her medical and professional formation was not influenced by those centers of power that are the ones who decide what Johns Hopkins University should dedicate itself to.

For all of these reasons, Johns Hopkins can without a doubt call itself “Bill Gates University” for all practical purposes.

Spaeder’s ties to the world of the powerful pharmaceutical cartel and Bill Gates, however, are not limited to just this.

Doctor Gwyneth Spaeder is married to another doctor, Jeffrey Spaeder, who like his wife was educated at Johns Hopkins Medical School, the university closely tied to Bill Gates, as we have seen.

Dr. Jeffrey Spaeder currently holds a rather important position at IQVIA, which is a leading American multinational corporation that provides services to pharmaceutical firms.

IQVIA is active in one hundred countries, and last year alone achieved a revenue of 11 billion dollars.

IQVIA is practically integrated in the world of pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca, because its job is to provide services and process data and analysis on behalf of these companies.

In the United States the drug lobby that influences and dominates the politics of the country and many other nations of the world is also known as “Big Pharma.”

At the top of this powerful pressure group there are certainly multinationals like Pfizer and IQVIA itself.

The profits of IQVIA and other pharmaceutical companies have increased enormously since what is called the “pandemic crisis” began.

The sale of the experimental serums to various governments of the world has literally inflated Big Pharma’s sales.

IQVIA belongs to this world where the interests of public health take a back seat to profit.

The mission of that pharmaceutical lobby is not so much to heal as make money.

Its business is sickness, not healing.

And this is the very powerful lobby that Doctor Jeffrey Spaeder works for.

Spaeder, as previously mentioned, holds a very respectable position for IQVIA.

He is currently the chief medical and scientific manager, with the specific task of supervising the scientific integrity of the company.

This multinational also has a close relationship, just like Johns Hopkins, with Bill Gates, the man who more than anyone else has amassed enormous profits through the vaccines.

On IQVIA’s official website, it mentions the fact that the Bill Gates Foundation has directly financed IQVIA.

Wherever Big Pharma is, IQVIA is there, as well as pharmaceutical companies of the caliber of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna.

Wherever the pharmaceutical cartel is, the Bill Gates Foundation is there, financing every project for developing vaccines.

Thus, there is a very close relationship between Gwyneth Spaeder’s husband, who works for and is paid by this world, and Dr. Gwyneth Spaeder herself, who earned her medical qualifications in a university that is inextricably tied to Big Pharma.

Gwyneth Spaeder appears to be too close to this world to be able to denounce its corruption and its enormous conflicts of interest with regard to the protection of public health.

At the same time, Spaeder appears to be too close to this world to be able to denounce the harm that the serums are causing to both adults and children.

Probably the original purpose of this letter to Archbishop Viganò was not so much to tell the truths that have been covered-up by the media about the vaccines.

The original purpose was probably once again to undermine the credibility of those who, like Archbishop Viganò, are speaking uncomfortable truths about these experimental drugs and the enormous profits that the pharmaceutical cartel is accumulating thanks to them.

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  1. William

    God Bless Archbishop Vigano
    Viva Christo Rey!

  2. Tim Shey

    Excellent research, Cesare. Looks like Dr. Gwyneth Spaeder and the Johns Hopkins University med school sold their souls to the devil.

    Four definitions for the Greek PHARMAKEIA:

    1. the use of administering of drugs.

    2. poisoning.

    3. sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it.

    4. metaphor. the deceptions and seductions of idolatry.

    G5331 – PHARMAKEIA – Strong’s Greek Lexicon

    Revelation 9:21: “Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries [PHARMAKEIA], nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.”

    • Eric Boughton

      Excellent response, rare it is to find anyone who has searched this to find this poisonous truth.
      Hell has a special place for today’s sorcerers

  3. mieke (netherlands)

    Bravo Cesare, sir! Bravo…!


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